Emeralds R' Us is an inter-dimensional store that resides in an endless abyss. Here anyone can buy any gem of power at a slightly cheap price.



The exact location of the store is unknown but it's somewhere in a dimension that's nearest to the the special zone . Finding Emeralds R' Us can be tricky and ones who want to go there usually need an dimensional transporter. Typically, Chaos Control will not work unless the user has been there many times prior and can pick up on the store's energy signature, this is due to the fact that the location of the store is ever shifting in the multi-verse. The only guaranteed way to teleport to the store whilst utilizing Chaos Control is to preform it with four emeralds or more. Without a transporter, it's best advised to use poweeful super form when trying to find the store. Bats powerful enough to rip a hole in the fabric of space-time and that can survive in the vacuum of the multi-verse have an easy time finding the store using their echolocation.


Over eons and eons, different gems of power formed across the multiple dimensions, their power emmense. Due to this emmense power and the rapid rate of formation, the many gems started to violently cancel each other out, causing the collapse of many dimensions. The collapsed dimensions' fragments came together and formed Emeralds R' Us, a resting place for all the used gems.


As stated above, Emeralds R' Us came into existance countless millenia ago. Since then, any who have been lucky enough to track down its location have reaped its benefits and purchased various gems at very low prices. Civilizations have rose and fallen due to Emeralds R' Us, worlds have been saved and destroyed. Wasted dimensions, powerful artifacts have drifted to the store and the endless cycle continues as it always shal...


Certain rules apply to this dimension that don't for others. For example, copies of artifacts are known to exist (ie:The Chaos Emeralds (this is due to the fact that some dimensions also posessed Chaos Emeralds)). If copies exist of artifacts that are in the store's shop the artifacts will usually be sold at a cheaper price.


As the dimension's sole place of interest is an artifact based superstore, there isn't much in terms of geography. The store tends to be dimly lit, allowing the interior to adopt a reddish tint due to the outside of the store. Outside the store is an endless abyss stretching in all dimensions where the skyline (everywhere you look barring the store) is simply orange with slowly moving purple blobs (think lava lamp). Moving too far away from the store results in the wanderer becoming lost. Outside of the store is what appears to be an obscenely large parking lot shop and not too far left of the store is a Dairy Queen. Emeralds R' Us is large. The exterior of the store appears to be made out of red brick but it's indestructabe. At the end of the parking lot is a large neon sign that reads "Emeralds R' Us". The temperature is eternally 60 degrees farenheit.


Despite the fact that no one is shown living in the dimension, there is always at least two people in Emeralds R' Us and one person in the Dairy Queen. Some clerks have been shown working at the store for an upwards amount of two-hundred years. The clerks rotate frequently and no one has ever seen them in the process of changing shift.


Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament

The events of the roleplay are set in motion when the main villain breaks into the shop and steals The Super Emeralds, using them to augment his own power and create his tournament grounds high in the sky. At the end of the roleplay, Super Krinkinko the Hedgehog goes to Emeralds R' Us and purchases the Vitago Gems for him and Smash The Echidna to use in the final battle against Rodney.

Roleplay:Crystal Madness

Droget the Frog mentions going to Emeralds R' Us if the group is ever in need of gems of power.

Roleplay:Mazda's Union

Emeralds R' Us is mentioned in this roleplay. After Anna and Endac have chaos emeralds seemingly out of nowhere Mazda asks "...What is there, some kind of Chaos Emeralds R us?"


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  • The name is a play on Toys R' Us and by extension, Babies R' Us.
  • Recently, some have sold artifacts to the legendary store either for save keeping or just to make a quick buck.
  • The Dairy Queen located near the store is old, depicting the soft-serve chain's first logo.
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