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The Endless Gods are the gods in the Skyblade Continuity, linking into characters in the main canon. They are the physical embodiments of all aspects of the universe and the source of all Fallen Gods. However, they rarely intevene in the physical world, prefering to watch from the Place Beyond Time.


Most of the Gods were once mortals that have been chosen to become a God. A new God is chosen when there are vacancies in the group, which is usually caused by them disobeying the Laws of Godhood. The list of Gods and the current owners of the roles are listed bellow:

  • God of Creation:Forge
  • God of Destruction:Orbinak
  • God of Life:Protector
  • God of Death:Necronik
  • God of Light:Silver Solaris
  • God of Darkness:Platinum Mephiles
  • God of Fire:Kel-Doran
  • God of Earth:Obelisk
  • God of Air:Skystorm
  • God Of Water:Darria
  • God of Space:Can'Dor'Reht
  • God of Time:Chronoeye

There is also a pseudo-role of God of the Chao. It is not an official position and not bound by the Laws of Godhood, and only one God, Chaos, has ever held that position.

Fallen Gods

Fallen Gods are Endless Gods who have left their position (willingly or otherwise) and have fallen to the material world bellow. The relevant Fallen Gods are listed bellow:

  • Dark Gaia
  • Light Gaia
  • Gabriela Angel
  • Solaris(controlled by Mephilis)
    • Mephilis(fused to Solaris, no memory)
  • Choas(Gained new form, no memory)
  • Kandalor

Laws of Godhood

Since the Gods' creation, there have been multiple laws regarding the Gods' actions. Disobeying these rules usually results in banishment, leading to these Gods becoming Fallen Gods.

The main law is that Gods are not allowed to interfere with the material world unless it is a risk to the universe and no one else can stop it. This is partly so no one knows of their existence so outside sources can't try to destroy them. It's also so people don't attempt to try and join the Gods for their own gain.

The second law is that no position may go unfilled for more than 10 minutes, after which universal collapse will begin. To avoid this the Gods keep a list of mortals who might fill their place if and when they are forced to abdicate from their role. Depending on the circumstances, they may also make new Gods using their powers or artificial means.

The third law is that no God may rule the group on his or her own:the Endless Gods are a democracy and choices involving them are solved by majority vote. If any God gains the upper hand on any other God, then that God's influence will grow on the material world, thus breaking the balance and putting the universe at risk.



Due to most Gods having been made after the first group was made, not much is known about the God's early years. However, it is thought that there were multiple battles between Gods that led to the creation of the Laws of Godhood. The only one remembered to this day is the war between Dark and Light Gaia. Seeking to cover the universe in darkness and gain control over the universe, Dark Gaia tried to destroy his brother Light Gaia, but the other Gods banished him after majority vote as per the Third Law. However, once in the material realm Dark Gaia started to influence the slowly forming life and drive the universe into chaos, Light Gaia sacrificed his position in the Endless Gods and went into slumber with Dark Gaia, locking them in a permanent cycle.

Eternal Shadow


Chronosabre Crisis




Solaris Crisis

10 years before the events of Sonic 06, the position of God of Light was held by Solaris, and the position of God of Darkness was held by Mephilis. Mephilis planned to use his powers of manipulation to take control of Solaris, spreading darkness where there should be light and making him the strongest God. He managed to manipulate Solaris to a certain extent, but his plans were discovered by the other Gods. However, before he could be banished, Mephilis fused with Solaris completely, attacking the other Gods. The combination of having the power of 2 Gods and the element of surprise allowed Mephilis to kill most of the Gods without them realising what was happening. Eventually, only Mephilis and the God of Life, Gabriela Angel, were left. Gabriela managed to activate the banishment process as Mephilis used Solaris' power to kill her, sending him tumbling to Earth. Gabriela used what was left of her powers to revive the Gods and create minor replacements for the Gods of Darkness, Life and Light, but she didn't have the power to revive them to full strength. With the Gods severally weakened, the universe started to deteriorate.


Although Solaris was killed by Sonic in the new timeline, he'd still left the Gods in tatters. However, they finally managed to regain their strength using energy from the Solaris in the averted 06 timeline. They also used the energy to create 2 new Gods based on their old counterparts:Silver Solaris and Platinum Mephilis. The new Solaris retained his proceeders memory, while the new Mephilis didn't. They also raised a new God of Life to replace Gabriela, who was now living on Earth as a Fallen God. The Gods haven't faced any major conflict since then, although it's undeniable they will soon.

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