The Enerplex is one of the Super Weapons created by the Enerjaks from the Enerjak War later to be revealed that the Rene-jaks built it. Enerplex is a huge warship capable of mass destruction enough to destroy a planet, but leave the planet intact. According to Zachary attacking this warship is suicidal. One of this ship (the MKII) was lost during the war, but it was later revealed that it suffered an engine failure and falls into a wormhole and crash into Mobius MXYL and was buried under the Mobian Sea. It is later discovered by the Knights of Chaos, but has yet to completely dig it out. According to Nestor it a one-ship armada.


The Enerplex blueprints was originally made by Dr. Ivan Kintobor, before the Xorda's arrival, but due to its large size and the time consumption it was never made and was long forgettened, until Millennium found them. With the Rene-Jak's advance technology they were able to build it in shorter amount of time compared to Dr. Ivan's calculation. While able to make it faster it is still time consuming. Century was able to get the blueprints and made for the Enerjak Empire to keep the battle even. Century later destroyes the blueprint. Kazuya built a Mark II, but before I could be used Locke used its Warp System to lauch it to a different dimension, later revealed to be Mobius MXYL. Kazuya's blueprints ended up in the hands of E-269 Omega-X, though he destroys it later after memorizing it. According to Kazuya, building an Enerplex takes 10,000 years.


This ship was designed with idea of packing enough power to move in on a planetary system and eliminate its defenses while deploying a ground force for occupation. Although in theory this ship could operate on its own without being threatened, Millennium often build a large supporting force to make sure the Rene-jaks investment remains intact, because several attempts had been made to capture the ship.

Its dorsal mounted cannon is a planet wrecker class pure energy beam using quantum coupled emitter technology. It requires a massive amount of power to fire a single shot. So much so that even its dedicated fission reactors are not enough to give it full power. For a full power shot the ship must divert a portion of its main core reactor into the gun. This will cause a temporary slump in power to the main drive units as well as primary and secondary shields. After it discovery Zachary states that he has built some upgrades to fix its weakness.

Although its massive amount of on board fire power is the dread of any fleet, its contingent of planetary assault forces is its true area of expertise. As a standard load out it carries"

  • 120 Decimator class drop ships, each carrying 12 large vehicles of different types, 10,000 troops, 500 armored airfoil transports, 125 counter grav main battle tanks and 250 assault skimmers.
  • 2,880 missile tanks
  • 840 heavy lift cargo trucks
  • 10,000 gunships
  • 720 ATV drop ships
  • 5,000 Knight class missile ships
  • 20,000 Light Attack Craft (LAC)
  • 2,000 Lancer class fighters
  • 1,920 Close In Armored Assault Ships (CIAAS)
  • 2,000 Planetary Assault Cargo Shuttles (PACS)
  • 100 standard shuttles
  • 1 diplomatic shuttle
  • 20 fast courier shuttles

In addition to the almost 500,000 crew required to operate these vehicles, the ship also carries anywhere from 1 to 1 and a half million troops and supporting officers and staff.


Micro point defense laser - 740
Point defense laser - 885
Multi-launch missile turret - 504
Pod dispensers - 48
Short range ion emitters - 14
Cont. beam point defense laser - 16
Super ion cannon - 26
Micro turbo laser - 8
Small turbo laser - 18
Medium turbo laser - 60
Large turbo laser - 36
Solid projectile barrage cannon - 24
Light super-charged cont. beam turret - 8
Heavy super-charged cont. beam turret - 6
High concentration turret - 3
Particle accelerator cannon - 2
Quantum super laser (planet killer) - 1
Compact super-charged cont. beam turret - 32
Kinetic strike cannon - 96
Counter missile launcher - 1200
Med. range anti-ship missile launcher - 2191
Long range anti-ship missile launcher - 70
Tractor beam emitter (close in) - 23
Tractor beam emitter (far out) - 2

Known Ships

The Enerjak Empire have at least 10:

  • Century: Serves as Century flagship.
  • Locke: The Guardian Family's Flagship. Named in the honor of Locke.
  • Tikal: Originally meant for Nestor, but he gave it to Quake (Tikal's older brother). After Quake's death he passed it to his son, Shatter.

The Renejaks have at least 11:

  • Millennium: Serves as Millennium's Flagship.
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