Energy Bone is an irregular technique, involving either a bone constructed of energy, or one coated in it.


Similar to Bone Rush, the user forms a bone made of energy colored in their energy tone, or coats a weapon made of bone in the same kind of energy. As they do this, they charge at the target, slamming the bone into them with either a lance-like thrust or a wild swing, similar to a berserker sword swing. However, as they do that, the bone is solidified by the use of some of their strength and vitality, a form of recoil the move carries as it is used. In the case of coated bones, the aura is osteofied, and converts itself into bone mass that contains the user's genetics over the top of the bone.




Technique Rank

Due to the power of the technique and taking into account the cost of the move, it bears a B-rank.

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