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Erica Sakura is a Seedrian girl from the world of video games and animation. She is bright, enthusiastic, and pretty, but not very girly. Her status is usually neutral, but on missions she is a hero; she's just a little...unique is all. She tends to be a fangirl towards various video games/animated series and their characters.


Erica is a hero amongst the cartoon world. Her hometown is Game World, the hub of all video games and a section of Toon City. Her best friends in the Sonic fandom are Punk the Pikachu and Aqua the Guinea Pig. However, she is friends with characters of other fandoms, such as Pokemon, Naruto, etc. She coexists with all of her favorite franchises, although she doesn't seem to be around Sonic or his friends often.

Erica sometimes has WereSeedrian powers, which she inherited from her father (who was a werewolf when he was alive). She only has these powers when the Wolf Aura is with her, which isn't often. This is similar to how Sonic the Hedgehog's Werehog powers were only featured in Sonic Unleashed.

Erica met her friends at a showing of Pokemon: The First Movie. Realizing their similarities, they formed an instant friendship and have been friends since.

Erica's opposition against Dr. Scavenger was brought on by her own curiosity; she stumble upon the doctor's fortress and heard of her intentions, and she took a stand immediatly. From then on, they were caught in an ongoing rivalry, as Erica tries to stop Scavenger from taking over Toon City with her army of robo-mutants.


Erica is very kind, and is known for being quite laid-back. She can get cocky sometimes, but is quite likable when you get to know her.

Erica is also a huge dork; she loves cartoons, and is notorious for being an otaku-fangirl-nerd hybrid of some sort. However, being a pink-clad Seedrian girl, one could think of her as a cute dork.

She is also somewhat obsessive, showing some possible signs of Asperger's Syndrome.


Erica has brown hair, which is cut into a short bob. She wear a pink, plain t-shirt, with black shorts and red shoes. Her eyes are pink, and she has a single cherry sprouting from the back of her head like a ponytail.



Erica's voice actress would be Mayumi Tanaka in Japanese and Veronica Taylor in English. Here are some things she would say:

"I may be a kid, but at least I didn't get my butt kicked by a little girl in pink...Wow, why does that ring a bell?..."

"Punk! Aqua! There's no time to waste!"

"Punk! I choose you!"

"Aqua, don't be a killjoy. Why can't you enjoy yourself like the rest of us?"

"I'm an otaku for life!"


"Anyone notice that we don't get as much focus as all of these other characters on this Toon City show? Geez, the creator's gotta give us more attention..."


WereSeedrian Erica

Inheriting powers from her deceased father, Erica can turn into a creature known as a "WereSeedrian", a cross between Seedrian and animal. She has most of the powers Sonic would have in Werehog form, but usually only uses her WereSeedrian strength and claws. Her transformation used to be triggered based on emotion, but she now has full control. WereSeedrian Erica is caused when Erica combines with her Wolf Aura, whereas Cherry Okami Erica (see below) occurs when she releases it. The Wolf Aura is not always with her, so she does not always have WereSeedrian powers.

Cherry Okami Erica

Erica doesn't transform into this form often. This is activated when she releases the Wolf Aura, a special aura responsible for Wereform powers. By releasing the Wolf Aura, it gives her great powers, but she doesn't use it. She thinks it's "unnecessary most of the time, and a mega hassle to work with."


  • Erica hates being called unoriginal.
  • Since Erica is a fangirl of some gaming and cartoon franchises, she tends to freak out when she first meets her favorite character of a franchise.
  • Erica is a fan of Nora Kouba, and would like to be her friend. She's not sure if the feeling's mutual, though.
  • Erica strongly supports Ash Ketchum, and hates when people ridicule/insult him.
    • She's fond of Ash because she thinks he's nice, funny, and cute, which some people agree with her on.
  • Erica's Japanese VA is Mayumi Tanaka, and she sounds almost identical to Krillin from Dragon Ball, especially when she sings.
    • She sometimes sounds like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece from time to time.
    • Erica sounds somewhere between Ash Ketchum and May from Pokemon, as her English VA is Veronica Taylor.
  • Erica considers herself a friend of Antoine D'Coolette and respects him. However, she still likes to joke around with him.
    • Erica sometimes thinks of Antoine as a brother figure. He looks after her when she's around (as well as the other way around).
    • When she's being funny, Erica likes to refer to Antoine as "Antoine-san". This is partially due to her interest in Japanese culture, but mainly because it rhymes.
    • Erica refers to Antoine as "Sir" or "Antoine Sir" when she's being sincere, as a sign of her respect.
    • Antoine is one of few official Sonic characters that Erica has made herself familiar with, along with Amy Rose. This slowly started to disappear, however, since Erica has trouble staying within her own fandom most of the time.
  • In Chaos Okami form, Erica's ears and tail have the same color scheme as a scrapped fan character named Brock the Husky.
    • The color scheme was reused for the good half of Project: Pandora.
  • Erica's nickname "Game Freak" is also the name of a video game developer.
    • Another nickname of hers, "Young Otaku", comes from her creator's Wikia username, "YoungOtakuNerd".
  • Much like Sonic and his Werehog powers, Erica's WereSeedrian powers are no longer as common. This isn't just because of Sonic, though; the "WereSeedrian" concept is almost an abandonded concept, as Erica doesn't usually need powers of any sort.
    • Most of Erica's forms are almost never used, mostly because she never gets into a situation where she'll need them.
    • Her powers will sometimes come back if she needs them.
  • Although Erica has almost no tolerence for most villains, she has exceptions for those she considers "not totally evil".
  • Erica loves eating cherries, although others seem a bit concerned about it since they are her signature plant. In fact, Erica tends to pluck the cherry from her head and eat it, as it tends to grow back immediately after it is picked.
    • Erica also loves chocolate, and tends to eat cherries and chocolate at the same time.
    • It's possible that Erica's cherry was a cherry blossom when she was younger, but grew into a fully ripe cherry at an early age.
  • Erica has been criticized for not having enough association with the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. However, she does have some association, as there is a game based on wanting to get in touch with her origins.
  • Erica's favorite anime character of all time used to be Rock Lee from Naruto because she thinks he's cute and inspirational; this spot might be filled by Chocolove McDonell from Shaman King, now, for similar reasons.
    • Her favorite anime character tends to switch between various characters, but this may be because of her possible Asperger's.
  • Although she doesn't have an obvious or consistent aquatic theme like Aqua the Guinea Pig or Spark the Jellyfish, Erica does have a bit of a fondness for water-based elements.
    • Erica's favorite elements in Pokemon are Water, Grass, Dark, and Fairy (in no particular order). If a Pokemon could have four elements at once, these would be the elements of her dream Pokemon.
  • While Erica is more fond of video games and anime, Erica does have interest in various western cartoons, many of them being various works from Disney and Cartoon Network.
    • Also, a lot of the shows she watches, regardless of where they're from, will tend to be well-known in Japan, if not popular in said country.
    • Erica gained more of a love for Western animation later on.
  • Erica seems to be the most developed character belonging to YoungOtakuNerd; this is mainly because Erica is an avatar of her creator while most other characters are sidekicks and secondary characters, and thus has more of a base for her personality.
  • Erica originally went through multiple phases of developement before becoming the current Erica Sakura.
    • Erica's name was originally "Erica the Seedrian", and her first concept was to be a traditional-style Seedrian who's default outfit was a cosplay of Eric Cartman of South Park, a show that Erica was (and is kind of) a fan of. Her name, Erica, was intended to be the gender-bent equivilent of Eric, and she originally had a boyfriend named Dale the Pug who dressed as Kyle Broflovski.
    • Erica's next look was that of a standard Seedrian, having a petal dress, amulet, and leaf-style hair. Dale lost his cosplay outfit as well, but the character was later scrapped entirely. She temporarily gained a new look with a ponytail and skirt, and was (for the first time) renamed "Erica Sakura", but was changed back due to YoungOtakuNerd's dislike for the look.
    • Erica's final and current look is the one featured on this page, with short hair, shorts, and a single cherry on her head. Many other fan characters were scrapped-save for Punk, who was changed from a Lucario to a Pikachu, and Aqua, who was the first character and originally wore a disco-inspired one piece. Other characters were created after the updates. YoungOtakuNerd intends to keep the current characters and character designs.
  • Erica can do an almost perfect impression of Eric Cartman from South Park. Given her previous incarnations and love of the show (see above), it only makes sense.
    • In the Spanish dub of some forms of Erica Sakura media, Erica is voiced by the same woman as both Cartman and Kyle, and has the exact same voice as the former; this is often mentioned by other characters when they say that she isn't even trying to sound like him.
    • Erica's initial inspiration was Cartman, and her personality used to be short-tempered and snarky, as a somewhat softer and less controversial replication of Cartman's personality. Her default clothes were even the same as Cartman's; this was all changed when YoungOtakuNerd stopped watching South Park for a while. Another reason for this was because this essentially made her a clone of this character, which seemed too unoriginal.
  • Erica has physical and personality-based traits that are similar to Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents.
  • No matter what angle Erica is turned at, her hair (aside from the back) always seems to stay at the same angle, much like Astro Boy's hair spikes or Mickey Mouse's ears.
  • Erica has plush toys of Ash Ketchum, Rock Lee, Krillin, all four main protagonists from South Park (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman), Marvin the Martian, and possibly more. She also has many My Little Pony figures and plush toys (including the Mane 6).
    • For comedic effect, the plush toys and figures may show sentience at random moments. This usually goes unnoticed or is ignored.
  • Erica is a big Disney fan, some of her favorite movies including The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wreck-It Ralph, and Chicken Little. Her favorite TV cartoons include Recess, Kick Buttowski, House of Mouse, and Pucca (which does count, as it was bought by Disney and appeared on Toon Disney/Disney XD). She also is somewhat fond of the Kingdom Hearts series..
  • Despite being voiced by the same Japanese voice as Luffy, Erica's favorite One Piece character is Usopp.
  • Erica has problem staying in the Sonic fandom, as she can obsessive over other fandoms. This may be because of the possibility of her having Asperger's Syndrome.
    • Additionally, she can fit into various fandoms, as (being a Seedrian) she looks a lot like a human.
  • Erica may have Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of Autism. This is hinted by her somewhat high intelligence, occasional social awkwardness, her obsessions over certain shows and characters, and the fact that her obsessions tend to change (for example: Erica will be obsessing over Rock Lee one minute and Chocolove the next).
  • Erica is known for being something of a feminist.
  • While Erica has no official love interest and enjoys being single, it is somewhat implied she has an on-and-off crush on Ichigo, as she is his best friend and teases Ichigo despite the fact that she thinks he's cute.
  • Erica's German voice actress, Veronika Neugebauer, is also known for voicing Ash Ketchum.
  • Erica and Ichigo sometimes have the same voice actress in Spanish. This actually a subtle reference to South Park, as Erica is sometimes voiced by the same voice actress as both Cartman and Kyle, and thus Ichigo is voiced by this person as well; Erica and Ichigo sound exactly like Cartman and Kyle, respectively, referencing the fact that they have a similar physical appearance to those characters. This could also be a reference to their relationship: Erica sometimes pokes fun at Ichigo despite the fact that they are friends (Erica sometimes having an inconsistent crush on him), which is much like how Cartman and Kyle fight but are still close friends.
    • Erica's other Spanish voice actress also voiced Zim on Invader Zim.
  • Erica usually enjoys being single, but she sometimes has a very small crush on Ichigo that comes and goes; that being said, she also tends to fangirl over various characters, and will sometimes hit on them (with absolutely no avail).
  • Erica's personality and appearance in some Sonic the Hedgehog media would be slightly different than usual:
    • In the classic games, Erica would act like a trickster with some similarities to both Amy Rose and Sonic himself. She'd look like a "super deformed" version of herself, like most characters.
    • In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Erica would be a hopeless, boy-crazy nerd who often gets carried away with her strength. She'd be slightly taller with smaller eyes and a scrawny physique (to contrast her strength).
    • In Sonic SatAM, Erica would be a bit of a loner, but with a heart of gold. She'd also turn quite vicious during battle. She'd look like her Classic form, but with eyes similar to Sally Acorn or Bunnie Rabbot.
    • In Sonic Underground, Erica and Team Sweet would act as counterparts to Sonic and his siblings; Erica would be a carefree leader like Sonic (with Punk being laid-back like Manic and Aqua being outspoken and logical like Sonia), and her team would act as Sonic's friendly rivals. She, as well as her friends, would look mostly like their Classic forms.
    • In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Erica would portray Aladdin; she'd have a lamp and would be able to turn into a wolf-like genie. Her personality and appearance would be based somewhat on Disney's version of Aladdin, but with some traits that Erica usually has, and her appearance would be somewhat different.
    • In Sonic and the Black Knight, Erica would portray Robin Hood (with Punk as Little John); although not an Aurthurian legend, this tale would allow Erica's personality would remain mostly in tact, as well as Punk's, and they would have typical Robin Hood-style costumes with colors corresponding to their usual color schemes. They would have some long-range attacks that involve archery, but would also use somewhat weaker melee attacks.
    • In Sonic Boom, Erica would be a mostly normal person, albeit somewhat energetic and quirky; her personality would be comparable to Timmy Turner, Pinkie Pie (from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), and Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner). Aside from her team, she'd also be quite close to Amy Rose. She'd be stronger on her top half and slightly lanky on the bottom.
  • Erica believes that werecreatures and vampires are quite similar, believing that they are the same, "except that werecreatures become wolf people, not bat people."
    • Erica is a bit of a fan of cartoon vampires, here favorite being Irwin from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, who is 1/4 vampire (or 1/2 dhampyr) and 1/2 mummy.
    • Erica's WereSeedrian form shows some vampiric traits and powers, which may explain her interest and opinions in vampires.
  • The best cartoon impression Erica can do is Irwin from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.
    • When Erica does an impression in the anime, she takes on the character's voice actor, as most characters from outside the original Erica Sakura series that appear in the anime are reprised by their official voice actors. This doesn't apply in other media such as games, however, as certain characters won't be voiced by their official actors.
  • Erica's favorite channel/franchise is Cartoon Network, and especially loved in its earlier years; most of her favorite cartoons are Cartoon Network productions, and this may be the reason that the Erica Sakura anime and Erica Sakura's Sweet Adventures air on Cartoon Network in America and Japan (as well as other areas for the latter).
  • In Japanese, Erica usually conjugates "I" by using "ore", which is usually used for males.
    • She'll sometimes use "oresama" (which is also masculine) when bragging.
  • As the Erica Sakura franchise is based on Sonic the Hedgehog, the franchise is supposed to have a somewhat western feel sometimes; in Japanese, Erica will often reference western cartoons and American-made games more often as a result, sometimes making references more often than in other languages.
    • Additionally, she sometimes references Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • Erica seems to battle by dancing, and she can unintentionally fend off enemies by dancing if she's not paying attention.
  • Erica's favorite band is Gorillaz, with her favorite member of the band being 2D.