The following is the transcript for Emerald Hunt.


[Episode starts with storm over Green Hill.]

Tails: Ok, we have a bit of a problem..

Sonic: What is it?

Tails: Take a look...

[A storm is seen destroying Green Hill.]

Sonic: Woof! That looks like trouble...

[Knuckles busts down the door]

Knuckles: We have TROUBLE!

Knuckles: The Master Emerald's been stolen!

Sonic: (sarcastically) Oh, no. I'm so shocked.

Knuckles: This is serious!

Tails: Yeah, Knuckles is right I guess.

Tails: I've got it! That emerald is way to heavy for anyone to carry...

Sonic: So it must've dropped...

Both: Into the ocean!

Knuckles: Oh, no.

Sonic: Well, this is great. A storm, and now water?!

Tails: Well, what if you had scuba gear?

Sonic: A what?

Tails: That explains a lot...

Knuckles: Well, we're gonna need a team!

Sonic: Ok.


Sonic: Ok, lets split up!

Knuckles: Ok... but what about-

Sonic: Don't care, just go.


[4 other characters are with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.]

Tails: Seriously?

Tails: This is all we got?!

Sonic: Well "all we got" is 4 of our loyal friends.

Tails: I know. It's just... I though there'd be more...

[Lightning almost hits Knuckles]

Knuckles: AHH!!!

Tails: It's the best we got. LET'S MOVE!


Tails: Ok, everyone stay alert.

[Tails sees Shadow sleeping]

Tails: (through megaphone) I...said...STAY...ALERT!!

Shadow: Sonic, your fox friend is annoying me and ruining my nap!

Sonic: Hey Tails, could you go a little easy?

Tails: Fine.

[Ship crashes into something]

Tails: Woah!

Amy: Uh, what happened?!

Sonic: I think we just crashed into something...

Silver: Crashed into what?

Blaze: What looks like a rock maybe?

Tails: Oh, man! This is bad...

Knuckles: Hey! That's not a rock...

[Cleans it]

Knuckles: It's the Master Emerald!

Tails: You're right!

Sonic: Let's take this back to shore!


Sonic: Uh...

[Storm is over the whole city.]

Tails: Oh, boy...

[Episode ends]

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