A dark ans evil force lingers on the island. As the new students of Emerald Island Academy are about to Enter...The Wild Fangs.



  1. Super_the_Deathhog (STH)
  1. Honoo "Flame" The Firehog (Flame)
  1. Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine
  1. Miyuki the Fox (Bit)
  1. Anya the Angel (Pinkie)
  1. Rosa Flores(Fox)
  1. Alondra Dunlevy(Fox)
  1. Knud Montague(Fox)
  1. Static the Cat (Frost the Wolf)
  1. Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost)
  1. Django the cacoon
  2. Abby Kitsempt (NeroTH)
  3. Mois the Cacoon (MoisKeroro-GoSFA)
  1. Crymson the Cat (CrymsonShokwave)


  1. Kimmiko the Seedarian (Apallo)
  1. Ghost the Hedgehog (Apallo)
  1. Kirai the Seedrian (Bit)
  1. Carmen the Hedgehog (Bit)
  1. Crystalline the Wolf (Frost)
 1. Zarex The HyenHog (Flame)


(Empty Spot)-History/.Archeology

Lunas the Hedgehog (Apallo) -Combat Class

Zied the Cat (Zied_Alpha)- Magic Class

Deen Plats (Apallo)

Wild Fangs Group

You may only be 1 Member That is All...also..these are single use characters.

  1. The Leader: Mistress Fangs (Apallo)


  1. No God-Modding
  2. No Sexual Crap
  3. You can only say Damn and Hell No other swear words.
  4. If you notice that a user has not edited wait for them.
  5. Do not Drag out Chapters
  6. Don't mess up the plot. Anyone who does this more than 3 times will be removed from the RP
  7. Please ask for Plot suggestions on the Talk Page.
  8. Have Fun and Remember the Wonders of Roleplaying! ^- ^

Part 1: The Adventure Begins.. ...

Dorm Area 2:00AM

(Btw this is when ALL Students get up)_

(At 2 am? ._.)

(Ya this school is like that)

(I don't think any of the students are going to like that... this could be fun.)


(Can we add a technology and gadget class? That way I can introduce my character, Robin Owsparr, as both a Freshman and a teacher (since she's well educated in the technology department).)

(I have a character that can join that way, Heres a link to his page, If you would like: Occulus Rayz )

(Guys If nobody makes an edit soon, I will move the series to another wiki)

(Don't move the series .-., We were waiting for you to make the edit...)

(Is it okay if my friend, CrymsonShokwave, adds her character, Crymson the Cat, to this roleplay?)

[Frost: I guess I'll start the roleplay. Here goes nothing.]

Dorm Area: 2:00 AM

A loud beeping sound is heard over the intercom, similar to that of an alarm clock.

Mimic: (Still asleep) No, I don't wanna go to school. Just five more minutes? (Tosses over in his bed, covering his ears with a pillow.)

In a different dorm room...

Static: (sits up and looks at a digital clock on a nightstand next to the bunkbed that he's in. He is in the bottom bunk.) Wha-? It's two in the morning! Why is an alarm going off at two in the morning?

Crystalline: (walks out of her dorm room, all dressed and ready for school. Though she's a little tired.) *Yawn* Two in the morning, huh? Good thing I got plenty of sleep. (rubs her eyes a little.) Well, mostly.

In another dorm...

Flame: *Yawns loudly* Huh? Its only 2 AM, I was up playing video games, I didn't even get dressed for bed... Ah well, Just use a Refresh spell. *He gets up and streches and walks out of his dorm*

In a different dorm...

Crymson: (seems half awake and looks at clock) 2 A.M. in the morning? Ugh... (stands up and does her stretches) What do they want now?

[Note: Crymson is a recent arrival and only arrived earlier that night (approx. 9:45 P.M.). She was immediately assigned a dorm room and sent to bed.]

In classroom...

Zied: hmm...I wondeer whose gonna be in my class*yawns and falls asleep on desk*

Back in the dorm...

Flame: *Walks out in the corridor* It's not even Sunrise yet, Why are they waking us up...

Alondra:Uggggh!!!!!!Why the heck is this school waking me up so early in the morring?!?!

Knud:Now,Alondra,I'm sure they have a good explanation.^^'

Flame: *Sighs* Oh well, I just hope we get to go back to sleep after whatever they want us for...What do they want us for?

Static: (Walks out of his dorm room after Knud.) Ugh... What kind of school wakes it's students up at two in the morning?

Mimic: (Walks out of his dorm, but he's barely awake.) zzz.

Crystalline: (leaning against the wall) Hmm. Where are we supposed to go?

Crymson: (Feels half asleep, yawning a lot) Ugh, what do they want now...(slumps on the chair and puts her head on her desk) Zzzzz....

Static: (Walks in and takes a seat next to Crymson on her left) [Quietly] Huh, I guess I'm not the only one who's tired. (puts his head on his desk and closes his eyes)

Mimic: (Sits behind Static) Zzzz....

Crystalline: (Sits next to Crymson on her right) *Yawn* What kind of school starts classes at 2:30 in the morning?

Flame: *Fast asleep on Desk* Zzz... *Sleep talking* A school filled with morons... Zzz...

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