Ergoportation is a technique used by Sid the Hero that first appeared in Sonic Overload. This move allows the user to teleport at short distances using their Ergokinesis, or energy manipulation.


Ergoportation is a move that allow its user to teleport at short distances through the ground or in mid-air. In order to use this move, one has to use their energy manipulation powers to warp space, allowing them to teleport through the ground or in mid-air at light-speed.

Ergoportation is good for passing through or sneak-attacking an enemy, as well as dodging attacks from said enemy. It can also be use to get to areas quicker and more easily.



This move was first introduced when Sid got hit by one of the Ener-Sphere lights and turned into the hybrid he is now. He wasn't very good at utilizing it at first, but after a lot of training from his grandmother, Sandra Franklin, he was able to use it more efficiently.


Ergoportation requires extreme focus and determination, as well as a vision of where the user wants to go to and enough energy in order to perform this move.

Significant Variants

Weak Points

One of this move's weak points is that it usually needs energy from a nearby source in order to use it. Without it, it becomes mostly unusable, unless the users is able to do it with their own energy.

Another one of its weak points is that it can bypass through any Anti-Energy areas or through extremely solid substances, such as gold or titanium, unless the users does it in a super form.


One of the drawbacks to Ergoportation is that it usually drains the users of his/her energy when using it too much. This can lead to fatigue and exhaustion for a varied amount of time.

Another drawback to this move is that it's very difficult to us and master, especially for beginners who haven't been able to pull off this move before.

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