Emma-Lee the Dove is a young aspiring crime-fighter. She is a hydrokinetic under training of Dalis the Barracuda. She is very enthusiastic and brave. She has promising potential in the arts of aquatic abilities. She even has the capability of breathing underwater. She lives in The City Of Olara where she is the self-proclaimed "Aquatic Guardian Heroine" of the city.


Emma-Lee the Dove

Biographical Information
  • Physical: 9
  • Birth-date: March 22
Relatives Dalis the Barracuda (Adoptive Mother/Surrogate Sister)
  • Emma
  • Aqua-Lee
  • Em
  • Lee
Romantic Interests (Pending)
Physical Description
  • Feathers: White
  • Eyes: Pink
  • A hat
  • A scarf
  • A vest
  • A no sleeve, short jumpsuit
  • Boots
  • Fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • The City of Olara
  • Good
  • Dalis
  • Bubble Rocket
  • Hydro Burst
  • Marine Shield/Platform
  • Hydro Pump
  • Aqua Jump
  • Aquatic Breathing
  • Water Bombs
  • Purify
  • Energy Powering
  • Aqua Burst
  • Aqua Combat
  • Water Dash
  • Poseidon's Revenge
  • Gust
  • Near Supersonic Flight Speeds
  • Rain Shower
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A.(Pending)
Japanese V.A.(Pending)
Theme Song(s)
Emily Osment - Hero in Me (Complete SONG) HQ download

Emily Osment - Hero in Me (Complete SONG) HQ download

Likes Her friends, Dalis, Training, Winning, Water, Tropic Places, Water Terrains, Swimming, Surfing
Dislikes Fire, Villains, Losing, Seeing her friends hurt, Seeing some-one being bullied, Tundra Terrains, Volcanic Terrains
Original CreatorFamotill

Emma-Lee was an orphan who lost her parents as a toddler to a fire. She was then adopted by Dalis the Barracuda. Dalis knew that Emma has amazing potential as a hydrokinetic from talk around the other kinetics in the city. Dalis began training Emma at the age of six. She learned that the rumors were true. She learned that in just three months of practicing, Emma could control full waves. Dalis somewhat envied but respect her abilities. She didn't let this deter her teaching however and pressed on. Emma, now at the age of 9 is a far more advanced kinetic. Though not as capable as other hydrokinetics, Emma is so gifted that she could make some adult kinetics shiver.


Emma is a very outgoing child. She has a strong sense of justice, and a love of heroism. She is a symbol of both innocence and strength. Her fortitude and cleverness have the ability to awe even adults. Her friendly yet fiery personality gains her both friends and enemies/rivals quickly. She isn't afraid to tackle any challenge, even if they are much bigger than her. She is one to stand-up for those who can't defend themselves. Under the training of Dalis, Emma has almost completely gotten over her fear of fire. Emma is a tactician, but can be somewhat naive. She loves to taunt, and will brag whenever she gains a new ability. She is good at cheering people up with motivations speeches. She is somewhat of a tomboy, and is far to "busy" to obsess over anything that "mindless, boring girls" do. Emma hates villains, but is thankful that they are around or else she wouldn't be a hero. Emma can be quick to anger, and will hit anyone who makes her angry or annoys her enough.


Emma has amazing potential as a hydrokinetic and is already a very skilled one at that. She has many water aligned attacks. Being a bird, Emma also has air abilities that can only be used mid-air. This includes Emma using her wings to sends out gust of winds, flight speeds at around 567 MPH, the ability to withstand high altitude pressures, and the ability to cause an artificial rain shower.


  • Bubble Rocket- Emma is capable of shooting bubble like projectiles at her opponents. They burst on contact causing a miniature tidal wave to ricochet throughout the object/person it came into contact with.
  • Hydro Burst- Emma can burst forward in a flashy aura of water. It is mainly used for crossing gaps. The water will draw in any rings it comes into contact with.
  • Marine Shield/Platform- Emma can create a shield or platform of water. This also means that Emma has the ability to walk on water.
  • Hydro Pump- Emma sends out a wave of pressurized water to damage to opponent.
  • Aqua Jump- Water shoots up from beneath Emma, propelling into the air.
  • Aquatic Breathing- Emma can breathe underwater.
  • Water Bombs- Emma is capable of creating bombs made of water that sound out shock-waves on contact.
  • Purify- By sending a burst of water at a dark aligned attack, it will automatically transform into a holy aligned attack. Though if the attack proves too powerful or too big to be changed, it will not transform.
  • Energy Powering- Emma can power some machinery by using hydrokinesis.
  • Aqua Burst- Emma can emit a powerful wave of water from her body.
  • Aqua Combat- Emma can turn her punches and kicks into water aligned abilities by coating them in crystallized water. Most effective against fire users.
  • Water Dash- Emma's speed is greatly increased on water terrains.
  • Poseidon's Revenge- Emma's most powerful attack. It is capable of submerging a moderately sized battlefield in water or completely flooding out a small area. The water eventually subsides as Emma's energy levels decrease.


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk8
Spcl. Def7
Total 63-65/100
Other Stats


Dalis the Barracuda

Fou the Phoenix

Theme Song

Emma's theme song is "Hero in Me" by Emily Osment.


You now I used to hear a voice that said

troubles comin better stay in bed

then I ever tried to run away

cuz I didn't even know my own strength

I was shocked no I couldn't believe my

world rocked it was news to me

when I looked in the mirror today

I looked back and I heard me say I gotta

own it breathe it live it like I mean it

There's a hero in me

its all I wanna be

someone to rely on and looks good on TV

Save the day its part of the routine

Out of my way this is a job for me

(uh huh it's my drop)

I could fly if I just had the cape

X-ray vision would be cool one day need

The power c'mon feel the rush you better

Look out for my 1 2 punch

Hey now I got my own place to fill new identity

What a thrill break it down

Going right the way wrong

In my mind I can hear my theme song

Feel it, try it, no I can't deny it

There's a hero in me

Its all I wanna be

Someone to rely on and looks good on TV

Save the day its part of the routine

Out of my way this is a job for me

I gotta own it, breathe it live it like I mean it, feel it, try it, no I can't deny it, in control is so good to go I figured it out and it's time you know

There's a hero in me

Its all I wanna be

Someone to rely on and looks good on TV

Save the day its part of my routine

Out of my way this is a job for me (repeat)

There's a hero in me yeah

There's a hero in me-ee woahoh oh oh ooh



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