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Emerald the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is the oldest child of Amethyst and Tempest the Hedgehog.

Emerald's charrie maker pic and first design

General Info

Emerald the Hedgehog is a 16-year-old-hedgehog living on 17 Cherry Tree Lane. She is the youngest child of Amethyst and Tempest. She lives with her younger brother , her half-blooded sister , her two stepsisters , her stepmother and her father.


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Emerald is best described as a socialite. She always goes around Mariala City and makes friends within only minutes! She also likes to look for new people to hang out with. Emerald isn't scared to even ask the scariest people. She'd go to the most crowded places in Mobius to small, but friendly hangouts to meet and greet the world around her.

Emerald is also pretty lazy. She uses a lot of slang such as "Dude, Wanna, Gonna, Whateves, Kay." If she can't find anyone to hang out with, she gets out her inflatable beach chair and umbrella and lays in the sunshine.


Surfboarding- Emerald is very good at surf boarding. She started taking classes when she was young. Her skills aren't bad. At first, she tried skimboarding, which now is much more easy for her to pull off. While on her surf board, she could sense a big wave coming and she's ready to ride it.

Wakeboarding- She's also good at wakeboarding. Sometimes, she goes to a bay and connects her board to a tiny but fast boat for her to perform tricks on. At first, her balance was terrible, but it excelled over the years.

Water Skiing- Along with most of her water skills, she is somewhat good at water skiing. Like her wakeboarding, she'd hang on to a rope attached to a tiny but fast boat. She'd either do this alone, or with a bunch of people forming a pyramid.

Volleyball- Emerald is very good at volleyball. She would usually volleyball on the beach. She has made the volleyball team as co-captain. She's amazing at serving, but her spikes need work.

Swimming-In general, Emerald is very good at swimming. Her main style of swimming is the breaststroke. She took lessons a while back, and always got somewhere above second place.

Abilities and Powers

Water Manipulation/Hydrokinesis- Emerald is a very powerful and fierce water manipulator. She can shoot waterballs from her hand, and make water rise from the ocean. She could also create whirlpools from running around really fast.

Sand Manipulation/Harenkinesis- A new elemental ability to Emerald. She is able to manipulate sand, it could be in form of thousands of sand grains into a ball, or a statue, or pistols, or a sandstorm!

Cloud Manipulation/Nubikinesis- Emerald can summon small clouds. These usually come when she lifts up her hands and the wind kicks up. She does this over her garden to help her flowers grow. She also does this to prank sometimes.

Walking on water-Like all Svettrecos, Emerald can walk on water. This runs in her family through Tempest. She could also decide if she wants to take a swim.

Super Forms

Emerald has one superform: Hyrdra Emerald. She does this by absorbing salt water and fresh water. This energy goes into her water ring, and she transforms. In this form, her water manipulation is 3 times as strong, and she could now shoot bubbles, or solid rays of water at others from her mouth.


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  • Emerald and Storm are almost complete opposites when it comes to likes and dislikes.
  • Emerald doesn't wear her water ring very often.
  • Emerald and Storm were originally supposed to be twins