Emerald Coast Regional Transit (ECRT)
Coverage Area Most of the Emerald Coast
Service Type Bus/ELT/subway/commuter rail
Founded 1977
Employees 1,020

Emerald Coast Regional Transit, otherwise known as ECRT, is a rapid transit operator on the Emerald Coast. Formed in 1977, the rapid transit company is now the largest transportation company in the region. ECRT provides commuter rail, subway, bus and bus rapid transit service to many locations on the Emerald Coast. The current head of ECRT is Marcus Lochburn.

Bus History (pre-2009)

The ECRT's bus service began in 1981. The Emerald Coast Development Commission awards franchises to companies wishing to provide the Emerald Coast with bus service. The former franchise holder, Coastal Transportation, lost its contract on June 30, 1980, but were allowed to continue its operations until 11:59 pm on December 31, 1980. In the meantime, a new franchise would have to be awarded.

In November, the new franchise was awarded to Emerald Coast Regional Transit. At 12:00 am on January 1, 1981, ECRT took over bus operations on the Emerald Coast. Since then, ECRT has outbid all of its opponents and, as such, has been able to keep its bus service.

Subway History (pre-2009)

1977: Beginnings

Before 1977, the Emerald Coast region did not have adequate transit service. The only form of mass transit was found in the city of Parkview; the city had a light rail link that served the downtown area. However, a local businessman saw the city's growth rates, and knew that if Parkview was to sustain a metropolitan area, the area would need a mass transit system.

Later that year, the Emeraldsbourg Parliament passed their Innovation Act; paving the way for new items, such as television and improved subway systems. Under the plan, the Emerald Coast Transportation Authority (ECTA) was given funds and right-of-way to construct a new rail system. On December 1, 1977, the Emerald Coast Regional Transit Corporation (ECRT) was founded.

1978-1993: Early construction

On January 1, 1978, voters in Pendle, Buckner, Hunter, Emerald and Sand counties went to vote on the new ECRT subway system. Voters in Emerald and Hunter counties approved the motion, while the other three chose not to. Thus, the original ECRT 1977 plan was modified. Construction on the new "A" line began in March 1978; the line opened from Union Station to PECRA On January 5, 1980. Lines then opened in succession in the years ahead; every line except the "Coast Connector" (now CoastTran's "C" line,) opened by May 6, 1993.

2009: Destruction

In October 2009, a rebellion broke out in Stewburt, a suburb of Mobius Corners. The rebellion was caused by the Glacian Nation. The violence spread west, and within 2 days, had penetrated the Emerald Coast region.

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