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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 12 March 2017
Written by Vitaly Belyalov
Directed by Vitaly Belyalov
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Cause of Drowning

"Emerl" is the first episode in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. It first aired on 12 March 2017 worldwide.


Tails and Eggman repaired Emerl and Gamma, with Gamma this story began when Tikal and Chaos appeared, which are looking for a gizoid.








In Green Hill at Cream's House Tails repairs gizoid Emerl, after his death in Sonic Battle. Sonic, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla looked at them, and Emerl repaired and earned. And this time without the shards of Chaos Emeralds. Sonic decided to tell everyone about it, and then he, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Emerl went first to Angel Island to Knuckles.

At this time in Eggmanland Eggman begins to repair E-102 Gamma. But, unfortunately, Gamma fled the base, as he remained kind, when he died after the battle after E-101 Mark II. Then Eggman needs to catch up and catch Gamma urgently, until he meets Sonic or his friends. And if Eggman does not have time, then he will have to destroy it. Because of this, no one should know that Gamma is back. And Eggman then went to start Egg Mobile.

From another dimension from the past 4000 years ago Tikal and Chaos came to Aquatic Mine. They face Gamma, Tikal immediately remembers this robot, and she tells why they came here. They accidentally heard about Gizoids they were invented by Nocturnus Clan, the main villainous detachment of her father Pachacamac. And now one of Gizoids survived 4000 years and now lives. Gamma decided to help them find Emerl, and they left.

In Angel island in Altar of the Emeralds next to Master Emerald Knuckles dug earth, thanks to Shovel Claw. Knuckles did not expect Emerl to be repaired when Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Emerl came here. But somewhere a few tens of kilometers from the altar, Amy accidentally found Gamma, Tikal and Chaos. Amy was delighted that Gamma had appeared, but did not expect Tikal and Chaos to be here. From the bushes Eggman saw this, he thought he would be late, attack them, shoot Gamma, and at the same time hit Chaos with an electric shock, and Chaos turned into ordinary water. Then he turned his iron hands on Egg Mobile, and Amy and Tikal grabbed those hands. Amy screamed for help Sonic, while Eggman began to wear it and Tikal. Hearing the screams, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Emerl, Cream and Cheese quickly hurried to where the wounded Gamma and Chaos lay. Gamma told Sonic before finally disconnecting from the accident that Eggman captured Amy and Tikal. Tails stayed here to bring life back to Gamma and Chaos. Knuckles, Cream and Cheese, too, remain, while Sonic and Emerl go to Eggmanland.

Amy and Tikal are sitting in a cage next to the door to Eggman's office. Eggman decided that Sonic would come here, and then he would manage to catch him and kill him. When he left, Sonic and Emerl reached the entrance to Eggmanland, but the entrance is guarded by Badniks: Moto Bugs, Buzz Bombers and Crabmeats. Emerl thought of making his way to the room past the robots, they jumped over the fortress, burst into the room. When they crept up to the cage, even Sonic did not expect Tikal to be here, the alarm went off. Eggman appeared with Egg Dragoon. Emerl then wants to fight Eggman himself, and Sonic will look for the key and release Amy and Tikal. But, it turns out, the key in the hands of Eggman, Sonic takes away the key from him, but the key jumped out on top. Sonic tries to climb to the top, and Emerl detains Eggman, so that he does not get to Sonic, in order to take away his key. Sonic manages to grab the key and open the cage. Emerl destroys Egg Dragoon, Eggman manages to get off at Egg Mobile. Sonic, Emerl, Amy and Tikal are fleeing.

In Chao Garden Tails managed to revive Chaos and repair Gamma. Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Emerl, Tikal, Cream, Cheese and all other Chao (Neutral, Hero, Dark) were delighted. Tikal with Chaos decided to live here, so Knuckles offers to live with him in Altar of the Emeralds. Cream was even more pleased than Sonic and Amy, when Emerl was alive and well. Gamma promised that he would live here, but for this, he will have to build his house.


Title in other languages

Language Title
Japanese エメル
Russian Эмерл


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