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Erica Heroes (エリカ ヒーローズ, Erika Hīrōzu) is a platformer starring Erica Sakura and other Sonic fan characters created by YoungOtakuNerd. It has a similar gameplay style to Sonic Heroes. It is rated E10+ for fantasy violence, mild language, cartoon violence, and mild suggestive themes. It is on the Playstaion 3, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.


Erica Heroes is a platform game where the player can choose from four teams: Team Sweet, Team Bloom, Team Game, and Team Science. The goal and difficulty differs between teams. Team Sweet is medium difficulty and must obtian seven special brooches-the pink brooche (love), the blue brooche (happiness), the green brooche (discipline), the red brooche (passion), the gold brooche (wisdom), the silver brooche (nobility), and the purple brooche (tranquility). Team Bloom is the easiest difficulty and must catch up with the other teams, ultimately succeeding when they catch up with Team Sweet. Team Game is somewhere between easy and medium difficulty and must collect stolen video games. Team Science is the hardest difficulty and must collect components for Tesla's experiments.


Dr. Janice Scavenger, evil scientist and enemy of Erica Sakura, is planning on stealing the seven Universal Brooches. These Universal Brooches have the ability to bring calm, gleeful states of mind, but in the wrong hands, they can do quite the opposite. Dr. Scavenger plans on using these to give her robo-mutants incredible power and invincibility, but Erica Sakura and co. will not allow this. They will stop Dr. Scavenger, no matter what cost!


Team Sweet

Team Bloom

Team Game

  • Palette the Pig-Speed
  • Pixel the Horse-Power
  • Ichigo the Ladybug-Flying

Team Science


  • This marks Dr. Scavenger's first appearance in an Erica Sakura game that has been established within the canon.
  • It is unknown whether or not the Universal Brooches will make any appearances outside of Erica Heroes. (It is assumed not, anime series not withstanding.)
  • Except for Ichigo, all Flying-types have interesting means of flight:
    • Aqua can control clouds and use them as a vehicle.
    • Veil can control the repulsion between her and her shadow.
    • Tesla Anima uses a jetpack.