Energy Grid is an advanced Stratos-elemental technique.


The user begins this technique by either jumping into the air, followed by firing a horde of large ice spikes charged with electricity, or by creating a ball of energy and throwing it into the air, which explodes into a horde of large, charged ice-spikes. When the spikes fall into the ground, the electrical charge in each of them causes the spikes to be connected by powerful electrical "streams" of the Stratos element. These streams trap anyone caught inside; should they touch the spikes or the steams, they are struck with a powerful blast of ice and a jolt of electricity, respectively.

The streams and spikes will also violently rebound any electrical or ice-elemental techniques, while dispersing attacks of other elements. The only weigh to break out of this attack is to somehow dislodge the ice spikes from the earth, nullify the electrical charge, or release a powerful enough attack to outright destroy all of the spikes at once. Truly advanced users of this technique can decide where the streams connect at will.



A powerful and advanced trapping technique that is difficult to break out of, this technique is an A-Rank ability.

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