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Endac is the main character in my arsenal, actually...really he's my only character. It's kinda hard for me to keep up with other ones when i'm so busy with this guy.


Mobians 2

Biographical Information
Age 20
Relatives none known
Alias Korinth
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species human
Gender Male
Description Caucasian, white hair, light blue-ish grey eyes.
Attire Black tee-shirt over what looks like a formal suit of some sort, blue jeans, White cloak, Blue-ish purple scarf.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good
Affiliations None known
Weaponry Sword, Pyro Glock (shoots flaming bullets)
Abilities Pyrokenetics, Dragon abilities, and Wind abilities
Super Forms See below...
Other Information
American V.A. Robert White
Japanese V.A. None
Theme Song(s)

Dragon Rider by Two Steps From Hell

Period (FMA Brotherhood Theme 4)



Original Creator


I was born on a world known as Yultaria, to Sameul Parakuun Korinth and Kiya Sinu Korinth, my parents. This world was different from most dimensions I've read about from the scrolls of the dimension walkers before me. On this world Humans and Dragons lived together in harmony, as partners in life. Dragons could also take human form to create a more comfortable situation, you know, instead of having a fire breathing beast sticking in through your window, it was easier to talk to a guy named chuck with scaly wings growing out of his back, but that's beside the point. We lived peacefully, that is until Mankind decided that they could use Dragons. Drakomancers, evil men and women who enslaved Dragons for their own bidding, started attacking villages killing all dragons and humans who stood in their way. I was 18 when one of these raids took the life of my older sister. I hated them for what they did, and took it upon myself to stop them. By this time i had already chosen a Dragon, a female who's name was Jenju and she was always accompanied with her older brother Yuyeri who Jen nicknamed Pyro for his ferocious behavior. The truth is our connection was more than that of other bonds, it was love truly, but that is well beside the point. We, the 3 of us, infiltrated the drakomancer's base through an underground cave and destroyed the Dragon-Heart gems, a crystal that was the solidified form of the soul of a dragon, that they used to control the Dragons. When it was finished we escaped with the dragons that still lived. When we returned people rejoiced that the war was over, but the dragons no longer trusted men. The tension of distrust broke into deceit and the Dragons revolted against the humans. In the end we had no choice but to end them. All that was left of the dragon race were the souls of the mighty beasts who fell. I took it upon myself to become a dimension walker, and travel the plainer roads between dimensions. To revive a new race of Dragons, and never again go to war with them. With Jenju and Yuyeri by my side to the very end, I stepped between dimensions for the first of many times.

Now, I am a Half Dragon, the only one of my kind. My parents were not inter species, both of them were human. I was chosen to be this way. My world has two deities, a Guardian, and a Destroyer. The Celestial Dragon of the Sun, Solarium and the Celestial Dragon of the Moon, Lunaros (respectively). Every thousand years, these two dragons choose a child to dwell within and destined those children to fight to the very end. Most of the time good one, and it was heralded with an age of peace, but sometimes evil would triumph and the world would plummet into despair and tragedies. I was born on the day heralded by these two to choose a child, and i was lucky and unlucky enough to be chosen by both at the same time. They transferred their souls into my body with mine, and from day one, have been battling within my body. My soul was left in torment as i felt conflicted between good and evil. Over time these two raged within to take control, i finally learned to withstand their powers and hold them back so that i could have control of my own destiny. With their rage held at bay they settled into me by deforming me slightly, giving me Dragon abilities and a pair of wings. I look like a normal human, but have every ability of a dragon. Due to this i was seen as a freak in my childhood. I was alone and never had a friend, till the day i bonded with Jenju. It was then i knew that i had to do everything in my power to be myself, and nothing else, not even what a celestial told me to be.


Unlike other dimensions, this one was...different. It's atmosphere was full of a substance known as chaos, and most of the inhabitants had the ability to control this force. When i first arrived, my body was overwhelmed with it's power, so much that it transformed my being into that of a Mobian, an anthropomorphic Hedgehog. I was left like this for some time. I made friends in this dimension and lost my purpose in the midst of it. My friends still followed me but i lost the ear to listen to them, i had forgotten the language taught to me so long ago, and they were stuck in their beast form. After some time though (During the events of a Roleplay in which Chaos was withdrawn from the atmosphere and mobians could no longer use it) due to the withdrawal of chaos, the dragons within me re-awoke and raged inside of me once more, causing me to return to my original form. I set out once more with Jen and Yuyeri, to continue my work, setting up, as i always did, a encampment for Dragon Breeding, and a City for mobians to interact with them in peace as i did once before in my own world. This went with success and once the Council of Tamers was established in this world as all others, i moved on, stepping into the dimensional plane once again, and leaving behind those i once knew.

Recent History

Recently I returned here to Mobius as i was making my monthly runs through the dimensional plane, to see how each encampment was holding up. I had a friend, a good friend, who told me everything was going fine in Mobius, so i left that one be for the last several months. Finally i returned to check on it myself to find the encampments in ruin, Dragons dead, the Council destroyed and torn apart, and Dragon-Heart gems being sold on the black market. The souls of dead dragons were being sold as jewels, chipped away and made into necklaces and rings. I was disgusted with what happened and was sent into a fit of rage, which due to it allowed Lunaros the upper hand, ascending me into one of my higher forms. Although this had happened many times i was never able to control it, and this time was no different. They say a whole island was sunken because of me, once they finally secluded me. Now that this one has been destroyed i've noticed more and more encampments falling to pieces as well, and now, the only thing keeping my hope of peace with Dragons is my own love for Jenju. I'm no longer certain how to finish my quest, but i'm determined not to give up this easily.


Endac is a Caucasian Human, standing at about 6 foot 1. He weighs approximately 120 pounds and is speculated to be around the age of 21. His physical appearance is Silvery White Hair, and Grayish blue eyes. He normally is seen wearing the same thing, being a black shirt with white sleeves from the forearm out to his wrists, a white cloak and dull purple scarf over that shirt, Blue jeans, and brown shoes with cuffs at his ankles. He always has two weapons on him, being a glock in a thigh holster he hides under his cloak, and His claymore: The DragonFlare of Hinode. He also has Black Dragon Wings.


Endac's abilities range from different fire spells to his most powerful sword forms, but his strongest and most used ability is his Breath Weapon. Being half dragon he has the ability to breath a certain element as his breath weapon, but his is unique. His Breath Weapon can be of any certain color due to the prismatic colors of Solarium's scales which fused with his soul, just as Lunaro's soul did to cause Endac's wings to be black. The prismatic color change ability of Endac's Breath Weapon can cause it to either A) Be of different temperatures of heat when it is Fire, or B) Change the element of the Breath Weapon altogether. He had yet to figure out how to control the prismatic ability but is able to use Fire, and Darkness on will and command. His sword his what he mostly uses in a fight thus his most used abilities are through the sword. (See DragonFlare of Hinode for more details on it's own skills)


DragonFlare of Hinode: A Weapon forged from the Soul of the Great Fire Dragon, Hinode. It's blade completely made of Flame suited Endac perfectly. He is still indebted to HS for making this blade for him.

He also carries a standard looking Glock, but he keeps a special type of bullets for it, given to him by Shadow the Hedgehog: The Chaos Bullets, one of the many Chaos sets from some time ago (When i first came here; I made the set myself). These bullets are the same color pattern as the Chaos Emeralds. They act like normal bullets until fired. They will go through their target then come back and begin circling the shooter. The shooter can then use the bullets using commands instead of shooting them. Unlike normal Chaos sets, there is a whole ammo box of them, enough to fill two magazines of Endac's Glock.

Ascended Forms

Endac only has three Ascended Forms. These forms are known as the Quantum Lunar Eclipse, the Quantum Solar Eclipse, and the LunaSol Flux. These take form when one of the two dragon spirits raging inside his body momentarily gains the upper hand over the other, Releasing it's spirit through him and transforming him into a half Dragon Demi-god of either Solarium, or Lunaros. Lunaros is the Luna celestial Dragon, and it is through him that Endac has Black Dragon Wings. Solarium is the Sol Celestial Dragon, and it is through him that Endac's fire can be of any color and heat. The two polar opposites have been raging inside him since being born, and thus Endac's own spirit is also at war with them to take control of his own body. He cannot control his transformations, it takes place only when something happens to trigger a sudden burst of emotion. Specific Emotions trigger each form: Anger (Defined as absolute unadulterated rage since sadness can still cause anger.), and Pain activate Quantum Solar Eclipse (When Lunaros takes over), Sorrow, and Sadness (followed by righteous anger) activate Quantum Lunar Eclipse (When Solarium takes over), and the extreme of any of those emotions activates the strongest of the three, being a mixture of both Dragons and Endac's own fury: LunaSol Flux.

Powers of Each Form

(Keep in mind, while i do list his strongest attacks in each form, he rarely uses them due to his own Savage and beastly state of mind (In Solar Eclipse) and calm yet powerfully intellectual state of mind (in lunar eclipse). He either A) Overlooks the use of it to enjoy killing each one of them one by one, or B) Has enough sense in his head not to use it unless completely needed.)

In Quantum Solar Eclipse

He becomes darkened, a black aura surrounding him. His wings become larger than ever. His eyes are a deep crimson of blood. His hands grow black claws as scales grow on his arms and hands. His movement speed is doubled under the Half Light of a Solar Eclipse. Endac becomes more of a raging beast Furious with power and to fast to be seen by the naked eye. His Beastly fury and his speed intimidate most enemies into a stand still for him to strike. His strongest attack is Raging Lunar Tide, blasting a huge Wave of Darkness at the enemy.

In Quantum Lunar Eclipse

He glows suddenly, like a flash light in the light of Day. The world turns dark as the becoming night showing an eclipsed moon. Endac is the only light on the battle field, Glowing like the sun itself in a celestial yellow glow. His eyes are no longer Red but the same color as his white aura. His fire now ever-changes colors showing the whole spectrum of light shining in his hand, Also known as Full Spectrum Fire. Endac's Fire power is doubled under the darkness of a lunar eclipse and thus makes him stronger in every sense of battle. His wings are as large as they would be in Solar Eclipse, But now glowing Yellowish white. He moves just as fast as normal. His strongest move is Scorching Solar Flare, Blasting a powerful wave of Full Spectrum Fire at the enemy.

In LunaSol Flux

Endac goes into a fit of rage exploding into a column of fire. When it dies down the sky grows dark again, as the Sun and Moon are both eclipsed (as impossible as it is). Endac is half Solar Eclipse, and Half Lunar Eclipse split straight down the middle. His body and powers correspond with which side he's attacking with. His power and speed are doubled and he can use both strongest moves with the corresponding hand to each form. He has a new Strongest move called LunaSol Super Nova where he creates miniatures of the Sun and Moon, collides them into a fire gaseous ball of supernova and space rock, and throws it down on the enemy. This can cause catastrophic damage to any landscape.

The Evolution of a Half Dragon

Endac sprite.png
Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog.jpg

Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog

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(picture drawn by user:HauntedPhantom)

Sprite by Ryushusupercat

Furrydoll by hikaru

Drawing of furry doll by Wh!teStar

Drawing of Ultra Dragon Form by Wh!teStar

Anime character found by Talia and sent to me on DA

Redesign and actual fan character design by Haunted Phantom on DA

stawwy made a chibi ;w;

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