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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Emerl".

[Scene: Green Hill, Cream's House.]

["Green Hill: Act 1" starts playing. Inside Cream's House, Tails repairs Emerl, and Sonic, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla look at them.]
Tails: Here, it's ready! And without any shards!
[Tails closed the lid of Emerl's back. Emerl came to life, got up and moved his arms and legs.]
Cream: Happened! I'm so glad!
Cheese: Chao chao chao!
Vanilla: It's good that our Emerl returned.
Sonic: Well done, Tails! If we didn't find all his parts, you wouldn't have been able to repair Emerl.
Tails: Only two days have killed time!
Emerl: Sonic! How I've missed you! And for you too, Cream!
Cream: And let's tell everyone that Emerl is back?
Sonic: And that is... a not bad idea!
Vanilla: Cream, just be, please, be careful.
Cream: Okay, mama.
[Sonic, Tails, Emerl, Cream and Cheese left the house.]

[Scene Change: Eggmanland.]

["Theme of "E-102y"" starts playing. Dr. Eggman repairs E-102 Gamma.]
Dr. Eggman: It's not too far. I hope his origin will be forgotten forever.
[Gamma came to life, Eggman departed two steps back.]
E-102 Gamma: Location... Eggmanland...
Dr. Eggman: It seems to work! Ha ha ha ha!!!
E-102 Gamma: Doctor Eggman... Enemy... Must be destroyed...
Dr. Eggman: Wha-at?!
["Theme of "E-102y"" stops, "Danger is Imminent" starts playing. Gamma starts to shoot everywhere. Eggman hid behind a huge box.]
Dr. Eggman: No! I can't believe it!
[Gamma shot at the window, the glass broke, jumped through it and escaped. Eggman looks out of the box.]
Dr. Eggman: Stop! Where?!! [He sighed.] Eh, it turned out not as I thought. It seems that Gamma didn't forget what happened to him. I need to catch him as soon as possible until he collides with Sonic or his friends. And then I will destroy Gamma! No one should know that Gamma is alive! Maybe at the same time I'll steal the witnesses.
[Eggman went to Egg Mobile, sat on him and took off from Eggmanland.]

[Scene Change: Aquatic Mine.]

[A blue time-space rift appears with Tikal and Chaos being deposited from it.]
Tikal: It seems we are at the right time.
["Theme of "Tikal"" starts playing. E-102 Gamma appears.]
E-102 Gamma: What are you doing here? It isn't safe here!
Tikal: Sorry, but we accidentally ended up in this place. I learned that my father and his clan fought with Nocturnus Clan. This clan has robotic gizoids, and one of them survived for more than four thousand years and now lives in this time.
E-102 Gamma: I can help you then. My name's Gamma.
Tikal: I'm Tikal. And this is Chaos - mutated Chao.
Chaos: [Held out his hand.]...
E-102 Gamma: We urgently need to leave this place. Eggman's looking for me.
[E-102 Gamma, Tikal and Chaos are leaving. "Theme of "Tikal"" stops.]

[Scene Change: Angel Island, Altar of the Emeralds.]

[Next to Master Emerald, Knuckles looked out from the burrow with Shovel Claw. Sonic, Tails, Emerl, Cream and Cheese appeared.]
Sonic: Hey, Knuckles!
["Unknown From M.E. (SA2 Version)" starts playing. Knuckles noticed Sonic and his friends and climbed out of burrow.]
Knuckles: Hey, Sonic! How are you?
Cream: Emerl is back! Mr. Sonic and Mr. Tails found all his spare parts, and Tails repaired Emerl.
Knuckles: Wow! Well done! Tell me what happened next.
["Unknown from M.E. (SA2 Version)" stops.]

[Scene Change: Angel Island.]

[E-102 Gamma, Tikal and Chaos walk, and suddenly Amy's voice was heard.]
Amy: Oh, what a miracle!
["My Sweet Passion" starts playing. Amy ran to Gamma.]
Amy: I can't believe it! Gamma is alive! And Tikal came back and [Surprised.]...Chaos?!
Tikal: Don't worry, he's with me.
E-102 Gamma: Why did you come here this second? Eggman is looking for me to take revenge on me. And maybe, at the same time, and you.
Amy: Don't be afraid. Sonic maybe somewhere near, I'm just trying to find him.
[Next to them behind the rock was hidden Dr. Eggman with Egg Mobile.]
Dr. Eggman: A-a-a-ah! Still found him! Even Chaos with them! Well then ... let's get this over with!
["My Sweet Passion" stops. "[Event Dr. Eggman Appears]" starts playing. Eggman appeared in front of Amy, Gamma, Tikal and Chaos.]
Amy: Eggman!!
Dr. Eggman: I finally found you... E-102 Gamma!
E-102 Gamma: Amy! Tikal! Leave soon! I'll cover it!
Dr. Eggman: Hardly you will succeed! Prepare to die! [He switched on laser cannon from Egg Mobile.] I gave birth to you, I'll kill you!
[Eggman shot at Gamma, Gamma fell.]
Amy: Gamma!
Tikal: Chaos, try to defend yourself!
Chaos: ...
[Chaos nodded, jumped and was about to hit Eggman with a long arm.]
Dr. Eggman: Dreamed of dreams!
[Eggman shot an electric shock on Chaos, and Chaos is destroyed, turning into ordinary water.]
Tikal: Chaos! No! Why he...?
Dr. Eggman: And now you!
Amy: What?!
[Eggman included a pair of iron hands on Egg Mobile. Hands go to Amy and Tikal.]
Amy: A-ah! Help! Sonic!

[Scene Change: Angel Island, Altar of the Emeralds.]

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese and Emerl were standing. Amy's voice was heard.]
Amy: Sonic! Help!
Sonic: It's Amy! And she's in trouble!
Emerl: Mama Amy? Rather, we must hurry!
[Knuckles quickly took off and threw Shovel Claw to the ground. Everyone escaped.]

[Scene Change: Angel Island.]

["Mission / Challenge 3" starts playing. Gamma and Chaos are. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Emerl, Cream and Cheese appeared.]
Sonic: Gamma? And Chaos? [He approached Gamma.] Where's Amy? What happened to her?
E-102 Gamma: Amy... and... Tikal... kidnapped... by Doctor... Eggman. Sorry... maybe... I... will not... return...
[Gamma turned off.]
Emerl: Sonic! And what is to be done now? Where did they fly?
Tails: It seems there!
Sonic: Tails, you take everyone home, and I and Emerl will go rescue Amy. Only here, where Tikal and Chaos are from, I would like to know.
Tails: No, I'd rather try to repair Gamma and revive Chaos. We will wait for you in Chao Garden!
Sonic: Okay! It's time!
Cream: Be careful, Mister Sonic! And you, Emerl!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Emerl: I'll try, Cream!
[Sonic and Emerl leave. "Mission / Challenge 3" stops.]

[Scene Change: Eggmanland.]

["[Event To The Ancient Soleanna Castle]" starts playing. In Eggman's office there is a cage on which Amy and Tikal are sitting. Next to the cage is Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: If you did, then Sonic will come here, and I'll try to catch him! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'll be back soon! I'll prepare a robot before I begin a battle.
[Eggman leaves.]
Amy: But what if Sonic doesn't come here?
Tikal: Must come.
Amy: And how did you get here?
Tikal: Me and Chaos want to find a gizoid, which now lives in this time.
Amy: You mean Emerl? He hasn't been alive in a long time.
Tikal: It's a false! He's still alive! Trust me! Sonic probably knows. And he's probably already looking for us.
["Emerald Town" starts playing. Sonic and Emerl appeared at the entrance to Eggmanland, and they noticed Badniks (Buzz Bombers, Moto Bugs and Crabmeats) at the gate.]
Sonic: Oh! How to pass by those robots?
Emerl: [Pointed his finger into the lid in the sewer.] Invented, over there!
[Sonic opened the lid, two went down the drain. They got out of the sewer and found themselves inside Eggmanland. Sonic and Emerl climbed the main building of Eggmanland. They went out the window and noticed a cage with Amy and Tikal.]
Sonic: Amy... and Tikal?
Amy: Sonic... and Emerl?
Tikal: I knew that he would survive!
[Sonic and Emerl went to the cage.]
Sonic: Tikal, how did you come here? Amy, what happened to Gamma and Chaos? Tails tries to get them back.
[There was a voice.]
Dr. Eggman: Muhahahahahahahaha!
["Vs. Egg Dragoon" starts playing. The roof of the room opened and Eggman with Egg Dragoon appeared from here.]
Dr. Eggman: I knew that you would come here, Sonic!
Sonic: Long time no see, Egghead!
Dr. Eggman: Is Emerl here alive? And how did you manage to get through my empire?
Emerl: But this is a long story. Sonic, free Amy and Tikal, and I'll try to stop Eggman.
Sonic: Where's the key?
Dr. Eggman: I have! [Showed the key.] Ha ha ha ha!
[Emerl jumped and knocked out the key, key flew to the mountain.]
Dr. Eggman: Heck!
[Emerl landed.]
Emerl: Sorry, didn't calculate.
Sonic: I'll get it!
[Sonic jumped, and Eggman followed.]
Dr. Eggman: Stop!
[Emerl jumped on Egg Mobile's glass.]
Emerl: You will not wait, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Grrr...
[Eggman made Drill Attack directly on Emerl, Emerl jumped to the ground.]
Dr. Eggman: A-a-a-a-ah! Stop-stop!
[Drill pierced Egg Mobile's glass, Sonic climbed the mountain and grabbed the key.]
Sonic: Got it! I'm going down!
[Sonic quickly went down and opened the lock in the cage. Amy and Tikal came out.]
Amy: Thank you, Sonic, that you saved us!
Sonic: Emerl! Finish it! We are leaving!
[The broken Egg Dragoon begins to fall.]
Emerl: One minute! [To Eggman.] Get ready! Now a bird will fly out!
[Emerl hit Egg Dragoon very hard, and he finally fell. Sonic, Emerl, Amy and Tikal leave.]
Dr. Eggman: Ow! Well nothing! I'll get you out of the ground soon!

[Scene Change: Chao Garden.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Emerl, Tikal, Chaos and many three different Chao (Neutral, Hero and Dark) sit by the lake, and Tails repairs E-102 Gamma.]
Tails: Look like that's it!
[E-102 Gamma switched on. "Event: Unbound" starts playing.]
E-102 Gamma: Thank you for fixing me...
Amy: How did you get here unscathed?
E-102 Gamma: I saved my brothers, but was defeated by last brother under name Beta after his repair and variability of appearance. And then after many years, Eggman thought that I forgot everything, so he repaired me.
Amy: So what?
E-102 Gamma: Eggman realized that I hadn't forgotten anything, and he had to destroy me. And I escaped.
[Everyone looked at Chaos, and Chaos next to three different Chao and Tikal. "Event: Good-Bye" starts playing.]
Tikal: I was just thinking, since we came here, we will stay here.
[Knuckles approached to Tikal and Chaos.]
Knuckles: Hmm... And I don't mind! You can stay with me at the altar.
[Cream and Cheese hugged Emerl.]
Cream: I can't part with you anymore!
Cheese: Chao chao! Chao chao chao chao!
Emerl: I know. If so, then I can live with you!
Cream: True?
Emerl: Of course!
Sonic: Well done, Emerl! It's good that you chose the right decision!
Tails: We're all proud of you!
Amy: I don't even know how to thank myself!
E-102 Gamma: About thanksgiving, since you fixed me, help me build a house that I will live in.
Tails: I can help you!
Sonic: In short we will help you!
E-102 Gamma: That is good!
Emerl: You become a little kinder, it's good that you left your evil master.
Tikal: Even better than my father!
E-102 Gamma: Come on you!
[The episode ends.]
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