"A melting pot of diverse folk and ideas. All who come here dream of making it big."
—Professor Pickle from the Spagonia University.[Author]

Empire City, also known as E.C. or Skyscraper Scamper Zone, is a high-rise urban metropolis located in the south of Mobius and near Shamar. The city is huge and full of extremely tall skyscrapers and buildings, as well as small streets and alleyways.

Tendint Giralson served as governor of the city after retiring as the president's secretary.


Blaze Road

—One of the road signs.[Author]

Blaze Road is part of Empire City. It may have been named after Blaze the Cat, a feline from the future who resided in Crisis City prior to the change in the timeline.

Chao Beans

—One of the road signs.[Author]

Chao Beans is an area of Empire City, though its exact location is unknown. It could be near the Empire City Chao Garden.

Chao Garden

—One of the road signs.[Author]

The Empire City Chao Garden exists in the city of E.C and is home to an unknown amount of Chao. It may be not unlike the garden at Station Square.

E-123 Omega Road

—One of the road signs.[Author]

E-123 Omega Road is located quarter of a mile away from Rouge Street, and half a mile from S. Shadow Avenue. The toll gates on the highway are about half a mile from Omega Road. It was almost certainly named after E-123 Omega, one of Eggman's robots turned good.

Pachacamac Parking

—One of the road signs.[Author]

Pachacamac Parking is a parking area for cars in Empire City. It was presumably named after Pachacamac the Echidna, son of Queen Philina Flawberk.

Rouge Street

"ROUGE ST. 1 ¼"
—One of the road signs.[Author]

Rouge Street is located one and a quarter miles from one of the toll gates on the highway, and is near E-123 Omega Road, a quarter mile away, and S. Shadow Avenue, about half a mile away. It was likely named after Rouge the Bat, a confidant of the President and a government spy.

Seaside Park

—One of the road signs.[Author]

Seaside Park is a recreational area located near Silver Beach in Empire City. There's no question as to why it is called "Seaside Park".

Silver Beach

—One of the road signs.[Author]

Silver Beach is a seaside area of Empire City, located in the north. It may have been named after Silver the Hedgehog, a psychic time-traveller from the future and friend of Blaze the Cat.

Soleanna Hotel

—One of the road signs.[Author]

The Soleanna Hotel is a hotel located in Empire City. Since it is named after The City of Water, it may be at Silver Beach or Seaside Park.

S. Shadow Avenue

—One of the road signs.[Author]

S. Shadow Avenue is located half a mile away from Rouge Street, and a little further from E-123 Omega Road. It was also three quarters of a mile from one of the toll gates on the highway. It was likely named after Guardian Units of Nations agen Shadow the Hedgehog. The S. may stand for "Super", making it "Super Shadow Avenue".

West Park

—One of the road signs.[Author]

West Park is a recreational area located in the western end of Empire City. It may be near Seaside Park at Silver Beach, though this is unlikely, as the coast is in the north.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Empire City is a borough of Hancock City. In this universe, it is the equivalent of Manhattan. The official name is just "Empire", but due to its size, many residents consider it to be a city all to itself, hence the nickname "Empire City".

Sonic Adventure 3: East Coast Minute

Empire City (SA3)
NYC Montage 2011
Sonic Unleashed (360/PS3)
Sonic Adventure 3: East Coast Minute
9,000,000 (estimated as of 2013)
1625 (as Kings City)
1664 (as Empire City)
United Federation of America
Empire State
Also Known As
The City with No Curfew
The Largest Apple
The welcome wagon for immigrants.

The City of Empire, more commonly referred to as Empire City is a major city in the State of Empire in Sonic Adventure 3: East Coast Minute.


SA3 marks Empire City's second appearance in the series after the HD versions of Sonic Unleashed, which was released in 2008. The new rendition of the city is, more likely, the "official" Sonic the Hedgehog universe's version of New York City. The city is based out of Empire State.

In SA3, it is expanded on as the game's main hub world. It is a large metropolitan city based on the east coast of the United Federation of America. The city has a lot of detail and personality, with many places which are based on landmarks such as the Statue of Independence, Blinding Point, and the Deco Building.

This rendition of Empire City has versions of all five boroughs of New York City; Brooklyn is Brokluce, Queens is Monarchs, Manhattan is Malstephen, the Bronx is the Breax, and Staten Island is Static Island. To the north of Empire City is the much smaller city of Bonkers, which is based off of Yonkers in upstate New York, which, like in real life, is only minutes away from Empire City. To the east is Eastward Island, based off of Long Island, New York, a much more rural area of landscape containing many small cities and towns as well as beaches, forests, and even a small mountain.


Empire City is divided into 87 individual and unique neighborhoods which are spread across the five boroughs.

Malstephen (Manhattan)

A bustling commercial and business district full of amazing towering skyscrapers and a varied composition of cultures. Here holds various famous landmarks, such as Blinding Point (Time Square), Midway Park (Central Park), and the York Building (Empire State Building). It also contains the stadiums that are the home of the Empire City Epochs basketball team and the Empire City Hunters hockey team. This part of Empire City is the busiest and most crowded, even at night, and has more buildings, skyscrapers, and everything in between. It is the heart of Empire City.

Brokluce (Brooklyn)

Pronounced "broke-loose," it is practically an ex-city on its own, and the home of the statium that houses the Brokluce Tangles basketball team. Maintains a distinct character apart from the rest of the city. Contains various pockets of housing projects. Some areas are distinct for high crime rate. Also contains a mix of trendy middle-class neighborhoods. Famous for its brownstones and industrial areas.

Monarchs (Queens)

An old ethnically-diverse, predominantly-residential area, it is the location of the FDR International and ElGuardio Airports and the baseball stadium that is home to the Empire City Bets. Monarchs is primarily made up of affluent and ethnically diverse middle to upper-class residential neighborhoods that use traditional Irish, Victorian and Tudor architecture; though some neighborhoods follow the typical modern New York archetype. Also contains a minority of more working class areas.

The Breax (The Bronx)

The birthplace of rap and hip-hop culture. Also famous for its Hispanic culture. Largely consists of expansive run down housing projects and is home to the stadium that hosts the Empire City Whities baseball team. Notorious for higher crime rates and violence over the other boroughs. The Breax is the smallest island.

Static Island (Staten Island)

The most isolated island of Empire City and also the second smallest. Contains a lot of vegitation when compared to the rest of the city and is a lot more suburban. Contains a high population of celebrities and the wealthy. A major power source for the rest of the city with a large power plant.


Malstephen, Uptown

District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Shaklem Harlem
East Shaklem East Harlem
Pyreville Yorkville
Georgian Heights Washington Heights
Midwood Inwood
Bedside Heights Morningside Heights
Central Park Central Park
North West Side Upper West Side
North East Side Upper East Side

Malstephen, Midtown

District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Jefferson Island Roosevelt Island
East Town East Village
Central Malstephen Midtown Manhattan
Takelift City Tudor City
Reptile Bay Turtle Bay
Lance Bay Kips Bay
Schooler City Alphabet City
Meat Maintenance Meatpacking District
Taylora Chelsea
Ramsey District Hell's Kitchen
Blinding Point Times Square
Parental District Flatiron District

Malstephen, Downtown

District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Charger Park City Battery Park City
Charger Park Battery Park
Little Maojian Chinatown
E.C. Hall Civic Center
Exchange District Financial District
Davilry Bowery
Futo Market Fulton Market
South Port South Street Seaport
Spagoniatown Little Italy
Lower East Village Lower East Side
SoLo SoHo
Hipwich Village Greenwich Village
Flapway Broadway
Independence Island Liberty Island


District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Ocean Gate Sea Gate
Fatbrush Flatbush
Downtown Brokluce Downtown Brooklyn
Blue Hook Red Hook
Brokluce Ocean Yard Brooklyn Navy Yard
Crony Island Coney Island
Blacksville Brownsville
Eastern Empire East New York
Sea Hill Ocean Hill
Dimton Beach Brighton Beach
Carter Ridge Bay Ridge
Persevere Park Prospect Park
Club Slope Park Slope
King Heights Crown Heights
Nixon Hill Clinton Hill
Brokluce Heights Brooklyn Heights
Bedsant Bedford-Stuyvesant
Johnsquik Bushwick
Shearwool Bay Sheepshead Bay


District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Bushweiser Corona
Andrew Heights Jackson Heights
Layer Park Ozone Park
Eastward City Long Island City
Monarchs Bay Long Island South
Franklin D. Roosevelt International Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport
ElGuardio Airport LaGuardia Airport
Bushy Hills Forest Hills
Toilets Flushing
Toilets Park Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
Lysteria Astoria
Serf Projects Queensbridge Projects
Mollis Hollis
Reggana Jamaica
Come Sailaway Far Rockaway
Boggy Island Randall’s Island
Penn Island Wards Island

The Breax

District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Main Conclude Grand Concourse
Expleme Bay Pelham Bay
Expleme Bay Park Pelham Bay Park
Ven Cortavez Park Van Cortlandt Park
Prey Point Hunts Point
Chevlem Fordham
Martin Trevont
Breax Hub Bronx Hub
Hearview Soundview
Port Martinez Port Morris
Briggs Neck Throggs Neck
Multip City Co-op City
South Breax South Bronx
Narvaez Heights Morris Heights
Safe Heaven Mott Haven
Insania Morrisania

Static Island

District Name Real-Life Equivalent
Upper Shore North Shore
Bigger St. Thomas Greater St. George
Lake District The Lakes
Deckton Clifton
Static Hills The Hills
Eastern Shore East Shore
Mainland Heartland
Mainway Gateway
Southern Shore South Shore


Empire City first began when the Dutch sent out English explorer Paul Hornet to find a new location for British colonialization in 1609, and he sailed to the Hornet river. The Dutch became a colony and soon Europeans traveled to the city to find what freedom was truly like in the colony of Kings City, named after the King of England. Eventually, the English set sail for the colony, which was based on the slender island named Malstephen after an old man who was despised by the Latin population and the settlers signed a petition to be ruled by the British.

Soon the English expanded the colonies and took over three new islands for the colony. The first consisted of both Brokluce, named as a result of theories that the island was at on point stuck to Malstephen, and the other Monarchs, after deciding this place as a possible alternative place of rule for the British monarchy. Static Island was named after a thunderstorm hit the distant island, making onlookers assumes it carried static. The smallest island was named the Breax was named as a corruption of a ship breach. The British and the Americans later fought in the American Revolution for freedom from unfair taxation, and after receiving aid from the Mehnch (French), the Americans won and declared their independence from British rule forming the United Federation of America. Slavery was soon outlawed and the politicians of Empire City moved to Central City when Empire City's status as the capital of the nation was removed and given to Central City. Later the Civil War broke out, leaving Empire City in shambles afterwards as a result of its high links to southern trade products, but it later bounced back in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Throughout the 1900s, Empire City became a symbol of crime in large cities, starting with the Prohibition era in the 1920s and later with organized crime coming from New Jersey and forming in the city itself. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, many of the tall skyscrapers around today were built to help boost jobs, with gangs later taking over in the 1950s and 1960s. The crime rate reached an all time high in the 1980s and 1990s, but has decreased significantly since the late 1990s.

In 2005, an international attack by extraterrestrial creatures known as the Black Arms hit the United Federtion in two cities; Westopolis in the west, and Empire City in the east. Empire City remained largely undamaged, with the exception of Malstephen, in which the Twin Buildings were destroyed by the aliens, causing other nearby structures to be damaged or destroyed in the process. One of the buildings was later completely rebuilt in 2011, bringing the city back to peace until October of 2012, in which Hurricane Bolluck hit Empire City and parts of New Jersey, damaging many parts of the city and closing down the Statue of Independence indefinitely as of the events of Sonic Adventure 3.

Significant Populations

As its slogan suggests, Empire City's population is incredibly diverse, with a myriad of people of different ethnicities, races and religions, such as the following:

  • Caucasians
  • Native Americans and American Indians
  • Hispanics - Mostly of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, but also contains some Espanards (people from Espan/Spain) and Scuerans (Cubans)
  • African-Americans
  • Middle Easterners - Mostly Arabs
  • Europeans - A lot of Spagonians (Italians); Irish, British and Scottish people; and Eastern ones like Rostyans (Russians) and Slavics
  • Asians - Mostly of Chunese (Chinese) and Hangukan (Korean) descent

City Information

As of 2013, the population of Empire City is around 9,000,000. The mayor is very recently elected Raul del Rio. Marcus Oum is Empire City's commissioner of police. The time setting is from approximately early November to mid December 2013. As a result, the weather alternates between sunny, cloudy, foggy, raining, and even snowing.


Empire City has a unique geography. Firstly, it is an island city that is surrounded by water. Consisting of five different boroughs (Brokluce, Monarchs, The Breax, Malstephen, and Static Island) that are all separated by water and connected by bridge; with the exception of Brokluce and Monarchs, which are connected by land. Smaller islands also exist around the main boroughs; including Independence Island, Jefferson Island, Penn Island, and Boggy Island. Empire City's housing architecture and style is a direct amalgam off of the style used in real life New York City. Brownstone rowhouses, terraced townhouses, low-rise apartments and urban tenements are commonplace; especially in the boroughs of Brokluce and Monarchs. Some of the more affluent neighborhoods; particularly in Monarchs, have a higher concentration of larger single-family homes of Tudor Revival, Irish or Victorian style. The borough of Malstephen hosts many modern landmarks and skyscrapers; in fact, Empire City boasts some of the tallest skyscrapers in the United Federation, with the most impressive being the York Building. Various points of natural parkland can also be found throughout Empire City, the largest of which being Midway Park in Malstephen.

Due to the size and population demand of Empire City, housing projects, towers and urban complexes are also commonplace throughout the various boroughs. They are, however, often stereotyped as being low-income while breeding high-crime rates, despite some housing projects in Empire City being more affluent and having a lower crime-rate. Housing projects in Empire City include:

  • Blacksville Projects - Blacksville, Brokluce
  • Serf Projects - Lysteria, Monarchs
  • South Breax Projects - South Breax, The Breax
  • Multip City Projects - Multip City, The Breax
  • Striped Town Projects - Midwood, Malstephen
  • Neighboring Towers - Shaklem, Malstephen
  • Hombre Plaza - Schooler City, Malstephen
  • East Shaklem Projects - East Shaklem, Malstephen
  • Method Projects - Static Hills, Static Island
  • Checker Hill Projects - Deckton, Static Island

Parks of Empire City include:

  • Midway Park - Malstephen
  • Charger Park - Malstephen
  • Persevere Park - Downtown Brokluce, Brokluce
  • Lysteria Park - Lysteria, Monarchs
  • Gallant Park - Lysteria, Monarchs
  • Layer Park - Monarchs
  • Toilets Park - Monarchs
  • Expleme Bay Park - Main Conclude, The Breax
  • Paddlewolf Park - Southern Shore, Static Island
  • National Gate Park - Eastern Shore, Static Island
  • Whomping Park - Mainland, Static Island


It's very obvious that various areas in Empire City suffer from high crime rates; most likely brought about by the large number of gangs and criminal organizations as well as a large underground black market in various areas, each fighting for control of the city and will use any means possible. Aside from the major big-time criminal organizations, there are, of course, many small-time local ethnic street gangs in Empire City as well.

Many of the gangs fight over smuggling trade and other businesses in Empire City for money and power. However, after word gets out about a certain valuable thing; some of the major criminal organizations battle for possession of them too.

Aside from the gang violence and black market trafficking, other crimes and social problems such as car crime (e.g., carjackings), mugging, robbery, arms trafficking, economic deprivation/poverty and a little history of corruption in the ECPD also plague certain districts and neighborhoods. Back in 1998, Empire City took a tough stance against gun crime by introducing gun control laws; limiting the availability of firearms to only those in the police force, forcing people to leave Empire City in order to legally purchase a gun (hence why only Shadow can obtain weapons).

Statistically, parts of Brokluce and especially the Breax are notorious for their higher crime rates, gang violence and black markets in the city. Most of the crime occurs in the deprived and run-down neighborhoods as well as the large projects/housing complexes around Empire City. The Breax deserves a special mention as its projects often outperform the other boroughs in terms of crime rate with Brokluce often coming in second. The many projects and housing complexes around northern Malstephen also appear to be plagued by a high crime rate. Static Island, while not sporting a viable violent crime rate, contains the highest non-violent crime rate in the city. As a whole, Monarchs is the safest borough in Empire City due to its heavy middle/upper-class influence but still contains a minority of areas with a higher crime rate.

Crime-for-crime, some of the most dangerous and/or deprived areas with the highest crime rate in Empire City include:

  • Brokluce: Dimton Beach, Blacksville Projects, Johnsquick, Fatbrush, and Blue Hook
  • Monarchs: Serf Projects and some streets/areas in Eastward City, Mollis, Bushy Hills, and Andrew Heights
  • The Breax: the South Breax, Narvaez Heights, Safe Heaven, Insania, Prey Point, Martin, Chevlem, Port Martinez, Hearview, Expleme Bay, and Briggs Neck
  • Malstephen: Little Maojian, Spagoniatown, parts of Schooler City, Shaklem, East Shaklem, and Midwood
  • Static Island: Eastern Shore, Bigger St. Thomas, and Northern Shore


Empire City's climate is fairly predictable depending on the time of year. During the summer the area has extreme heat waves and occasional overcast weather. The fall brings cooler weather and more cloudy days with some precipitation in the late fall (i.e. November). During the winter Empire City has extreme precipitation and very limited sunny days. Springtime brings a mixture of sunny days, cloudy days, and precipitation.

Food and Drink

Much of Empire City's catering scene comprises fast food chains and food stands/vendors. Three of the most dominant food chains within the city are E.C.'s Pizza Kitchen, FMC (Federation Made Chicken), and McKrocken's franchises (parodies of Sbarro Pizza, KFC, and McDonald's respectively). Their restaurants can be found in several locations across the city. Don Fachio from Sonic Unleashed can also be found selling different food items in many locations, from hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, churros, nuts, and ice cream vendors around Empire City, particularly around Central Park. Sit down restaurants can also be found around Empire City, mostly in the more affluent areas.

Sports Teams

Empire City, being one of the largest cities in the United Federation, is home to many major league sports franchises. The Empire City Whities and Bets (based on the New York Yankees and New York Mets respectively) are the baseball teams. There are two American football teams, the Empire City Lads and Gents (based on the New York Giants and New York Jets respectively). There are two basketball teams, the Empire City Epochs and Brokluce Tangles (based on the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets respectively), as well as a women's basketball team, the Empire City Freedom. The hockey team is the Empire City Hunters (based on the New York Rangers). There is also a soccer/football team called the Empire City Green Hawks (based on the New York Red Bulls).


The main form of transport throughout Empire City is by road. There are a fleet of taxis throughout the city, making it easier to transport through the city. There is a prominent freeway in each borough with the exception of Static Island, with two in Malstephen and another stretching from Brokluce to Monarchs. A bridge connects each island except Static Island to Malstephen, with two from Malstephen to Brokluce and another from Monarchs to the Breax. Another bridge connects Static Island and Brokluce, the only way to get to Static Island by road.

There is also an extensive subway system, connecting the many areas of Brokluce, Monarchs, Malstephen, and the Breax with two main routes. One serves inner Malstephen and the Breax, and the other serves outer Malstephen and Brokluce/Monarchs.

Helicopters and planes can be flown by the player to travel quickly by air. Empire City has two airports in Monarchs named FDR International and ElGuardio that receive planes and occasionally other aircraft from around the world. Boats, jet skis, and even ferries can also be used to travel between the islands.


  • Malstephen Bridge
  • Brokluce Bridge
  • Whitebrush Bridge
  • Theodore Roosevelt Bridge
  • Jefferson Island Bridge
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