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Energy Daggers are a type of melee weapon. They are not to be confused with Energy Blades, which are typically styled after shortswords (and, on rare occasions, longswords).


For all intents and purposes, Energy Daggers basically resemble daggers with a somewhat cybernetic style. The blade of the dagger is made of a special type of metal specifically designed to act as a conduit for various types of energy (primarily Chaos or Elemental), while the hilt is hollow; it is mostly made of a thick type of rubber, with the same kind of metal that comprises the blade coating the inside.

Naturally, the most interesting part of the Energy Dagger is the slot that allows for the insertion of conduits; these conduits are what give the Energy Dagger the ability to channel and release (via slashing) the energy-type that matches the conduit used. The slot's entrance is located at the place where the hilt meets the blade, and is rather small, extending down into the hollow hilt.


Like a regular dagger, Energy Daggers are typically wielded in close-range combat, but can be thrown, as well.

The insertion of a specially-made Chaos Drive (specially-made as in much smaller) imbues the knife with the ability to discharge a medium amount of Chaos Energy with each slash, effectively adding a Chaos-type attribute to all attacks made with this weapon. The color of the energy discharged is dependent on the color of Chaos Drive used, but otherwise, all drives will function the same.

Energy Daggers are able to accept conduits besides Chaos Drives; these alternative conduits tend to be refined versions of "magic" minerals such as Algidite, but other conduits have been used. Naturally, these Elemental crystals bear much of the same effect as a Chaos Drive, but instead they add their Elemental attribute to attacks, at the same strength as a Chaos Drive.


Add your character/faction here if they use these weapons.

  • Egg Army - Energy Daggers are among the various armaments that all factions of the Egg Army use. Both Chaos Drives and Elemental conduits are used, yet favored conduits tend to vary between each faction; for example, Artika Egg Soldiers tend to use "Frost Sapphires" (refined Algidite).
  • The Silver Huntsmen - These weapons are often seen in the hands of the poachers that serve The Silver Huntsmen; they are sometimes used to hunt, and also serve as personal protection. Other members of the Huntsmen use Energy Daggers as well, typically as personal protection.
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