"I’ve been blessed with hope, unlike most I can know. "
—Entwine to Grass
Entwine is a white hedgehog from the Dark Universe and one of the Guardians of the Dark Temple along with Flare the Wolf, Crystal the Chameleon and Shallow the Rabbit. He is the twin brother of Flick the Hedgehog and Lilac the Hedgehog.


Entwine was born with his siblings Flick and Lilac in the Dark Temple, and was destined to stay and guard the Dark Stars which kept the universe in balance. However, he was kidnapped by birth by Grass the Badger, a creature who was exploring the depths of the mind. He used his new invention, the Mind Reactor, to split apart Entwine’s mind. Entwine was still a sane entity, however he became more dark and sarcastic, since the part of his mind that was taken out was his happiness.

Sometimes it got too much for him and it caused him to go into a Corrupt Mode, something he couldn’t truly control even from an early age. It was the smallest memories that kept him turning into it permanently.

He was trained to try to conquer the world, under the wing of Grass, but he always thought something was wrong. One fateful day, he encountered Flick and Lilac, who had recognised him from their family’s descriptions. Entwine dismissed this, yet the encounter was in his mind.

It was only when they were older that Entwine was given the task of taking the Dark Stars. It was during this where he met a young Flare. Flare was pretty grouchy towards the hedgehog, and the two have a fight, which is broken up by an older Guardian, Crystal. They explain what’s going on, and Entwine believes their story, joining the Guardians to protect the Dark Stars.

Some years past, and the Dark Stars are stolen by Grass. Entwine, Lilac and Flick go to get them back while Flare and Crystal stay at the temple. Along the way, they meet Shallow, a small rabbit, who helps them to get the Dark Stars back, despite his constant worrying. This is when Entwine discovers his Shine Mode and uses it to demolish the Fortress. When they encounter Grass, who has used the Mind Reactor to manipulate Lilac, Entwine goes one step farther and uses the Dark Stars to become Super. They manage to defeat Grass and head back.

When a portal opens up, they meet Light Grass and Fist the Badger, the version of Grass and his deceased brother in the Corrupt universe, and they quickly become friends. After an attack by Corrupt Entwine and the Corrupt Guardians, the versions of themselves, they defeat them and head home, but Lilac decides to stay with Light Grass.


Entwine, being quite strict, cares for his siblings and best friend Flick more than anyone else. Despite his strange first impressions lies a quiet and sophisticated demeanour and wide heart, no matter what his hidden feelings may suggest. When manipulated, Entwine becomes dark and corrupted, reckless and often attacks without thought. He does take open suggestions, whatever side. He has considered giving up before, though the deepest parts of his heart tells him that he must continue.

Friends and Enemies


  • Flick the Hedgehog
  • Lilac the Hedgehog
  • Flare the Wolf
  • Crystal the Chameleon
  • Light Grass


  • Shallow the Rabbit
  • Fist the Badger


  • Grass the Badger
  • Corrupt Entwine
  • Corrupt Flare
  • Corrupt Crystal
  • Corrupt Shallow

Powers and Abilities


  • Spin Attack
  • Spin Jump
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • White Tornado


  • Corrupt Spin
  • Corrupt Dash
  • Corrupt Speed Dash
  • Corrupt Tornado
  • Corrupt Slash


  • Shining Spin
  • Shining Dash
  • Shining Tornado
  • Shining Light


  • Dark Star Cross
  • Dark Star Slash
  • Dark Star Chaos
  • Dark Star Wish
  • Dark Star Light
  • Dark Star Dash
  • Dark Star Boost


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