Emerl the Fox is the Mobian form of Emerl the Robot, he was originally brought back by Nyla Robotnik, or Dr. Sunnyside, in order to spy on the Sonic Team. She had reversed the effects on her father’s, or Dr.Eggman’s, old robotizer. Luckily, Emerl’s final memories were not erased but everything else was. He was finally given his own personality due to this change, and he followed Nyla’s orders because he thought Nyla was the one who saved him from drowning.


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Emerl the Fox
Science, Cream the Rabbit, Justice, Flowers
Water, Nyla Robotnik, Eggman, being alone


When Emerl was destroyed, all the personalities he had copied remained with him and created an entirely new one.

Emerl is a tough, and hard-headed fox. He is all for justice and working towards what you think is right, but he also has a bit of an anger problem and gets easily frustrated when he does something wrong. But he is also sweet and caring, and has a lot of advice to give.

Around Cream he totally looses his usual cool and acts awkward and shy. That also frustrated him. He didn't know what he was feeling and called it a feeling of "vulnerability". He strangely went to Sonic to ask what was wrong with him and Sonic just simply said,

"Just wait awhile, it'll come soon."



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Emerl have a father-son bond, Sonic often offers to helps Emerl train since his fighting skills are a little rusty. Emerl has the ability to spin dash since he copyed that skill from Sonic before he was destroyed, but the when he tries now it usually doesn’t work and he will get easily frustrated. Sonic teaches Emerl how to be calm and control his frustration, and Emerl will often go to Sonic for simple advice, even one time romantic advice.

“Sonic, what is this sensation I feel when I see..when I see Cream? How do I stop it? It feels…it feels different….”

Vegas the Fox Hybrid

Vegas and Emerl did not like each other at first, the two of them both knew they worked for Nyla, and this caused a well hidden rivalry.

When Emerl had quit Nyla, he warned Vegas of where her loyalties lie.

”Fox Girl, whatever you think, what you are contributing to will not help your friends…I’m telling you now you better choose between who REALLY cares, and who only cares to use you.”

Since then Vegas was afraid Emerl would tell everyone, he would often make little references in conversations to irritate her, but Emerl really does think Vegas of a good friend, he just shows it…creatively <3

Tails the Fox

Tails and Emerl don’t really talk to each other much, but the two of them do tend to go off on, ”nerd rants,” and just go on about different topics of science. Emerl also assists Tails when he’s working on new experiments and inventions.

Cream the Rabbit

At first, Emerl hated Cream. From the last bits of his memory all he saw was Cream attacking him and her kicking him into the lake. When he worked for Nyla and accidentally ran into Cream during a mission, Cream did not recognize him. The memory ran into Emerl’s head and all he did was look menacingly at her before transporting away.

Cream had a nightmare over night about the day Emerl had died, she woke up terrified but could not figure out why she dreamt of that.

Cream then insisted to go on the next mission with Vegas, Shadow, and Amy, after nearly crying to go they gave in and let her join in.

This Mission was the Electric Circuit Stage

Emerl Memories

"I...I remember now..."

The team had gotten split apart during the stage, Vegas and Amy were together, and Shadow and Cream were alone. The place where Cream was separated had Emerl waiting at the end. Then, Emerl attacked Cream with no mercy, hitting her with a flurry of attack in which Cream did not fight back. Close to the end, Emerl had Cream by the neck,

“I WILL destroy you for what you did to me!” Emerl growled to the rabbit, but then…he thought, “I want to kill her, but… I don’t want to…why…why can’t I end this now?” Images of flowers and this rabbit’s smile and laughter went through his head, and then abruptly stopped. He let her go and she fell to the floor coughing.

“Go now, while I still care, “he growled.

Cream was put in the emergency room, and even then she STILL insisted on going on the next mission, she was quickly rejected and was forbidden from going on anymore missions.

Soon another mission had come, Vegas, Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles had to go and stop Emerl from retrieving energy from a generator that stayed hidden on Tails’s radar,

What Generators are will be revealed soon.

Cream had snuck out despite her injuries, by now she knew who Emerl really was, and tried to get him to remember. Emerl would not listen, and took this chance to finally end Cream; before Emerl blasted Crea
Emerl the Fox Sad

Emerl Shocked after what he did to Cream.

m she said one last thing,

“Emerl! This isn’t what family does! Families don’t fight! “

Memories began returning to Emerl and he ceased his attack, but Cream was still incredibly injured.

Cream and Emerl have an extremely close bond, and maybe even a romantic one.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Emerl and Shadow share a close brother to brother bond. The two of them were both created on the ARK which is part of the connection. Shadow seems to agree to most of the things Emerl says and Emerl follows Shadow around like an idol. They both seem to share a secret humor, which is unusual for Shadow, but the two of them have many inside jokes that confuse everyone. <3

Amy Rose

Emerl and Amy have a little relationship, they seem to really like each other, although Emerl has seem to have caught on to Sonic's habit of running away from her <3 Usually when Amy and Cream go shopping, Amy drags Emerl with them to be the "man" and carry everything, and usually sometimes even try on the

clothes they want to buy.
Sonic X Sad Moments - Cream and Emerl (RAW)

Sonic X Sad Moments - Cream and Emerl (RAW)

Some of Emerl's memories **I do not own the video**

Vanilla the Rabbit

Emerl loves Vanilla like a mom. On Mothers Day, he was sad because he didn't have anyone to celebrate with. Shadow had told Emerl that he wasn't the only one, and that everyone else had someone who was like a mom to celebrate with. Emerl the saw Cream with Vanilla, and Vanilla had soothed Emerl as he was crying. Shadow, of course, didn't celebrate Mothers Day with everyone else but he did assist in helping Emerl.

Silver the Hedgehog

The two of them rarely interact, but seem to get along fine.

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