Enigma Bradway

Biographical Information
Age 24
  • Enigma
  • E
  • Officer Bradway
  • Detective Bradway
  • Bradway
Relatives Unnamed parents
Romantic Interest(s)


Physical Description
Species Mobian/Wolf
Gender Female
  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Lawful Good
Weaponry Pistols
  • Deduction
  • Investigation
Other Information
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Enigma Bradway is a 24 year old police detective from Metropolis. She has two unnamed parents who are still around. She graduated from the police academy 3 years ago and worked as hard as possible to get the title of Detective that she has now.


Enigma is a brown wolf mobian, roughly 3 feet and 9 inches tall. She has long brown hair that is often tied in a ponytail no matter where she goes, whether she is in uniform or simply out for a stroll. Generally, she dresses business casual with a white blouse, black pants and high heels, though she will often times wear a pant suit during her hours. No matter what, Enigma will constantly carry her pistol on her, often placed on her black holster on her left side.


Enigma is intelligent and witty beyond her years. She is often seen as being down to earth, due to her humble nature and realist point of view on life. Enigma often carries a chip on shoulder, especially given her male dominated line of work, and has seen her fair share of sexism on the force, though many of those people quit looking down on her when she got promoted before them. Enigma’s humble nature often originates from her childhood. Often times she found herself outnumbered by those who held better gifts than she did. Many mobians hold these powers, such as being incredibly fast, having super strength, or being a genius. Enigma is quite plain, holding no form of super powers at all. She often is able to makeup for this with a strong sense of empathy (being classified as a marksman helps as well.) Enigma grew up in a fairly middle class household, as a result, she never got anything too lavish, but she did get to go to bed with a fully belly every night, which is more than she can say about some other children she knew as a kid. Despite claiming to be a really funny person, Enigma is not. She often is the culprit of really bad puns whenever she finds the mood right for them. She’ll generally never say them in times of distress or when something important is happening, but if she finds herself waiting for a long time in a silent room, she won’t be afraid to say a few.


Enigma was born to an average family in Station Square. Her father was a soldier for the army, while her mother was a doctor. Often times Enigma found herself with her father, who taught many things to help her in life, which included learning how to shoot, and martial arts. She knew from a pretty young age, that one day she wanted to be a soldier just like her father. When Enigma started going to school, she found out that she was in fact, very normal. While many of her classmates had something that made them special, like flight, or speed, Enigma had nothing that made her stand out from the rest of her classmates. Instead of just deciding to live like this, she strengthened her resolve to become a soldier and continued learning from her father. Things took a change in middle school, when she began to notice that the world around her was not as good as she thought. There were children who were abused, or cheated of a life they deserved. Something that changed her life forever was when she learned that one of her classmates was killed by another person. She wasn’t particularly close to that classmate, but the thought of there being a threat close to home, changed the way that she thought of things. She didn’t want to be a soldier anymore, she wanted to be a police officer. After graduating High School, Enigma moved to Metropolis, where she enrolled in the police academy. There, her previous training had strengthened and grew so much stronger than it was before. She eventually passed as top of her class and ended up joining the force. She faced some discrimination from her fellow police officers, but their taunts only made her conviction grow stronger, until finally, when she was 23 years old, she was promoted from her officer role, to being a detective.



Enigma has a really good sense of empathy, allowing her to tell whenever someone is feeling sad or angry. This can generally be used to also tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. However, this normally requires her to know what someone looks like when they are lying or telling the truth, which limits this ability. As the always say, never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.


Enigma is pretty smart and witty. She can generally pick up on something incredibly fast in comparison to others. She also has a really good eye, allowing her to see things that might be useful in cases.


Enigma has been training with the police for a fairly long time, as well as with her father, who happened to be a soldier. Enigma was able labeled as a Marksman on her shooting test while training, and can shoot many things, even if they are far away. She also normally uses rubber bullets when firing at targets, preventing her from being able to deal any long lasting damage to a target. Her training also included hand to hand combat, where she was taught baguazhang style, a chinese form of martial arts, that utilizes circular movement, dodging enemy attacks, and being able to use the strength of momentum of the enemy against them, forcing them into holds that prevent them from attacking her.



Enigma is fairly average in a world where the abnormal is normal. As a result, she doesn’t come close to anyone when it comes to speed, intelligence, or strength, and there is little that she can do about it. She is vulnerable to most elements and weapons. Even counting her training, she has little to make her capable of sustaining high amounts of damage.


  • Enigma is the first character created by Neoexlucky to not be apart of Tales of the Echo, but rather a different universe.
  • Enigma’s last name Bradway comes from Neoexlucky’s best friend’s father, who is also a member of the police.
  • Enigma’s first name means secret or mystery, a play on her role of being a detective and discovering mysteries.
  • Enigma, unlike every other character made by NeoExlucky, has no supernatural abilities.
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