Emma the Crocodile is the youngest child and daughter of Joseph T. Marley, and the later Martha the Crocodile, and the younger sister of Dylan, Vector, and Anna.


Early Childhood

Emma the Crocodile (her full name being Emma Taylor Marley) was born the youngest child and younger daughter to Joseph T. Marley and the late Martha the Crocodile, being the younger sister of DylanVector, and Anna. Six months after Emma was born, her mother had died from falling down the stairs and breaking her neck, leaving her father devastated.

Her father was close in business with Rex's father, who had later married a woman with a daughter named Sarah, and another partner of his was a woman with two daughters, Sugar and Vanilla. As a result, she and her siblings would often play together with the other children, while thier parents discussed business matters, since they were close in age.

When she was old enough, she had attended Spingsdale school, a school that supported education for the elemantary, secondary, and high-school levels.


Emma still was close with her siblings and the children of her father's business partners. However, it was not long before thier father started to take part in some suspcious activity, and soon enough, Queen Aleena had gone missing, and Joseph had agreed to take over Mobius, until her hopeful return.

Convinced thier father had either captured or killed the queen, her brothers and friend Sarah had formed the Marley and Seawall Detective Agency, in hopes of finding the lost queen, while solving smaller cases along the way. They offered for Emma to join, but she declined, though she promised to remain an ally. Instead, she chose to take a musical career, and even though she was already well-known because of her father's political status, she was able to climb the ladder of fame quickly, due to her musical talents and outgoing personality. It is currently unknown, however, where she recieved this career.

When Sarah had caught an unknown disease a few months after the Marley and Sewall agency had formed, she helped her brothers convince thier father to get the scientists and doctors to research her disease, along with the moderately significant cases of people who had caught it, in hopes to find a cure and save them. During that time, she and the rest of the group tried to help take care of Sarah the best she could, but she had eventually died, because the cure was not found in time, leaving them devastated. Not long after, the Marley and Seawall agency disbanded, having losing thier tracker, and at the time unable to find someone to match her skills.

Not long after, her older brother, Dylan, had gotten his girlfriend, Sugar, pregnant with his child, and suprisingly enough, he turned to her and Vector for advice. Not long after, Rex and Vanilla were also expecting a child at a young age, though the two revealed they had eloped, knowing thier parents would not approve, but there were records showing the two were legitimately married, despite that they had lied about their age to do so. Emma would on occasion help their friends when they needed it. However, six months into Sugar's pregnancy, she had delivered early and nearly suffered a stroke. Sugar lived, but her daughter, who she and Dylan had agreed to name LaRae, died one hour after she was born, leaving the new parents devastated. She was among those who had comforted the two about LaRae's death, feeling saddened herself about her niece's death.

Eventually, she graduated from Springsdale, but chose not to go to college, due to her fame. 

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Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Emma does not formally appear, but is mentioned, though not by name, when Vector tells Espio when he was a child, his father often let him and his siblings get away with whatever they want.

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Since Emma has not made any formal appearances yet, it is still difficult to determine her personality.

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Emma is 5'2" (157 cm), and her weight is secret, though she appears to be at a normal, healthy weight. Her hair is darker, and shorter than Anna's, and usually worn in a ponytail, but when worn down, it is high-back-length.

She has various different sets of clothing, which often changes between scenes she is featured in. 


Like most crocodiles, Emma has very powerful jaws, and can even break metal with them. However, this ability has not been demonstrated so far.

Also, like most crocodiles, Emma is a skilled swimmer, and can hold her breath underwater for extended periods of time.

While she is not gifted in battle, Emma is a well-versed singer, dancer, and musician.



Current Relatives

  • Martha the Crocodile (Mother, deceased)
  • Mildred the Crocodile (Maternal Aunt, deceased)
  • LaRae (Niece, deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Luke the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Kyle the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Toby the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Monica the Crocodile (Niece)
  • Hattie the Crocodile (Niece)
  • Argyle the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Lucy Seawall (Niece, possibly)
  • Carson the Crocodile (Brother-in-law)
  • Sarah Seawall (Sister-in-law, possibly)




  • Joseph T. Marley (Also father)
  • Rex the Rabbit (Only when under Joseph's control)


  • In the earliest concepts, she and her older sister, Anna, were suppossed to be Vector and Dylan's cousins. However, this later changed to them being their sisters, due to the fact that their original father, (their current father's brother, who had been scrapped) had a very insignificant role in the story.
  • Since her father, Joseph, ruled Mobius for some time, some may consider her a princess.
  • She is the only one of her siblings to still be wealthy. The rest of them are currently struggling with money/debt.
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