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Ergokinesis (エルゴキネシス Erugokineshisu) or Energy Manipulation is a move gained and used by Sid the Hero as his signature move that first appeared in Sonic Overload. It is a move used to absorb nearby energy from opponents and release it for powerful attacks (for example, energy blasts, beams and constructs).


Ergokinesis is Sid's most commonly used technique. When using this move, he absorbs nearby energy from his opponents and uses it to release various energy moves; for example, energy blasts, beams, and constructs. When the energy is absorbed by Sid, its color transforms into a bright brown color.



This technique has been used ever since Sid was hit by the bright light produced from Ominous's released energy in Sonic Overload. It started to more him feel static during his first use, but overtime, it has become less prominent. At the time when Sid first used this move, he was very inexperienced with it, but over the years, he became more able to control it and use it to his advantage when needed.


In order to perform this technique, one must have a great amount of focus and concentration as well as a lot of energy to use. One must absorb nearby energy sources to use it; otherwise, it can't be used.

Significant Variants

  • Ergoportation
  • Energy Punch

Weak Points

  • Anti-Energy
  • Energy Immunity
  • Lack of Focus
  • Can't be created out of nowhere
  • Specific types of energy (Ex. Poison)
  • Extremely Solid Substances (Ex. Gold)
  • Objects without energy can't be absorbed


  • Energy Fatigue
  • Energy Overload
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