Energy Burst is an energy elementless attack. The user focuses their energy in a single hand, and shoots a white-clear force that, depending on the force included in the attack, stuns or pushes a wanted target backwards. The weaker Ergokinetic-derivated technique of Psychic Repulse.


The user rapidly begins to charge white-clear energy in the end of a wanted limb, and shoots this force to a wanted target. The user shoots energy that is able to repel most special attacks when using the force needed, and be able to stun targets giving them a small push that often makes them lose concentration and flinch for a short period of time. The attack, however, can have a strong repelling force and be able to send targets blown away if the user is experienced enough, and even propel himself if the user allows it to do so. With this propelling method of using this attack, the user gains slight levitation if the attack is used directly to the ground, and be able to gain speed boosts if the user is running while shooting it at the opposite direction.


Technique Rank

While this attack can be exploited and used by in-imaginable different methods, this attack is still weaker compared to its parent ability Psychic Repulse and somewhat childish. This attack is a C-rank.

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