Emerald Clouds is the first act found in Jade Gully and the overall first level in Sonic C-Treme. It is located around a bright lake on South Island. Like the other two acts in Jade Gully, it takes place on steep hills of green palm trees, whose paths go through bright moving flowers, numerous shuttle loops, and curling tunnels. 


The player starts out on a straightforward path that has first featured log bridges, a small ramp, and an upward-going hill with two Crabmeats. It is not until when the player falls down after the second waterfall and log bridge that the lower pathway opens up with many sets of spikes and four monitors with Super Rings and Invincible near the end of the pathway. The higher pathway starts from the first lamppost, featuring many platforms and goes above the center route's shuttle loop which has a Shield monitor on it. The higher pathway then divides into two routes: the first route, which goes even higher, is on the top of the tall hill and features a long line of Rings before ending on a series of platforms on the other side. The second route has Neutrons and a small curling tunnel that leads to the other side of a large hill with a higher pathway.

After this section, the player travels through a large hill and another waterfall with a log bridge where the route again splits into two paths. However, the player can also keep going to the faster route to the right which leads into a curling tunnel and the end of the Act. The lower and serpentine route has dangerous spike pits and more Badniks to get through. This leads straight to the end of the act.

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