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Energy Tonfas are a type of melee weapon.


Energy Tonfas

A pair of unmodified Energy Tonfas

Energy Tonfas resemble somewhat mechanical-looking tonfas; the end of the tonfas have a slot that allows for a Chaos Drive to be inserted into them.

Some Energy Tonfas are modified versions of the regular one, often having blades or spikes embedded at the tip of the shorter arm. Other modifications allow for the insertion of conduits besides Chaos Drives.


Like a regular tonfa, the Energy Tonfas are designed to be wielded in close-range combat, typically gripped with the hands on the handle, and the longer portion resting against the wielder's forearm; the tonfa typically serves to strengthen strikes made with the user's arms, but can also be swung outward while the user swings their arms. The shorter end of the tonfa can also be jabbed forward akin to a punch; for this reason, some Energy Tonfas are modified with blades embedded in the shorter end.

The insertion of a Chaos Drive imbues the tonfa with the ability to discharge a medium amount of Chaos Energy with each strike, effectively adding a Chaos-type attribute to all melee attacks made with this weapon. The color of the energy discharged is dependent on the color of Chaos Drive used, but otherwise, all drives will function the same.

Other modifications allow for the insertion of conduits besides Chaos Drives; these alternative conduits tend to be refined versions of "magic" minerals such as Algidite, but other conduits have been used. Naturally, these Elemental crystals bear much of the same effect as a Chaos Drive, but instead they add their Elemental attribute to melee attacks, at the same strength as a Chaos Drive.


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  • Egg Army - All factions of the Egg Army are frequently seen using modified versions of these weapons; their modifications commonly include blades at the shorter end, and modifications to allow for conduits besides Chaos Drives. These alternate conduits primarily consist of refined versions of "magic" minerals such as Algidite and Solasite, and favored conduits tend to vary between each faction; for example, Artika Egg Soldiers tend to use "Frost Sapphires" (refined Algidite).
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