Endless Legacies: The Road to Peace
Endless Legacies Title Screen
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Role-playing Game ( RPG )
PC ( Windows )
Revenge Mode,Battle Memory, and Story Mode
ERSB: Everyone 10+
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Endless Legacies: The Road to Peace is a fan-made videogame created by DestructionRobotnik. It is an RPG genre game, developed using RPG Maker 2003 ( Much like ones before it ) which tells the story of a boy named " Slash ", who sets off a adventure to find out the whereabout his long-lost father ( Who is presumably dead ).  He'll meet tough times as well as powerful allies along the way in his journey.


Twenty years ago, a Boy named Slash was born during Robotnik's coup d'etat and his Parents left Mobotropolis along with they're son to Knothole, a Hidden area in the Great Forest that serves as the Headquarters of the First Generation of Freedom Fighters.;However....While they escaped Robotnik's force and survived the Wars. They were not able to escape age. Slash's mother later passed on ten years later while his father mysteriously disappeared five years after. The news bulletin later revealed that Slash's father was killed in a fight. Slash refused to accept this and investigated the scene and found a piece of a shirt that was ripped off the Owner. This piece was a logo and it read " The DB Gang ", Slash investigated more on this "DB Gang" but it led to a pointless wild goose chase. He moved to Greenflower City and contiuned to search for clues. These are the events that led up to Endless Legacies.


The Cast!:

The game contains multiple characters for you to interact with as well as some Villains on the list. Some even from different series.


Slash The Tiger

Slash is a boy from Mobotropolis who survived the Robotnik wars and currently resides in Greenflower City. He is capable of using his Inner Chaos power to heal himself or deal with status effects. Slash also has a beast mode attack. Not much is known about it however.

Good Main Hero

Yuku The Hedgeshock

One of the original heroes from the Stories and Legacy Region. Yuku is a keyblade wielder with great accurcary and powerful attacks. He's also inmune to shock and/or electric attacks.

Good Hero ( Party Member )

Jason The AuraHog

a Hedgehog skilled the power of Aura. Jason is also a Keyblade Wielder and capable of using his Aura to perform all sorts of attacks.

Good Hero ( Party Member )

Snowfall The Hedgehog

Not much is known about Snowfall. What we do know is that he also wields a Keyblade and a Powerful one to boot. He's also holder of the Chaos Force. a Powerful life energy which is unique to him.

Good Hero ( Party Member )
Destruction Normal

Destruction The Anti-Hedgehog

A Visitor from the AiM Region and the Brother of the Legendary Hero, Bill. Destruction is the wielder of the Keyblade, Galaxy, as well as being part of the Dangerous alien race known as " NEO ". He's also got a Mysterious connection to King Ghidorah ( Also known as Monster X ) from the Godzilla Series. Who knows.

Good  ????

Madara Uchiha

What?! What in the world is HE doing in a Sonic game?! Well. I said eariler about this having multiple villains from other series and i wasn't joking. Madara is the one of the Main Villains of the Legacy series and is a Minor villian in the game. Madara's influence in the game is expressed GREATLY even though he's a minor character in the story. 

Evil Mini-Boss

Gideon "G-Man" Graves

Oh come on! Scott Pilgrim?! Are you kidding me?! Yep. Gideon Graves is a Major villain in The Stories series and the Boss of Chapter 4 in the game. He owns Chaos Theater and usually is always there. He hasn't been seen outside of his theater.

Evil Chapter Boss


a Major Villain and one of the Penultimate Bosses in the game. His role is unknown currently but will be explained as the Game contiunes to be made.

Evil Semi-Final Boss

The Black Hedgehog / Time Skimmer

a EXTREMELY Major Villain and the False Final boss of Endless Legacies. He will be playing a major role in the story and his influence will be HIGHLY present throughout the entire time.

Evil The Final Boss????

Crimson The Forgotten

Crimson is the TRUE Final Boss of Endless Legacies and the Manipulater of The Black Hedgehog and InSaNiTy. It is unknown what his true intentions are and what he looks like. But it will be revealed as the story goes on.

Evil TRUE Final Boss
Other Characters

Roxas The Champion

The Champion of the Smash Pit and the self-claimed " Strongest hedgie there is ". Roxas is cocky and his ego is constantly fed by his fans. However...Roxas isn't a bad guy by any means.....At least...Not at first.

Good ( Formerly Evil ) Temporary Party Member and Boss

Frank " Ze Hog "

The Big man. The Boss of the Dark Babylon Gang. Frank packs TWO dual-machine guns along with a Holy-moly TRUCK-lot of Guards. He's definitely a dangerous Hedgehog to be around.

Good ( Formerly Evil ) Chapter Boss
Metal Sonic 16

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is the evil robotic doppleganger of Sonic, created by Dr. Eggman. He is fast enough to rival Sonic's speed and can also copy the abilities of others. Asides from copying abilities, Metal Sonic has multiple other attacks such as laser beam from his chest, rockets etc. He is cold-hearted and can often be aggressive. He deeply believes that he is the real Sonic.

Evil Sub-Boss


Shador ( or the Shadowy Hedgehog ) is the mysterious guide that Slash meets on several occasions. When needed, He will Slash cryptic clues on how to advance. He's quite hard to find.

Alignment Unknown Guide

Dr. Eggman

A self-proclaimed scientific genious, Dr. Eggman sports an IQ of 300 and wants to conquer the world and build his evil empire of Eggmanland. An expert in his field, Dr. Eggman places robotics over all else in life-a reflection on his selfish personality. He doesn't know when to quit and always comes back for more no matter how many times he is defeated by Sonic.

Evil Chapter Boss

Areas / Dungeons

Main article: Endless_Legacies:_The_Road_to_Peace/Areas

Click here to see a list of all the areas in the game.


The game contains 8 modes. Each one of them is explained below.

Story Mode

In Story Mode (or Adventure Mode )), the player controls the Party in the big Story of Endless Legacies. Featuring returning and reoccuring characters and maybe even some cameos now and then.


The game's " Hard Mode ". Revenge Mode will make every Non-scripted Enemy/Boss Battle even HARDER then normal as well as Giving Bosses new abilties. However....Revenge Mode will also score you a chance to fight another Final Boss instead of Crimson. a Final Boss that's exclusive to the mode. 

Battle Memory

a "Mode " originally found inMother 3. The Battle Memory is a special item in Endless Legacies in which the player can read about each individual enemy they have faced. The player can also 'request a rematch' for enemies and gain exprience  in each battle. It is essentially the Legacies equivalent of the Bestiary found in most RPGs. It can be found by Kaine in Chaos Theater in Chapter 4.


Smooth Jazzy Beatdown! ~ Dark Babylon Gang's Theme
" Dark Babylon Jazz " - Fightning the Dark Babylon Thugs
Frank's Boss Theme
 " Dark Babylon Big Bossanova " - Vs. Frank Phase 1
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