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"Don't be rude to the boy. After all, it's his first time with us."
—Dimitri(as Enerjak) to two Legionnaires about Roy, The Hidden Warriors

Enerjak is a strange being appearing as an antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Though his real identity was never revealed, Dimitri appeared as Enerjak in The Hidden Warriors, while Knuckles appeared as Enerjak in both The War of Time and Storm's War.


All forms of Enerjak retain their appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics; this depends on who is Enerjak.


All forms of Enerjak largely retain their respective personalities from the comics. However, in The Hidden Warriors, Enerjak is shown to speak to the foxes almost kindly-until Raymond flat out disrespects him.


While largely unknown, Enerjak's past is no doubt the same as in the comics.

The Hidden Warriors: While minor, Enerjak is the true main antagonist here. He first appears after the Legionnaires guarding Keyna, Roy, and Mona repeatedly tell him to be quiet(very rudely, in fact). Enerjak tells them to not be rude to Roy, who had been repeatedly barking and demanding to be set free. Terrified, Roy scrambles over to his mother with a squeak. Kenya snarls that if Enerjak so much as touches Roy, she'll wipe the smug look off his face. Enerjak gently tells the furious mother that there's no need to be rude or frightened in any way. He then tells the guards to leave, adding that he can handle the prisoners and that he wants to speak with them privately. After the guards leave, he then says, "Welcome to the Dark Legion." When Kenya demands to know who he was, Enerjak replies that with the fox Pack's time living next to Echidnas, he would have thought they knew about him. Kenya snarls in response that all she knows about him was that he was threatening her family, and that she would have thought that he knew to never get between a mother and her family. As calm as ever, Enerjak introduces himself, then says that he's taken notice of the Fox Pack's constant battles with the Dark Legion, made up of his people. Emboldened, Roy yips that the Legion were the ones constantly attacking the foxes and "being mean" to them, stating that the Legionnaires had killed Darkfoot. However, Enerjak sends the cub scurrying back to his mother with a single look. Enerjak then states that he is going to keep the three of them until the Pack agree to his demands: To surrender or leave Angel Island forever. In the next chapter, when a Red Fox patrol consisting of Firestorm, Raymond, Tanner, Redpelt, and Woodrow arrive, and Firestorm says that they have arrived, Enerjak notes aloud that not all of them are there. Firestorm replies that one of their warriors was incapacitated(in that Mara had Rush during the absence of Raymond's family). When Raymond snarls to let his family go, Enerjak coldly restates his demands. Before anyone can respond, Raymond blatantly disrespects Enerjak when he refuses, and the demigod orders the Legion to attack. A bit later, when Roy is distracted by a new Echidna gliding in to help the foxes(Knuckles), Enerjak grabs the cub by his scruff and tauntingly asks him where he's going. Enerjak is then forced to drop Roy when something slams into him from behind(confirmed by the author to be Tanner).

Storm's War: Enerjak, Knuckles this time, first appears after Finitevus surprises Storm and Austin while they are hanging out in the Chaos Chamber. Finitevus is surprised by Enerjak's sudden appearance. While Finitevus is working to recharge Enerjak, Sonic interferes, and Austin and Storm take advantage of this to escape. When Finitevus is holding Storm back, Super Sonic is now fighting Enerjak. Fire Fox arrives, roaring furiously, and keeping the mad doctor from going after Storm when the Buizel frees himself to run away with his friend. After this altercation, Enerjak is now stuck fighting both Super Sonic and Chaos Fox at the same time. After the fight, it is revealed that this Enerjak was Knuckles the entire time, deeply enraging Fox.

The Lost Pack: Enerjak only makes a physical appearance in the Prologue, but is mentioned frequently throughout the story. In the Prologue, Enerjak offers to help the Red Fox Pack into "a better future", to which Firestorm refuses, stating that he doesn't want his Pack to be forced to move yet again. Woodrow angrily tells Enerjak to shove off, leading to Enerjak lifting the entire Pack up with his powers and basically tossing the the Pack from the Island(though they survived). He is then mentioned every now and then by the foxes. In the chapter Realization, Tanner gives his theory on how Enerjak returned while another warrior speculates on why he threw them away. Later, when Roy and a very remorseful Knuckles find the Pack, Rush-now leader of the Pack-angrily states to Roy how they found out that Knuckles had been Enerjak during the War of Time, and telling the Storm Fighter fox how Enerjak had basically thrown them in the path of the Red Wolf Pack, who had fought them almost as much as the Dark Legion.

The Dusk Wolf: Enerjak returns toward the end of the story, having been somehow called back by Finitevus. He easily knocks Fire Fox down to the ground, prompting Boulder the Lycanroc to call a retreat, which Fox repeats, and the patrol flees. Later, in the Epilogue, Boulder angrily confronts Argus the Wolf over what happened.

Return of Evil: In the Prologue, Enerjak confronts Lycus after the Lycanroc's Gang successfully drive Knuckles (Archie) and the Chaotix away from Angel Island. Enerjak manages to turn Lycus' Gang on Lycus himself, driving him away and forcing him, Finitevus, and Knuckles (Sonic Boom) to the Storming Alliance. Later, Enerjak attacks Dakota Smith and Flame the Litten while they are walking through SwiftClan's forest, and badly injures Dakota, though the warrior survives thanks to Boulder's intervention. While the warriors are planning how to defeat Enerjak, Boulder gets the idea to lure him to Lamarkie Village, and the Lycanroc's plan is put into action. Enerjak beats a patrol of Charizards led by Pyro the Charizard, The Megastone Rogues' second-in-command, but is defeated himself by a Continental Crush from Austin and Boulder.


All forms of Enerjak retain their powers from the comics.


All forms of Enerjak retain their abilities from the comics.


Enerjak's weaknesses are largely unknown, though it's likely that the only thing to weaken any Enerjak is a lack of knowledge about their true powers, as this was what prevented Knuckles from dismantling Super Sonic(and Chaos Fox during the War of Time).


In the comics, Dimitri's Enerjak persona was shown to be an all-out madman, yet in The Hidden Warriors, he displays none of this, calmly and almost kindly speaking to the foxes the Legion were holding as prisoners, and acting cold and calculating toward Firestorm's patrol.

As far as what's been shown, Knuckles' Enerjak persona remained largely the same as in the comics, though his only speaking role was in the Prologue of The Lost Pack.

  • This was proven when Enerjak offers to bring the foxes out of the constant conflict they were having with the Legion. It's possible the reason they didn't trust him is because of Dimitri's antagonism toward them when he was Enerjak.
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