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Emily is a pink hedgehog with lighter pink tips, who wears a green outfit. This outfit includes green scrunchies (for her pigtails), a green top with an unnecessary sweater collar and belt with a yellow, metal star. She also has a semi-transparent skirt connected to her top. She wears black shorts and black tattoo coverings because she thinks it looks cute. She also has a green beret and a halo. Her boots are knee-high and pink with yellow stars and a bow on the sides, also yellow. She has two small, white angel wings. Emily has a chest window in the shape of a heart.


Emily is cute, funny, likable, and has a very one-dimensional personality. Although she is very popular in school, Beyblade the Platypus, Bakugon the Bear, and other characters from the Beyblade Universe do not pay attention to her. If you can picture a typical love interest from a cartoon series in your head, that is Emily.


Emily has always existed. You just did not know it. Until now, that is.


Likeable: She is able to catch the eye of characters from outside the fourth wall.

Irrelevant: Emily barely matches the theme of the other characters to be considered into the Beyblade Universe. This makes her less eye-catching to characters in this Universe.


Damsel in Distress: Emily always needs to be saved from a bigger evil. Once she is rescued, she blends into the background.

Suddenly Stronk: When the plots needs it most, (Typically toward the end of an Arc or story,) she will suddenly be able to defend herself and fight the villain.

Romantic Plot Point: She is able to make any regular scene into a tense confession moment.


Emily is able to use a war hammer when she is finally allowed to fight for herself.


Emily is so ignored, she is unable to have a real story line centered around her. She will never have a major event other than a short confession scene.

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