Eon the Mew

Physical Info
GenderGenderless (Referred to as Male)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
Battle Info
Held Item
Other Info
Romantic InterestsNone
AffiliationJustin the Dog
Original CreatorUser:Kagimizu

Eon the Mew is a legendary Pokémon. While it is technically a wild Pokémon, it is often affiliated with Justin the Dog, and serves as his Pokémon when necessary.


At some point, Justin came across Mew accidentally, while it was injured. Justin nursed Mew back to health, and then let it free. However, Mew wanted to stay with Justin, and stole a pokeball from a Poke Mart, so it could be Justin's Pokémon. However, Justin didn't feel right about keeping Mew as his own Pokémon, so he refused. However, he did agree to let Mew stay with him and visit whenever it wanted, and Mew acts as Justin's Pokémon in trainer battles.


Mew has an innocent yet mischievous personality. It is extremely curious, and won't hesitate to investigate something it finds amusing. Mew has a free spirit, and travels around the entire world exploring, sometimes causing a bit of mischief by pulling pranks. Despite it's "cute" personality, Mew is quite ruthless in battle, not hesitating to go all-out against opponents, and use whatever means necessary to come out victorious.


Being a legendary Pokémon, Mew is quite powerful, despite it's small size and cute appearance. It is extremely fast and surprisingly strong, able to lift small or medium-sized boulders without psychic powers. However, it's true strength lies in its numerous powers, psychic or otherwise. Mew is capable of long-term flight at high speeds, transforming itself, cloaking, and is able to form barriers of psychic energy around itself and others. Due to its small size and great speed, Mew is also incredibly evasive, and very difficult to hit.

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