Eraser Pianura is Pianura's "super" form. Unlike most transformations, this form isn't created through Chaos Energy, but rather through her sword, the Blade of the Ancient Ones, after having it charged by priests from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, in the power of their Elemental God.


From her normal look, Pianura's spine elongates, allowing her to stand slightly taller, although she gets no broader. Her normally brown fur turns a bright emerald green, while her silvery hair turns a salmon-pink, and her eyes fade out, leaving them pupil-less. The quills normally hidden by her hair grow longer, and become visible out the back of her pink hair. Her clothes tear, and her armor forms a faint, multicolored aura. Her sword also changes, shrinking down to a katana-like blade, but again, with the same, multicolored aura as her armor.


Whereas Pianura's skill with dark and shadow attacks are her normal focus, with her erasing and Nihlic skills more a secondary power, this form is purely about the ability to remove things from the fabric of the primary universe, and moving it to the Realm of the Erased. The aura generated by her sword and armor are both weaker versions of Nihlus's own Plate of Magnificent Nothingness, which provide near constant erasure of low-level attacks. Similarly, her sword is cloaked in the same energy in its new, smaller form, which allows her both greater flexibility in close-range combat, and even the ability to erase small objects which she strikes, such as thin layers of metal, fingers, and even internal organs, if she manages to stab her opponent. Her Eraser techniques are also enhanced, allowing her to fire larger beams at a faster rate, plus use some of the more powerful Nihlic techniques to greater effect, closer to the power of Nihlus himself. In a dire circumstance, she can also turn her sword and armor to dust, creating a form of Nihlic particle that consumes and erases everything they touch. This in turn allows her to engulf armies by erasing people, one at a time, at little energy expenditure, compared to a full attack which has an energy requirement.

Unlike most super forms, she can't fly, due to her form absorbing any form of energy she could use to levitate. Instead, however, she can use her erasing cloak to absorb the ground beneath her, and travel underground, or underwater, without repercussions.

However, like most transformations, Eraser Pianura is both faster and stronger than her basic form, which allows her to go toe-to-toe with foes in that higher caliber.

Nihlic Abilities

  • Eraser Cloud - By having her armor and sword turn to eraser dust, Pianura can then turn them into a cloud form, letting the particles devour almost everything that passes through.


Despite her strengths, many super forms, due to being able to fly, are able to simply dodge her attacks and get in close enough to strike her physically, or blast her before she can react with an attack more powerful than her defenses can manage. On top of that, large groups can also overwhelm her defenses, although her Eraser Cloud attack and most of her other blast-style techniques can quite easily cause havoc within a massed force. Equally, forms of a higher level than super can quite easily overpower the Eraser Form, forcing Pianura to either power down and surrender or be knocked out.

As with all transformations, the form can, and does, wear off over time - due to its level of power being connected to the aura her sword and armor bear, the time it lasts is connected to how much energy the shield absorbs, over much matter it does. Standing still with nobody attacking her, the form can last for a total of five minutes before wearing off. In combat, with blasts flying everywhere, she can last a lot longer than that.


  • The change in form of the sword, plus her ability to turn her sword and armor to dust in order to let them attack is based off Bleach zanpakto, including the original form and shikai state of Rangiku's sword, Haineko.
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