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Erasmus is a mysterious being that inhabits an ancient temple known as the Oblitus Sanctuary, located within its own pocket dimension, that is said to contain the most sought after secrets, artifacts and prophecies on the planet. He is the guardian of this temple and its contents.

Physical Description

Erasmus's most common form to take is that of a bird-like Mobian species, with feathery extensions on his head, pointed ears, a somewhat long, sharp beak, and a long, flowing tail. His hair is also quite long, and seems to billow like smoke. He can transform at will into a shapeless mass of fog; he uses this to travel through tiny cracks in walls (this plays on Geist's theory of ghost travel; they cannot go through any wall they please, but must travel through the cracks and vents, which are known as slipstreams).

He wears a large, long scarf with two stretches of cloth over his arms, and bracers on his arms and legs, as well as a few earrings.



Base Stats
Other Stats

Erasmus's most notable (and most useful) ability is to possess inanimate objects and manipulate them however he pleases. This ability is mainly used with the various giant statues; they are known as the Guardian Statues. Being able to travel through slipstreams means he can quickly travel throughout the entire temple.

He is able to manipulate Soul energy to a powerful degree, and can also manipulate the pocket dimension that his temple resides in. When not possessing any of the Guardian Statues, he functions as a speedy yet rather fragile combatant.


Given his alignment with Soul Energy, he is resistant to Chaos-aligned attacks. He is able to briefly become intangible in order to avoid physical attacks; purely energy-based techniques like Thunderbolt can still harm him somewhat.


Given his alignment with Soul Energy, he is weak to Psychic-aligned attacks.

Guardian Statues

The Guardian Statues are enormous constructs said to be ancient machines. They all have mysterious runes and markings carved into their bodies; they glow brightly whenever Erasmus possesses one of them.

Behemoth, the Earthen Guardian

The Guardian Behemoth is a massive statue based on an unknown species of quadruped; it resembles a cross between a rhinoceros and a dragon. It relies on sheer physical strength, high endurance and a devastating charge attack to overwhelm foes.

Leviathan, the Aquatic Guardian

The Guardian Leviathan is a massive serpent statue, somewhat resembling a Chinese dragon, that encircles the huge pool in the temple.

Ziz, the Sky Guardian

The Guardian Ziz is a monstrous flying statue that resembles a cross between a wyvern and a bat. It has the ability of flight, and can unleash an ear-splitting screech that is capable of rendering those caught in it temporarily deaf. It can also attack with its razor-sharp talons and teeth.

Arachnia, the Spider Guardian

The Guardian Arachnia is a large, six-legged, spider-like statue with a semi-hollow, circular body. It can climbs the walls and ceiling with ease, just like a real spider.

It's strongest attack involves it levitating and then outstretching its legs, revolving them around its body at blazing speeds in a saw-like fashion. The velocity of its spinning limbs can easily shatter stone and send things flying like flung pebbles.

Revenant, the Wall Guardian

The Guardian Revenant is a four-armed, headless statue permanently embedded within the wall. Its huge fists are fully mobile, however, and terribly strong.

Colossus, the Warrior Guardian

The Guardian Colossus is a nearly 15 foot tall humanoid statue that resembles a knight with a horned helm, carrying a huge stone axe as its weapon.

Friends and Foes






Erasmus takes his job of protecting the temple, the pocket dimension and its contents very seriously. He allows absolutely nobody (save for Ka) inside, regardless of their status or power. Intruders are dealt with savagely; Erasmus goes to great lengths to utterly destroy any unwanted visitors (or at least chase them out of the temple). However, he always warns intruders first before actually acting against them.


  • Solitude
  • Peace and quiet


  • Intruders

Biggest Fears


"You've made a dire mistake coming here, and now you'll drown for it!" - While possessing the Guardian Leviathan

"Join the other fools who've dared to step upon these sacred grounds!"

"Frightened of spiders? Worry not; dead men cannot feel fear!" - While possessing the Guardian Arachnia


  • The noises that the Guardian Ziz makes are the same noises made by the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne.
  • The battle themes for each of the Guardian Statues are from the Soulsborne series of games, due to the fact that, in a roleplay setting, it's intended for the Guardian Statues to be difficult bosses;
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