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Entropy is one of ten Attributes, the various facets and representations of reality. The other nine are:

Of the Attributes, Entropy represents randomness and spontaneity. Its opposite is Gravity.


Entropy is without a doubt the strangest and most confusing of the Attributes, which is made quite apparent when Entropy is used in combat. Saying Entropy uses a specific combat "style" is stretching it at the absolute best. The only form of strategy that Entropy uses is to attack the opponent wildly and hope that an attack hits. The reason for this is because Entropy itself is completely random; the Attribute itself attacks the opponent by creating some sort of effect completely at random. These effects can range from striking with the effects of elements (and even other Attributes) to causing strange effects like mutation and even instant death. Even these effects are only a part of the range of effects that Entropy can cause.

In terms of supplemental techniques, Entropy takes advantage of causing both problems for the opponent and support for the user by taking advantage of more random effects. Such examples include causing disruptions in the enemy's powers and causing the enemy themselves to mutate. The most frightening powers of Entropy are turning the enemies own power on them, turning a supposed death into a deadly counterattack, and even turning a powerful incoming attack into regeneration for the target. These numerous abilities make Entropy's lack of strategy largely irrelevant; the random effects of Entropy remove any capability or need for strategy.

Entropy's power however, is also its weakness. Entropy's effects are in most cases completely random: even to the user. When attacking the opponent, an Entropy user has no idea what their attack will do until it hits. While the chances are small, the attacks can even end up being duds, or actually helping the opponent. The actual powers of the attacks can also be a problem, albeit for varying reasons. Some users prefer to at least control the power of the attacks, even if they can't control the effects. The drawback to this is that if the opponent is capable of deflecting, enduring, or blocking one attack, others will have little difference regardless of effect, especially if the opponent has no specific weakness to a single element/attribute. Some users however choose to totally embrace the random nature of Entropy, allowing the power of their attacks to fluctuate wildly. This carries a significant downside of risk and reward, for an attack can be devastatingly powerful or pathetically weak.



Entropy is the manifestation of randomness, spontaneity, and insanity. It represents what makes broken glass irreparable, and what causes mutations in individual creatures. Entropy is the representation of what allows the unexpected to occur and generates the spontaneity that causes people to act on a whim. Entropy also represents the insanity and randomness in people, which causes people to do irrational and unexplainable things. Because of this, Entropy is the most bizarre and random of all the Attributes.

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