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Endovelicus, the Sun Dragon, is an Ancient Elemental Beast aligned with the Elements of Fire and Light. He is considered a deity of the sun and of life, often referred to as the "embodiment of the fire that exists within all creatures", hence one of his titles being "The Blaze of Vigor".

Physical Description

Reaching over fifty feet long from nose to tail, Endovelicus essentially resembles a massive serpent, with a long mane of blazing fire extending from his head and running all the way down his body, with two pairs of long horns on his head and two pairs of long, thin whiskers. Large, feathered crests extend from his shoulders, with two more, smaller pairs of crests going further down his body, and he has arms that end in sharp claws. His face resembles that of a Chinese dragon, with large canine teeth that jut from his jaw, and thick fur on his chin and lower jawline, as well as more fur that resembles eyebrows.



Early Years

Beast Legends


Base Stats
Other Stats

Naturally, as a deity, Endovelicus is incredibly powerful. He is capable of flight, and is essentially able to stay in the air for as long as he pleases; however, as he has no legs, this is essentially the only way he can move about. He has powerful jaws with sharp teeth, sharp claws on his paws, and his long, serpentine body can be coiled about his foe, either to simply try and crush them or to use his power over Fire to super-heat his own body for a scorching death grip. He tends to only do this against foes he knows it'll be effective against, however, as he is a rather fragile combatant.

His primary combative boon is his immensely powerful energy-based attacks, and this is his main method of attacking. He is a powerful Solaramancer and Pyromancer, and is also capable of manipulating the Fire/Light combo Element of Solar; these three different powers give him a wide array of attacks to keep his foes at bay, which is quite helpful to him, as he isn't terribly sturdy. He mostly uses high-level, long-range techniques of either of these three elements, such as Fire Blast, SolarBeam and Sun Cannon.


Endovelicus is resistant to the Elements of Fire, Nature and Light. He is incredibly fast, and his long, flexible body allows him to dodge slow-moving and inaccurate attacks and opponents with ease.


Endovelicus is weak to the Elements of Water, Darkness and Earth. His defenses aren't anything special (for a deity; he's still much more durable than a mundane human or Mobian), and he can be worn down by strong attacks. He also has little in the way of defensive options, as both Fire and Solar are heavily offense-based Elements. While fast and flexible, he is still a huge target, and therefore can't reliably dodge fast-moving attacks, or attacks that have naturally high accuracy.

Friends and Foes






Light Clan of Celeritas

Tribe of the Solar Serpent

The Tribe holds Endovelicus in high reverence due to his association with the sun and life. They also believe that all Quetzalcoatl, a species of animal they also revere, are Endovelicus' spawn, due to similar visual themes.

The Tribe also sees Endovelicus as a mediator of war and conflict, due to his distaste for needless violence and his hatred for the murder of innocents.


A noble and sometimes imperious beast, Endovelicus tends to command an air of authority about him. Despite this, he isn't as quick to look down upon people as one might think, and he holds a deep passion for life. People who have the drive to better themselves and the world they live, people with the passion and drive to flourish, people with the desire to learn and grow, those are the people that Endovelicus respects above all others.

However, he looks down upon those who are lazy and have no desire to improve themselves, and despises those who actively belittle the gift of life through wanton, wicked acts of destruction and murder. He is not above lashing out at the latter group in a violent fury.

He has greatly conflicted feelings on people who have the ability to resurrect after death; while he believes their power to be an affront to the "precious treasure of existence", he understands that such a power is often not their choice. The White Cherouvs seem to be the only exception to this rule, given how they were created directly from Ka, and therefore under his jurisdiction alone.

However, Endovelicus seems to pity the undead...unless they show themselves to be evil, or they are willingly allied with Buer.

Positive Traits

  • Passionate

Negative Traits

  • Arrogant at times

Neutral Traits


"I sympathize with the souls who cannot rest..."
—Endovelicus and his stance on undead beings
"If you are so willing to steal the gift of life from those who have done nothing to you, then you are not worthy to have it for yourself!"


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