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Enid the Doe is a 20-year-old anthropomorphic doe.


Early Life

Little is known of Enid's early life or origins.

Becoming a Detective

During college, she studied law enforcement, then passed the tests with flying colors, and graduated magna cum laude. Several months later, she had been recruited as a trainee by the prestigious police academy despite what the other officers could call her a rookie. Enid underwent target practice and wowed the officers by shooting many targets with great accuracy. Little did they know that by shooting targets, she had an amazingly clear eye vision some people didn't have. After a few months of training and the courses she had taken and passed, she was enlisted as a cop as the superior officers recommended her thoroughly and they said to her that she had a lot of obstacles coming up in some tasks and missions. By accepting their advice, Enid went to her apartment and continued studying. After several weeks, she was given a new job and promoted to detective so she could solve cases and familiarize the profiles of many criminals.


Enid is a doe with light brown fur and her eyes match the same color. Her medium-brown hair is tied into a braided ponytail. She wears a steel-blue turtleneck sweater, a pair of basic white gloves, black pants and black shoes. She also wears eyeglasses occasionally. Her build is voluptuous.


Enid is a determined, smart, independent, good-natured young lady. She puts her dedication to her work as a detective by solving mysteries. She is usually not afraid to snap at criminals with a sharp tongue.


Enid is a very skilled detective who fights crime with her unique style of martial arts. She usually relies on her detective skills while using her instincts she has to follow. When danger approaches, she uses pistol as back-up as she shoots targets with amazing accuracy.




None yet.



"I'm Enid. Enid the Doe." -Introducing herself


"You're under arrest!"


  • A doe means a female deer.


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