Emperor Crab is the Primary Antagonist of the CGHC storyline.


Emperor Crab is a rather large specimen of Meta-Craboid, a race of crustaceans long since forgotten by the rest of the world. He stands at roughly 2 feet tall, though his eyestalks add some extra height. His shell is a lustrous and beautiful shade of orange; and he makes sure to keep it perfectly polished and unscratched for the ladies. In his armor, he resembles a futuristic warlord; standing at a whopping 9'8" and looking more or less terrifying.


Emperor Crab looks down on all of the puny little worms who dare scuttle up to his magnificent castle. He believes that all non-crustaceans, and even most non-craboids, are simply beneath his notice. He is arrogant, stuck-up and generally very dismissive of others, though he is caring to those he deems worthy of receiving his attention.


Nothing is known of where Emperor Crab came from. Some say he emerged from a lake outside of a small town and built his first castle out of sticks and plywood, some say he scuttled from under and old boat and used its carcass to construct the continent-sized empire we all see today. Some believe he is an extradimensional being, sent to Earth to absolutely wreck everything in the name of chaos and destruction. Whatever the truth is, he is incredibly good at what he does; ruling with an iron fist... or, uh. Claw.

At some point during his rule, a young wolf named Riuvec came under his employ. He did not like Riuvec. He consistently beat him up, and the moment Riuvec came to him for revenge wielding the power of the Devilhand, he just beat him up again. This time, Riuvec did not return. Good riddance, says the glorious Emperor Crab.

At a later point during his rule, a young lizard caught Emperor Crab's attention. He attempted to employ the lizard, only to be rebuffed. Emperor Crab was incredibly angry with this, and ended up sending the Shellyu force to execute him. After they were found to be defeated and the lizard was said to be coming to his castle, he set multiple traps with hundreds of redundancies in an attempt to capture the lad alive. After all, with that kind of power he would be a fascinating case for study... However, none of the traps work, and he found himself face-to-face with the lizard. It soon became evident that the kind of power the lizard had displayed against the Shellyu force would not be enough to defeat Emperor Crab, as he easily tanked every blow with his mastercrafted Crustaceous Armour. After a while, Riuvec showed up to be of assistance. He was soon beaten up again. The lizard, too, suffered a decisive defeat... though he seemed to access a terrifying power for just long enough to shatter Emperor Crab's armor, though not long enough to smite him. Emperor Crab now waits in his lair, hoping to have another fight as exciting as that one.

In the future, Emperor Crab may or may not be defeated. Who knows?


Emperor Crab, as a Meta-Craboid, has the cumulative strength of every crab that exists, has existed, and will exist. While most crabs are only capable of feats such as breaking fingers and scuttling fast enough to avoid being stepped on, the amount of power vested in Emperor Crab is immense. As he contains the strength, speed, stamina, and durability of not only every crab, but every TYPE of crab in existence, he is capable of feats far beyond even most superhuman individuals. Curiously, he also has access to the cumulative punching speed and raw power of all Mantis Shrimp in existence, though he is limited to those that have existed in the past and exist currently. This means that his power, as more crabs, shrimp, and other shellfish and crustaceous creatures are born, is multiplied constantly over time in a gradual curve of growth. He has a series of specific attacks and abilities as well as statistics, which are listed below.


Vastly Superhuman Physicals: Emperor Crab has been known to fight on-par, and maintain an advantage over, incredibly powerful beings. The upper limit of his strength is incalculable, as he has been shown evenly battling two Godhand users at the same time and even holding an advantage despite the two-vs-one dynamic. At his peak, an unarmored Emperor Crab is easily capable of smacking powerful opponents through walls and over the horizon, catching energy attacks in his claws and throwing them back or devouring them whole, punching cleanly through barriers of pure divine energy, dispelling magic with simple sways of his claws, and tagging Anzyl while he was moving at a speed even Emperor Crab's eyes couldn't reliably track. In terms of sheer speed, he is capable of vastly outspeeding even unleashed Godhand users, as well as consistently catching up to vastly quicker beings due to a clever usage of his multiple legs in a sort of incredible Soru speedboosting technique. In terms of durability, while armored he has been seen tanking multiple blows from two Godhand users effortlessly, and while his unarmored durability has yet to be calculated, it is safe to assume he's not an easy crab to cook. As for stamina, the fact that he has outlasted two opponents and retained more than enough stamina to land a decisive blow at the end of the fight speaks for itself.

Attacks & Abilities:

Unarmored Emperor Crab:

Claw Swipe: Emperor Crab swings one of his massive claws at the opponent, dealing outrageous amounts of damage upon a solid hit. Even the wind generated by the swipe is enough to blow a heavy opponent like Riuvec off of his feet.

Claw Pinch: Emperor Crab thrusts one of his claws forwards while it's open, with the intent to snap it around the opponent. While its effect on a person has not been shown, the fact that it cleanly sliced a solid stone pillar in half shows that it has more cutting force than crushing.

Scuttle Mode: Emperor Crab brings his claws close to his body and extends his legs, tapping them violently against the floor. In this state, attempting to strike Emperor Crab will cause him to launch himself in a different direction; leaving afterimages behind him. This technique also allows him to outspeed vastly quicker opponents, as every individual tap against the floor generates enough force to send him forwards. He can use this technique to hover in the air, as the tapping will generate enough concussive force to keep him airborn as long as he keeps moving his legs.

Raw Power Mode: Emperor Crab empowers his claws with energy, crouching on his multiple legs and repeatedly lunging at the enemy with various swipes and pinches. His empowered swipes have been shown to cause mass bone breakage in strong enemies like Riuvec, and the heat generated by his attacks have been shown to cause pain in heat-resistant opponents like Anzyl.

Fisticuffs Mode: Emperor Crab puts his claws up like a pugilist, shortening his legs and becoming a slower but more powerful fighter. He resorts only to swipes and jabs in this state, as pinching is not allowed in orthodox boxing, and the air pressure generated by his jabs has been shown to be capable of blowing massive holes in the walls of his fortified castle.

Defensive Mode: Emperor Crab folds almost entirely inwards, his legs interlocking with each other to protect his underbelly as his claws protect his head and face. In this mode, it's nearly impossible to break his defenses or cause any damage, but he may not move or attack while folded.

Armored Emperor Crab:

Shellshot: AEC's Armor holds up both arms; the hands folding down and vanishing to reveal two massive Fusion Cannons in the wrists. The blasts fired by these cannons have been shown to be capable of incinerating an entire island.

Hyper-Shellshot: An empowered version of Shellshot, AEC puts both cannons together and uses them to fire a single blast with double the power. The downside is that the heat generated by this blast causes the armor to temporarily malfunction. One Hyper-Shellshot was seen to be enough to cause a massive tidal wave in the ocean it landed in, which consequently flooded half the continent.

Psychoshot: Emperor Crab uses a device within the armor that draws upon the psychokinetic suffering energy generated by the species he oppresses, empowering his blasts with disastrous strength.

Pure Speed Mode: Emperor Crab shifts his armor's legs into jets; now capable of reaching flight speeds surpassing an advanced military jet.

Armor Shed: Used to eject the remainder after UZF Anzyl broke most of the armor with a single strike, Emperor Crab is capable of rapidly ejecting his armor from his body with the press of a button, which causes shrapnel and chunks of material to go flying and potentially damage opponents.


Emperor Crab's greatest weakness is his hubris, though it's never truly been exploited except for the single, nearly life-ending strike made by Anzyl. Emperor Crab believes himself invincible, which in turn causes him to underestimate opponents... with good reason, as he is incredibly powerful, but he has nearly lost fights for this reason alone.

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