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Ricky the Cat

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  • Unknown
Biographical Information
Age 13
Birthplace Mobius
DOB October 14th
Physical Description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Red
Fur Colors Brown/light brown
Skin Color light brown

3'2" (94 cm)

  • 70 lbs (32 kg)
  • Spring green half top with one shoulder strap and blue heart
  • Two spring green hair rings
  • Spring Green Sandals with heart buckle
  • Several spring green wristbands
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Affiliation None
Favorite Food To many to chose from!
  • Running
  • Working out
  • Swimming
  • Doing other people's hair
  • Her friends
  • Cute and adorable things!
  • Evil
  • Losing
  • Laziness
  • High acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Tornado Spin
Ability Type All Around

Ricky the Cat (リッキー・ザ・キャット Rikkī za Kyatto) is a female, anthropomorphic cat owned by Nikki-Kaji. Ricky is very energetic, always on the move and making new friends everywhere. She has very good acrobatic skills and reflexes, and can also turn into a tornado by spinning around very fast.


Ricky is very energetic and hyper. Her joyful voice and happy tone always seems to brighten the mood around her. People will sometimes compliment her, saying she's a ray of sunshine and other type of things.

Ricky can also get easily confused sometimes. Not that she's dumb, but she's not the smartest person either. Her mind sometimes tends to wander off when trying to listen to someone. But sometimes, her simple mindedness "amuses" people.