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Emilia the Bee (エミリア・ザ・ビー Emiria za Bi,) officially known as Emilia Petalia (エミリア・ペタリア Emiria Petaria,) is an anthropomorphic bee and one of skbl17's fan characters. Apiarian by birth, her family migrated to the United Federation in 2010 after a devastating earthquake[1] almost completely destroyed their village. They settled down in the Parkview suburb of Burrsville, becoming next door neighbors to the politically-connected[2] Cayne family. Emilia has been best friends with Jennie for a decade; the pair first met as part of their parents' efforts to get the two out of their insular social bubbles, but thanks in part to a bonding experience involving a hard-to-beat video game, the pair developed a genuine friendship that endures to this day.

Optimistic, curious, and outgoing, Emilia likes meeting new people, a far cry from her socially isolated early years. While she has her moments of naïvety and sometimes fails to grasp the full consequences of an action she undertakes, Emilia is also known to go out of her way to do what she feels is right, whether it's by unofficially helping out the Resistance or rescuing hundreds of families without help during The Deluge[3].


Early life

Emilia Petalia was born on February 16, 2002 in Mond d'Antennae, a coastal town in the Apiarian ajuntat[4] of Mellitia. Her mother Lidia was a mid-level manager at the nearby Sweetco honey processing plant while her father Coryne was a clerk at the town hall. Emilia’s parents cherished their daughter deeply, wanting her to be safe from any threats; unfortunately for the young bee, her parents’ definition of “threat” was quite broad – even Emilia’s own classmates and school friends were considered suspicious. Leaving nothing to chance, Emilia’s parents largely isolated her from the outside world, only allowing her to leave their house to attend school, participate in mandatory school activities, and visit close relatives. While her parents’ actions were well-intended, they had the effect of stunting Emilia’s social growth.

After a frank discussion with their doctor, Emilia's parents became less strict, allowing Emilia to travel with her classmates on a week-long campaign trip, much to the young bee's delight. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, as on February 23, 2010, less than two weeks before the trip, a powerful earthquake[1] struck Mond d'Antennae and much of southern Mellitia, devastating most of the ajuntat's coastal communities, Emilia's hometown included. In the aftermath, Sweetco offered to transfer Lidia to a new position at the company's office in Parkview, one of the larger cities in the United Federation. Lidia accepted, and on March 2, the Petalias moved to the United Federation.

Meeting Jennie

After moving to the United Federation, the Petalias settled in the Parkview suburb of Burrsville, a quiet community of 50,000 in nearby Wolfing County[5]. A few days after settling in, the Petalias met their new next door neighbors, the Caynes. Lidia and Coryne learned that the Cayne family had a daughter Emilia's age: Jennie. Like Emilia, Jennie also had social issues, but hers were self-imposed. Since the Cayne family is a pillar of state politics, other kids' parents would use Jennie as a tool, hoping their sons and daughters would befriend the fox to give them political influence. This led Jennie to develop serious trust issues, believing her friendships with others weren't genuine. To try and break both girls out of their social bubbles, the parents pushed their daughters into meeting each other to see if anything would come of it.

On March 18, Emilia and Jennie met for the first time. Neither girl spoke much; Emilia because she was apprehensive about her lack of Sacsonian[6] fluency, and Jennie because she wasn't too keen on this "playdate" in the first place and wanted to get it over with. A few minutes in, Jennie moved to a corner of the room and pulled out her GameStation handheld, intent on beating Windvaders, a popular yet difficult MMORPG. Curious about the game, Emilia pulled up a chair to watch Jennie play. The vixen was a bit uncomfortable being watched, but she allowed Emilia to do so so long as she remained silent and didn't break her concentration.

A short time later, Jennie came across a particularly difficult level of the game, one where the player had to jump across a particularly long crevice while avoiding the mooks shooting at them from behind. While Jennie's frustration grew, Emilia watched in silence, noticing a ledge that, were Jennie to notice, would make the task of crossing the crevice much easier. The bee wanted to tell Jennie about the ledge, but she didn't know the proper words. After failing a few more times, Jennie turned her attention to Emilia. Not knowing how to say "ledge" in Sacsonian, the bee pointed at the ledge, signaling that it could help Jennie clear the level. Jennie didn't know what she was on about, but she didn't notice the ledge before, so she decided to take Emilia's advice. On her next try, Jennie guided her player character to the ledge; much to her surprise, the ledge made it such that she could avoid the crevice entirely, allowing her to focus on killing the mooks and clearing the level.

A shocked and pleasantly surprised Jennie turned to Emilia. The bee looked genuinely happy for her, an expression Jennie never saw on the faces of her past "friends". For a brief moment, all the cynicism and bitterness Jennie held melted away, replaced with a genuine happiness she rarely displayed. She returned to the game, but for the first time, Jennie began to think that maybe Emilia wouldn't be so bad to hang out with - on occasion, of course.

Over the summer, Emilia and Jennie would meet more often, much to the pleasure of their parents. As it turned out, Emilia wasn't truly interested in video games, but was quite perceptive, being able to point out things others found hard to notice; Jennie found this trait of Emilia's quite important. Emilia even started teaching Jennie how to find hard-to-spot or hard-to-decipher areas in a game the fox was playing, but the fox never found the bee pushy or annoying. Gradually, Jennie began to see Emilia not just as an important partner in her attempts to conquer challenging video game levels, but as a friend. It helped that on those rare occasions Jennie did open up and talk about her previous experiences with friendship, Emilia sympathized, appearing genuinely dismayed at the fox's plight.

By the start of the 2010-11 school year - Emilia's first in the Federation - not only did Jennie and Emilia see one another as friends, but they started seeing each other as surrogate sisters.

Eggman's takeover

After one too many defeats at the hands of that annoying hedgehog, Dr. Eggman finally captured Sonic, "disposing" of him in such a manner as to make it seem as if the hedgehog was dead. Building off the sense of helplessness that fell upon the planet after Sonic's apparent demise, Eggman launched a massive global offensive to conquer the planet once and for all. Within a matter of months, the Doctor was on the cusp of completing his long sought-after conquest.

The United Federation was not spared from Dr. Eggman's offensive, as his forces tore through the country with laudable speed. The country was invaded on December 8, 2016, just a couple of weeks after Sonic's capture; within three days, Station Square had fallen, with most of the states between it and Central City falling over the following weeks. 2017 began with the Empire in control of over half the country, Central City under siege, and it being only a matter of time before Eggman claimed his biggest prize yet: control of the United Federation. A few days later, the federal government surrendered after the last of the G.U.N. and domestic military armies defending the Federation were destroyed by Eggman's forces. Eggman moved to quickly consolidate his rule, with his robotic armies unleashing a reign of terror never seen in Federan history: state governments were subject to harsh purges, the federal constitution was torn up, and anyone who so much as looked at one of Eggman's robots funny was arrested and sentenced to hard labor...or worse.

As a state of the United Federation, Arcania was also occupied, but thanks to a secret deal reached between the state's governor and an envoy from the Empire, the state was spared from the absolute worst of Eggman's rule, being left to run most of its own affairs...under the watchful eye of the Empire. There was still a degree of media censorship, a "restructuring" (read: a purge by another name) of the state government took place, the death penalty was restored for egregious sabotage against Eggman's forces or vital state infrastructure, and Eggman's occupying forces - in conjunction with OPS[7] - displayed unprecedented brutality against saboteurs, Resistance-affiliated or otherwise. That said, the lawfully elected state government was able to remain in control, if only as a lapdog to Dr. Eggman, acting as civilian enforcers as opposed to robotic, totalitarian ones.

Emilia was shocked by all of these developments, and not just because she found the idea of a mad scientist ruling the world with an iron fist extremely disturbing. Since moving there, she had fallen in love with the United Federation, and she didn't want to see the country and the ideals it represented just disappear. Wanting to help "restore" her adopted homeland any way she could, Emilia styled herself as an "unofficial" member of the Resistance, engaging in acts of sabotage against Eggman's forces in Arcania. Every few nights, she would don dark camouflage, fly to an Eggman-occupied military base, and spend some time sabotaging many of the inactive robots. Thanks to the relatively lax security at Arcania's military bases compared to those in the Empire's more "contested" territories, Emilia avoided being caught despite some close calls.

Or so she thought.

As it turns out, since her first act of sabotage the Empire was hot on the bee’s trail. One of the guards noticed that the security cameras at the first base Emilia targeted picked up on what appeared to be a bee-like silhouette moving towards the stationary robots. The guard vowed to catch “the terrorist interloper” in the act, but Emilia’s random strikes made it something like a game of “whack-a-mole” in trying to catch her. The guard caught a lucky break in March; during one of her sabotage runs, Emilia was targeted by a newly-installed laser-based security system. Emilia was agile enough to avoid being fried by the lasers, but one shot managed to graze her cheek, leaving behind a trail of blood. The bee escaped, but a few hours later, the guard scoured the site of the pursuit, gathering samples of Emilia's dried blood to analyze the DNA. After running some tests, he got a match: Emilia was the one conducting these random raids.

Instead of immediately reporting Emilia to the occupation forces, the guard decided to kidnap Emilia herself and haul her in front of Dr. Eggman, hoping he would "dispose" of her the same way he did Sonic. If everything went right, he thought, he would win a promotion within Eggman's ranks! The guard took time to plan, studying Emilia's relationships and routine, looking for the perfect opportunity and conditions to strike. He also took the time to delete any traces of evidence of Emilia being the culprit from the Empire's computer systems, not wanting anyone else to upstage him and steal the glory that would be his.

On March 19, Emilia was taking her usual Sunday stroll in a secluded part of Bulett Creek State Park[8]. While the strolls were usually calming and peaceful, this one would be anything but. Behind a nearby tree, the guard lay in wait with a powerful stun gun, hoping to immobilize Emilia and whisk her away to the heart of the Eggman Empire. As the bee stopped to appreciate a line of freshly-bloomed flowers, the guard jumped at her, poised to strike. He managed to tackle Emilia to the ground, but in the ensuing scuffle he narrowly missed her head with the stun gun, giving Emilia just enough time to knock the weapon away. Deprived of his weapon, but with Emilia still pinned to the ground, the guard started throwing punches at her, hoping that he would knock her unconscious with a few powerful blows. Some of his punches actually connected, but they weren’t enough to knock her out; Emilia, firmly convinced that he was trying to kill her, retaliated, extending her sting and sinking it deep into his left thigh. Emilia’s powerful venom began to flow into the guard’s body, but he paid this no mind as he didn’t want the bee to have a chance to escape the Empire’s righteous justice.

A slightly disoriented Emilia was able to throw the guard off after a prolonged struggle, but she was in no shape to flee, at least not quickly enough to avoid the guard catching up with and defeating her. Seeing how helpless Emilia seemingly was, the guard started cackling as he retrieved the stun gun Emilia smacked away earlier, relishing his imminent victory. Unfortunately for the guard, by now the toxins in Emilia’s venom had had enough time to start breaking down the blood vessels and dissolving the muscle tissue in the leg she stung, so when he got up, he screamed in blinding pain and fell to the ground, dropping the stun gun. His condition continued to deteriorate as he developed a dangerously high fever and the pain continued to spread. A minute later, the guard collapsed, not able to move in light of the blinding pain, disorientation, nausea, and lightheadedness he was feeling. Soon, he started to slipping in and out of consciousness, his vital signs failing.

Emilia didn’t know what to do. She was bruised and a little disoriented – the guard managed to knock the wind out of her – but she couldn’t just leave the dying guard beside the creek. At the same time, she couldn’t rush him to a hospital; if the Empire found out one of their guards was killed in Burrsville, the town and possibly the entire county would be subject to harsh reprisals at the hands of the occupation forces. In the end, Emilia waited for the guard to succumb to the effects of her sting, then she buried him in a hastily dug grave near the creek bed. While she resumed her Sunday strolls the following week, she changed her path to avoid the site of the guard’s attack, not wanting to be reminded of what happened that day or contemplate what could have been.

The Eggman Empire’s occupation forces did win one victory: shaken by the guard’s kidnapping attempt, and not wanting the Empire to pursue her further, Emilia stopped her lone wolf sabotage missions. Thanks to the guard deleting the evidence of Emilia's actions from the Empire's security systems, nobody else within the occupation forces pieced together Emilia’s involvement before the Federation was liberated by the Resistance that September.

Although Eggman's forces were defeated, conflict between the Arcanian government and the Resistance continued, with the Resistance acting to replace the state government[9] for openly collaborating with Dr. Eggman during the occupation. Emilia tried her hardest not to openly take sides as she just wanted both sides to work together to rebuild the country. She even helped Amy out when the pink hedgehog came to Arcania to try and reach some kind of agreement between the two groups; after Jennie, ever the cynic, rebuffed her in a manner that nearly brought the pair to blows, Emilia intervened. It helped that the bee was a fan of the Resistance and its feats, which allowed her to build a rapport with the pink hedgehog and readily agree to help her out. At Amy’s request, Emilia did reach out to Jennie's mom Mellie, who in turn reached out to Governor Cayne (her sister,) but progress on a settlement stalled due to the opposition of other organs of the state government, the federal government in Central City, and some members of the Resistance’s leadership. Ultimately, Emilia and Amy prevailed, managing to bring both sides to the table a few weeks after Eggman's surrender. After some intense pressure, in January 2018 Governor Cayne and Resistance leaders signed a compact ending their low-level conflict.

The Deluge

While the Parkview metropolitan area is no stranger to rainy weather, for a few days in September 2018 much of the region was subjected to several consecutive days of very heavy rain, with the city's eastern suburbs - Burrsville included - receiving rainfall amounts upwards of 80 cm (32 inches). This torrential rainfall, combined with the poorly-maintained drainage systems, created a historic flood crisis. In what has since become known locally as "the Deluge", many communities were inundated, with thousands of houses and businesses going under. While the Deluge was not intentional, the scale of the disaster prompted comparisons between the Deluge and the Chaos-induced flooding that hit Station Square a couple years earlier.

Burrsville was one of the hardest-hit communities, with the suburb lying on the eastern bank of Bulett Creek. Emilia's neighborhood was built on a slight hill, leaving it free of most of the flooding, but most of the town was under several feet of water. The Wolfing County Sheriff's Office (WCSO), along with many of the region's police and emergency rescue services, was overwhelmed trying to keep order and rescue as many people as possible from the flood waters; it didn't help that many of their own rescue vehicles were submerged. With the situation becoming increasingly dire, the county sheriff sent out an urgent plea for assistance, asking any individual with a boat to assist in rescue efforts (many were already doing so, but now they had police sanction).

Emilia didn't have a boat, but she didn't let that stop her from helping out. She has incredibly high stamina, could fly pretty fast (if not Sonic fast,) and could lift up to ten times her weight without hassle, so she began flying throughout Burrsville and some of its surrounding communities, going from neighborhood to neighborhood and house to house to rescue as many people as possible by flying them to higher ground (or a hospital if any of them were injured). If an entire family was trapped, she would fly individuals out one or two at a time, not moving to another house until she was confident they were all safe.

Her rescue efforts were solo and, at first, largely unsanctioned by police, likely because she was a minor. At one point, Emilia bumped into a WCSO sheriff’s deputy outside a hospital where the bee had just delivered an injured patient. When the sheriff’s deputy asked why a then-16 year old girl was out in the rain making rescues, Emilia explained that with the horrible flooding, the overstretched emergency services, and her own abilities, she felt that she could be a great help to the community and the county at-large if she made as many rescues as she could. After hearing her explanation, the deputy reached into his patrol car and threw Emilia a reflective vest, imploring her to be safe. After waving the bee goodbye, the deputy got on his radio and notified the sheriff about his encounter.

An hour later, Emilia was delivering another injured person to the same hospital from earlier, when she was pulled aside by the county sheriff himself. The burly sheriff noted that while it probably wasn’t wise for him to unofficially deputize a teenage girl, the county needed all the help it could get. After Emilia confirmed to him that she had her parents’ blessing, the sheriff issued the young bee a pair of wristbands and a hat, both equipped with bright red and blue strobing lights for use in low visibility, a spare radio pre-tuned to the WCSO frequency to allow her to bypass the overloaded 911 system and communicate directly with county dispatch in case of an emergency, and a badge. The sheriff wished her good luck, with Emilia thanking him before flying off to resume her rescues.

All in all, Emilia made hundreds of rescues on her own, and combined with the efforts of local police and other ordinary citizens, Wolfing County recorded no deaths from the floods. Two months later the county sheriff made Emilia an honorary deputy in recognition of her brave actions.


As a young child, Emilia's social skills were poorly developed, largely due to her parents' restrictions on "unnecessary social interactions". Thanks to her parents' change in heart and her successful befriending of Jennie, Emilia gradually became a more outgoing bee, eager to meet others. Nowadays, Emilia loves meeting new people, striking up conversations, and helping others out, but there are still times where the bee will wish for some alone time. It is for this reason that she values her Sunday strolls at nearby Bulett Creek State Park[8], as they allow her to reflect on her week. So important to her routine are these strolls that even after the Eggman Empire tried and failed to kidnap her while she was on one of her strolls, she stuck to her routine, making few changes aside from avoiding the site where the incident happened.

Emilia is usually upbeat and optimistic, tending to look on the bright side of things even when she's going through a rough patch. However, she can be fairly naïve and her optimistic attitude can cloud her judgment, sometimes making it difficult for her to parse the consequences of something she wants to do. Also, Emilia's tendency to look on the bright side of things means that she doesn't handle stress very well.

Living up to the name "worker bee", Emilia has a very strong work ethic. She’s a firm believer in the idea that one has to “earn their happy ending”. For this reason, Emilia places strong emphasis on the principle of self-responsibility; outside of circumstances beyond one’s control (i.e. floods,) she believes that an individual’s own actions determine their life’s outcomes. More often than not, this leads Emilia to try and solve problems alone, ironically rejecting help even if it’s clear she could use it.

Emilia is a very curious individual, holding a strong interest in the world around her. This could be a reaction to her relative isolation as a young child growing up in Apiaria; as a way to cope with her isolation and sate her curiosity, Emilia developed a love of reading, a trait that sticks with her to this day. If one finds the bee alone (and it’s not a Sunday morning,) chances are she’s nose deep in a book. Emilia prefers nonfiction works, mystery novels, and coming-of-age stories, but she doesn’t take issue with most genres of literature.

Since immigrating to the United Federation, Emilia has become fiercely patriotic, staying loyal to her adopted homeland even when it briefly ceased to exist during the Eggman Empire’s occupation. She is drawn to the Federation’s self-professed ideals of freedom and liberty, as not only did that make it seem that she was in control of her own destiny – which tied in to Emilia’s hard-held beliefs in self-responsibility and hard work – but also provided another symbolic break from her restrictive past in Apiaria, where she constantly found herself “boxed in”, unable to stand on her own two feet. As a newly-minted Federan citizen, Emilia plans to take her responsibilities seriously; while the bee shares some of Jennie’s dislike of politics, she still plans to be an informed voter and have her say in every election cycle.

Emilia is fairly pacifistic; this is largely the result of her temperament and growing up in quiet environs - a small town and a quiet suburb - her entire life. The bee is quite forgiving; she won’t attack someone unless provoked, and even then, any fight that ensues would be no worse than a small scuffle. Whatever the difficulty in getting Emilia to fight, it’s even harder to get her to sting. Even after someone picks a fight with the bee, Emilia won’t sting them unless they pose an immediate danger to her life. About the only time Emilia will attack someone with her sting is if she sees them target a defenseless Jennie; in that case, the bee will intervene, intent on permanently eliminating the threat. Once Emilia stings someone, she won’t cease her assault until she’s certain her target will die, as she doesn’t want them to live to threaten her or Jennie another day.


  • Reading (almost any genre is OK with her)
  • Meeting new people
  • Spring
  • Hanging out with Jennie
  • Flowers
  • Helping others out (well, unless they're the architects of their own predicament)
  • Her Sunday strolls at Bulett Creek State Park[8]
  • The color yellow
  • The United Federation


  • Politics (though not to the same extent as Jennie)
  • Fighting (doesn't mean she won't fight back if sufficiently provoked)
  • Anyone that harms Jennie
  • Cheaters
  • Winter


At 92 cm (3') tall, Emilia is a bit short for someone her age - she's a few inches shorter than Sonic and only an inch or so taller than Tails, a fox eight years her junior. She has green eyes, yellow fur, black legs (with a single yellow stripe on each leg,) well-kept dark brown hair, and average-size wings. Like other insects in the skblverse, Emilia doesn't have ears, but her antennae operate like ears by converting sound waves in a similar manner.

Reflecting her reserved upbringing, Emilia shies away from flashy and “trendy” clothes; her normal outfit is a white shirt, a two-tone dark brown and orange skirt, an orange and yellow flower hairpiece, and a dark gray and orange vest. Dresses and skirts are her clothing items of choice, as they allow her to easily deploy her retractable sting when she needs to wield it against someone.

Emilia's reference sheet.

Skills and abilities


Emilia is fluent in two languages: Apiarian, her native language, and Sacsonian, the de facto official language of the United Federation. Due to the Federation’s status as a global power, Emilia was already exposed to some Sacsonian through TV shows and the basic lessons she had in school, but the lack of immersion meant that she could only speak broken Sacsonian upon her arrival in the United Federation. Because of her lack of Sacsonian fluency, Wolfing County's public school system assigned Emilia to several Sacsonian as a Second Language (SASL) classes for a couple of years after she enrolled in the district’s schools.

After about a year, Emilia could speak Sacsonian at a conversational level, and by mid 2012, she was considered "functionally fluent" in the language, able to watch television shows without subtitles and read news articles without the assistance of a dictionary. Later that year, Emilia's fluency was confirmed after she passed the G.U.N. Language Institute's[10] rigorous Sacsonian language fluency test with high marks. The bee speaks Sacsonian with a slight accent, and she tends not to use contractions (she'll say "we are" instead of "we're", for example).

Despite their daughter's Sacsonian fluency, Emilia's parents don't want her to lose her ability to speak her native language, so they require her to speak Apiarian at home.


As a bee, Emilia is capable of flight. While she can't reach anything close to Sonic's speeds, or indeed the speeds of his peers, an airborne Emilia is capable of reaching speeds of 450 km/h (280 mph) when the circumstances call for it, such as during her rescue efforts during the Deluge. It's important to note that she can only reach those speeds in the air; on foot she's no faster than an ordinary person.

High stamina

Emilia has very high stamina, allowing her to fly long distances without tiring. During The Deluge, she flew a grand total of 1,400 km (870 miles) over two days, taking only a few breaks along the way. Her longest continuous flight came during her brief self-sabotage campaign against the Eggman Empire; while a few of the Eggman-occupied bases she targeted were as far as 250 km (155 miles) from her Burrsville home, this was no trouble for Emilia, as she made those trips in less than an hour. However, high stamina is not the same as unlimited stamina. Let’s assume Emilia decides to fly as far as she can, nonstop, without stopping for rest. After 800 km (497 miles), she will grow tired, and after 1,000 km (621 miles,) she’ll crash, losing consciousness and falling from the sky. Notwithstanding any injuries she would sustain as a result of the fall, Emilia will take a few days to recover her energy; while she can fly again after about a day, she won’t be able to travel nearly as far as she could at “full power”.

Above-average strength

Despite her relatively slim build, Emilia has above-average strength, allowing her to lift up to 300 kg (661 lbs.) of weight without showing any physical strain. Being able to carry such weight has allowed the bee to pull off impressive feats, such as being able to carry hundreds of people to safety during The Deluge without showing signs of physical stress afterward.

That said, Emilia's strength is not limitless; items like the Master Emerald are too heavy for her to move. Also, the combined amount of weight she can carry is 300 kg; she can't, for instance, carry two objects each weighing 200 kg at the same time.


Emilia preparing to sting someone.

Emilia's most dangerous weapon is her lethal sting. Long, slender, and retractable, the organ is normally kept sheathed, not visible unless Emilia extends it in preparation to attack someone. Her sting’s tough outer coating and unbelievable length - nine inches (23 cm) long at its maximum extent - allows her to sink the organ deep into the target’s flesh. Despite being a bee, thanks to Apiarian evolutionary adaptations[11] Emilia's sting lacks barbs, an adaptation that allows her to sting a target repeatedly.

While her sting is formidable, the potent venom Emilia injects while delivering a sting is the real danger. Her venom is estimated to have a median lethal dose (LD50) of 3.22 mg/kg. Drop for drop, this is actually a bit less toxic versus that of some other venomous animals, but this is a bit misleading as it underestimates the potency of her sting for one reason: her venom gland can house up to 24,000 mg of the toxic cocktail, more than most other venomous animals, allowing Emilia to inject a significant amount of venom with each sting she inflicts. Emilia is capable of regulating the dose of venom injected with each sting, giving her an enormous degree of control over the victim's fate. Her average venom yield is "only" 500-900 mg, but don’t let that fool you. Considering that Emilia always stings to kill, she’ll increase the volume of venom injected if necessary to get the job done.

Emilia's venom is only mildly neurotoxic yet strongly hemolytic, cytotoxic, myotoxic, and cardiotoxic. The various toxins, enzymes, and proteins in Emilia's venom induce a number of serious and potentially life-threatening effects in the victim's body, namely:

  • Dangerously low blood pressure;
  • Hyperkalemia;
  • Lightheadedness;
  • Nausea;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Elevated heart rate;
  • Muscle damage near the site of the sting;
  • Significant swelling and blistering;
  • Extreme burning pain in the affected limb(s);
  • Severe local tissue necrosis;
  • Compartment syndrome;
  • Internal hemorrhaging;
  • Renal failure due to the inability of the victim's kidneys to process the muscle and tissue debris from the sting site; and
  • The development of a dangerous, crippling fever (up to 43°C/109°F) due to the presence of pyrogenic enzymes in Emilia's venom that induce a dramatic increase in the victim's set point temperature.

Not everybody will experience all of these symptoms, but odds are the victim will experience at least half of them.

Unless the target is someone or something immune to venom, such as a robot, a sting from Emilia should be treated as a life-threatening medical emergency. For starters, her venom is fast-acting, with symptoms usually manifesting within moments of the sting being inflicted. Within a few minutes of the sting, the victim would be in full-blown pain, their condition deteriorating as the potent toxins in the venom go to work, degrading many of the victim’s bodily systems and internal organs. Ultimately, the victim falls unconscious and slips into a coma, which may last a few days - assuming the victim lives in the first place, which is quite unlikely considering the potency of the venom.

The exact cause of the victim’s death will vary, but culprits include a rapid and severe drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrest, asphyxiation (if the victim is allergic or the sting is inflicted in the chest or neck, leaving the airway to close from the local swelling,) or intracranial and/or intracerebral hemorrhaging due to the strongly hemolytic properties of her venom. Death can occur as soon as 25-30 minutes or as late as 6-8 hours after the sting is inflicted.

Even if the victim survives her sting, they will suffer long-lasting damage: pain, swelling, blistering, and aching may persist for a few weeks, and a permanent scar will be left behind at the sting site.


Jennie the Fox

Emilia is Jennie's best friend. From the day the pair met, Jennie felt that there was something different about Emilia compared to her previous "friends": an air of genuineness that she never previously experienced. Part of this had to do with the fact that Emilia was an immigrant and had no network of friends to rely on, not to mention the fact that she had little understanding of Federan society or the language beyond what she saw on television. In that sense, Jennie didn't believe that Emilia had any nefarious intentions behind wanting to become friends, but what sealed the deal was the bee's help in clearing one of the most difficult levels in Windvaders. After beating the level and seeing how genuinely happy Emilia was for her, Jennie decided that hanging out with Emilia wouldn't be so bad after all.

Since then, the two have been practically inseparable: they hang out frequently, Jennie helped Emilia get acclimated to Federan society, and the two often (but not always) open up to each other about their problems. Emilia trusts Jennie with her life and vice versa; in fact, one of the only circumstances in which the bee would actually sting someone for any reason other than self-defense would be if someone was attacking Jennie and she couldn't fight back.

Other Cayne family members

Jennie’s mother Mellie Cayne was one of the individuals involved in Lidia and Coryne’s efforts to get Emilia some close friends; she was the one who initially suggested that Jennie and Emilia should meet. After seeing the success of the meetings, Mellie used her political connections to ensure that the Petalias, Emilia in particular, had the resources they needed to integrate themselves into Federan society. As a result, Emilia sees Mellie as both a good friend and a mentor of sorts – someone she can reach out to when Jennie is unavailable.

Mellie was the county administrator[12] of Wolfing County during the Deluge, so it wasn’t long before she was notified by the sheriff about Emilia’s unsanctioned rescue efforts. Mellie shocked the burly sheriff by asking him not to order Emilia to stop. To others, Mellie’s reason for not shutting down the bee’s acts was that the county needed all the help it could get to rescue people in light of the overwhelmed emergency services, but privately she trusted Emilia to fly her rescuees to safety, which she did. The bee didn’t let Mellie’s tolerance of her rescue efforts go unnoticed, and she took the time after delivering her last rescuee to visit the Wolfing County central government complex to thank Mellie for not stopping her efforts.

Amy Rose

After the Eggman Empire’s surrender, low-level conflict between the Arcanian state government and Resistance soldiers continued, as the latter sought to reform or eliminate every institution that collaborated with Dr. Eggman. The day after the surrender, armed Resistance soldiers acting outside the group’s chain of command launched a coup attempt in the state capital of Gwin Oak, managing to take Jennie's aunt, Governor Allie Cayne, hostage. She was freed after an intervention by Gwin Oak citizens and police, and the assailants were arrested not long after. The group’s leadership apologized (making a point to remind everyone that it was an unauthorized attempted coup,) but this did little to patch up the increasingly toxic relations between Arcanians and the Resistance.

Seeking to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict, one of the highest-ranking officers of the Resistance, Amy Rose, travelled to Arcania to meet with the Caynes and work out some kind of agreement. Instead of travelling to Gwin Oak, she opted to travel to Burrsville instead, hoping to convince Mellie to ask her sister to work with the Resistance to find a solution. At the time, Mellie wasn’t home, so instead she tried to get Jennie (who was home) to intervene instead. Not appreciating the Resistance’s “insistence” on “destabilizing” the state, especially by taking her aunt as a hostage in a bid to force a change in government, the cynical vixen coldly rebuffed Amy. Both girls’ headstrong personalities almost brought them to blows, until Emilia showed up. Seeking to defuse the situation, Emilia convinced Jennie to leave and allow her to talk to Amy instead.

Compared to her less-than-pleasant discussion with Jennie, Amy got off on the right foot with Emilia; it helped that the bee was a big fan of the Resistance. Emilia wanted to learn more about the group’s trials and challenges, and Amy was all too happy to indulge the curious bee. Ultimately, Emilia agreed to talk to Mellie to try and convince Allie to reach out to the Resistance and come to some kind of solution. Emilia was even able to get Amy’s phone number, and for a while afterwards the two would keep in touch, either to discuss any new developments in the Resistance-Arcania conflict, or just to chat. Even after relations between the two bodies improved, Amy and Emilia still chat every once in a while.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 The Larvae Bay earthquake, magnitude 7.9, led to more than 7,000 deaths and resulted in the destruction of numerous villages and towns along the Larvae Bay coast in the ajuntat of Mellitia.
  2. The Cayne family is one of the most well-known political dynasties in Arcania and the wider United Federation, with members of the family holding high-ranking positions in both state and federal governments over the generations.
  3. A prolonged, multi-day flooding event in 2018 that affected much of the Sunset Coast region, leaving dozens dead and more than 80,000 displaced.
  4. First-level subnational division of Apiaria, equivalent to a state or province in other countries.
  5. A large suburban county east of Parkview, home to just over 800,000 people as of 2019.
  6. Referring to the United Federation's official language, which is basically the same as English. "Sacsonian" refers to Sacsonia, the language's kingdom of origin.
  7. Office of Public Safety; Arcania's state-level police force.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 A nearby park run by the Arcanian Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. As its name implies, the park straddles Bulett Creek. Emilia prefers this park because of its proximity to her house and the relative ease at which one could find more secluded areas, despite the park's location in one of the Federation's largest metropolitan areas.
  9. The day after Eggman's surrender, a group of Resistance soldiers, acting without official approval, broke into Redwood House, the official residence of the Governor, to depose the Governor herself. They were able to briefly take the Governor hostage, but the coup attempt fell apart after the Redwood House was surrounded by angry citizens, local police, and OPS units, who were made aware of what was going on because the Governor was livestreaming an online Q&A session when the soldiers took her hostage.
  10. G.U.N. runs an academy, the Language Institute, for training its agents to speak the various languages that are spoken in their zones of operation. While the Language Institute is not open to the public, the agency does allow the general public to sit for their rigorous fluency exams.
  11. While the Kingdom of Apiaria dates back to 1163, the various hymenopteran Mobian colonies that would eventually make up Apiaria date back 50,000 years. Much of the recorded history of this region is filled with strife, with raids, attacks, and even outright war quite common. As a result of the predatory pressure these "kill or be killed" circumstances created, some of the "weaker" species in the area - bees in particular - gradually evolved their defensive mechanisms to be able to severely injure if not kill strong attackers. Many of these evolutions affected females more than males, since female members tend to be more involved in the daily life and defense of their colonies. For the bees, their evolutions mainly involved their stinging apparatuses. Their stings lost their barbs, allowing them to strike their attackers more than once. Next, their venom glands increased in capacity, allowing a far greater dose of venom to be injected per sting, and the toxicity of the venom increased to allow them to inflict greater levels of pain, nerve, tissue, and muscle damage. Thanks to these evolutions, bees based in the area could more easily fend off, if not kill, their larger foes. Today, Apiaria is peaceful, but the bees of Apiaria retain their powerful defensive evolutions. Emilia’s sting is no exception, and is just as lethal as the rest.
  12. The chief executive of Wolfing County's government, the county administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the county.