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Emerald town

Tale Avenue, one of the town's roads.

Emerald Town is a small beachside community on the coast of the Emerald Hills of Westside Island. The original town was a huge city built by the fox-clan of the Hills, and was destroyed during the reign of Kalchis Kitsune apparently due to the Chaos Emeralds. Since then, there has been little more than a few houses and buildings, and there has been no official governing bodies other than the Emerald Town Council. Notable residents include Miles Prower, who owned a house and laboratory, and others such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Katie Wiergowski.




The fox-temple before the Great Disaster.

"Emerald Hill has existed just as long as Emerald Hills, though it was a huge temple-city at first. It was only after the Great Destruction was the town technically built."
Rouge the Bat on her visit to Westside Island.[Author]

The Emerald Hills were inhabited for hundreds of years by a fox-clan, who eventually built a temple-city in the Hills. This was where the Chief or Chieftainess would live and rule their subjects and lands. Over time, a disaster struck the valley, known as the Destruction of Emerald Hill, and the civilization was destroyed. On its ruins, the survivors built a small community which they named "Emerald Town". A small group of people was in charge of ruling the community, but their power soon diminished, and it became a free town, though the Council continued to exist.

Westside War


Dr. Robotnik attacking Emerald Hill.

"It has been reported that, yesterday, Dr. Robotnik attacked the paradise island of Westside in the Meta Ocean. Many thought to be dead and much damage has been inflicted on the forests and natural areas."
—A Central City news reporter in 1992.[Author]

In 1992, Westside Island was attacked by the robot army of Doctor Robotnik, and many residents were made into robots. However, the residents of Emerald Town, as well as Chemical Plant, Casino Night and the Westside Mountains, fought back, and destroyed much of the army, freeing the transformed Mobians, and were assisted greatly by Sonic the Hedgehog of Christmas Island and Miles "Tails" Prower from Emerald Hill. Thankfully, Robotnik and his army were driven out of Emerald Hill and off of the island, and they retreated towards Mount Mobius. This event came to be known as "The War of Westside".


  • Tale Avenue: A small road outside of the house belonging to Miles "Tails" Prower that is sometimes nicknamed "Battle Highway", as many confrontations between enemies and rivals has occurred here.
  • Emerald Beach: A small coast just outside of the town that is used by some as training grounds for physical activities, such as racing and other sports. It is also a great place to relax and concentrate.
  • Emerald Lab: This laboratory, formerly owned by Miles "Tails" Prower, has been used by many infamous scientists and philosophers. It was used as a training ground for Tails while he owned it.
  • Dark Gaia's Barber Shop: This Barber Shop is owned by Dark Gaia and it has served over 3000 customers.
  • Rouge's Jewel Dance Club: A dance club owned by Rouge. It takes 200 jewels to join. (Wow, big spender.)
  • New Jersey is the state where Emerald Hill is. So this means Emerald Town is located in New Jersey.
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