Energy Ball is a strong Nature attack.


The user first begins to focus. As the user focuses, they draw on the surrounding environment for energy, willing the energy converge either between their hands or in their mouth. As the energy converges, the user focuses the energy into a compact sphere of nature energy. Once the orb has reached the proper size, the user launches it at the target, leaving a whispy trail of energy. This technique explodes upon impact and is fairly powerful, able to cause a large amount of damage against most opponents. This technique has a slight chance of breaking through resistances against special attacks, allowing other special attacks to inflict more damage.


Pokemon Users


Derived Techniques

  • Energy Assist: A variation used to transfer energy to an ally in the heat of battle.

Technique Rank

This technique bears a C-rank, due to its potential to lower the defensive type it targets and it's relative strength.

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