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Emily is a wolf who stars in wolf pack.She is half robotitised and her main
Emily the wolf

Emily the wolf

purpose is to have Knight as a love intrest.


Kind but a little strange.Emily has a normal personality and is easily charmed.She is emotional and can get upset easily.


Emily was rescued from Dr.Eggman by Knight and the others.Emily is half robotitised which is helpful when it comes to missions.She likes to spend time with Knight because she has a crush on him even though she knows about his crush on Vanessa.She feels left out sometimes and gets very lonely.She loves to look at the full moon for some reason.She can use her robot hands to stretch her arms out like werehogs can.In the last episode of WOLF PACK she kissed Knight admitting she loves him and he returns the love.So Emily finally got her happy ending.


Emily does not have any powers.

Special Abilities

Emily is have robotitised so she has very specail abilities of being as strong as steel and stretching her arms out to insane distances.


Emily knows chaos control and is a trained gymnast so she is very flexible.


Emily gets emotional very quickly and expects someone to help her all the time.But sometimes nobody comes and she feels left out.

Emily can go all lovey dovey easily and it gives an advantage to her opponent if he is male.


Cyclone's game

Emily appears in Cyclone the hedgehog as an allie.She appears to give missions to Cyclone.She also appears in the final story.

Sonic chronicles's sequel

Emily is an optional character that can punch walls like knuckles.

Roleplay appearances

It is said Emily will appear in Roleplay:Summer Camp.

Other appearances in media

Emily is in the Sonigals Archie comics as a small reappearing character.

Emily is is season 5 of Sonic X as a reappearing role.A bit like Vanessa.

Emily's first appearance was WOLF PACK as a main character.Her main purpose was to give Knight a girlfriend in the end of the show.

Theme song

Don't stop believing glee cast version

Voice actors

English voice actor

In Sonic X and WOLF PACK her voice actor was Tabitha ST Germain and currently her English voice actor is Tara Strong.

Japanese voice actor

Emily's current voice actor is Junko Minagawa.

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