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Emerald City
Coat of arms of Emerald City.png
Vital Information
Founded 1XX1
Country Kingdom of Mobius
County Emerald Zone
Type of government Mayor-Council
Head of government Ashley Lestrange
2XX0 Estimate 32,741,337
Denonym Emeraldian

Emerald City is a fictional city in BearfootTruck's Sonic fanon. Coincidentally named for the city in L. Frank Baum's Oz books, it serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Mobius. Over half of the Mobian population lives here, making it the largest city in the world. The city's motto is "Liberty, Integrity, Fairness, Excellence". In the Adventures of the Saturday Morning Warriors series, Dr. Robotnik has successfully taken over the city and renamed it "Eggopolis".


The area that was to become Emerald City originated as a tribal area for the Canus Tribe. It was from this tribe that Bartholomäus Rotberg – a.k.a. Bartholomäus the German Shepherd – originated. Having explored the land thoroughly, he came up with the idea of uniting all tribes into one. Despite resistance from certain tribes – especially the Echidnas and Humans (a.k.a. "Overlanders") – most of them complied, and it was here that the first permanent settlement was established. The name derives from the first recorded Chaos Emerald to ever be found there.

For many years, residents of Emerald City lived in peace, and the city became known as a beacon of prosperity in the newly-formed Kingdom of Mobius. However, the city was rocked by the Great Flood, which was succeeded by the Great Plague, both of which claimed numerous lives. Another monumental event occurred when Yurgin IV – first Tsar of Roseinia – attempted to invade the city during his invasion of the Kingdom of Mobius. The citizens of Emerald City were able to repel the invasion, and under the reign of King Duncan Acorn, they were to enter a new era of peace and prosperity.

During this time, Emerald City was still a relatively compact city. However, there were two more events that were to shake the foundations of the city and shape the course of its history forever. First, there came the Mobian Renaissance. Although not originated in the city, the fact that numerous artists, scientists and philosophers grew up in Emerald City made it a focal point of this period in history. Another significant event came with the Great Migration, where people from numerous foreign countries immigrated to Mobius in the hopes of escaping persecution or wars in their home countries. Many of them descended upon Emerald City, and owing to the fact that a good portion of them were from the Hadrian Kingdom, English became the de facto language of the country. Mobian English would develop its own accent, grammar and vocabulary over time, though.

Though many of the native citizens of Emerald City got along well with other people, the influx in population also brought about a surge in crime. During this period, law enforcement in the city was the responsibility of numerous individual militia groups. However, there were problems with this arrangement. First of all, many militias were poorly organized. Second of all, a good portion of them mistreated immigrants, particularly humans, who were a minority in Mobius. Among other controversies, the biggest issue facing the city during this time was the Fox Rebellion, when a community of foxes led by Tobias Lafayette rose up against the city government in an attempt to break away and establish their own separate city. The rebellion was quashed, but a number of militiamen and citizens died during the fighting. Additionally, the Great Emerald City Fire devastated much of the city.

In spite of the rebellion's failure and the destruction caused by the fire, it did bring about some important changes in the city. First of all, King Francis Acorn passed new laws allowing for more freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Second, then-mayor William Xenu signed the Metropolitan Police Act into law, thus forming the Emerald City Police Department. During this time, government corruption was a problem in Emerald City. Numerous government officials – including police officers – got their jobs or promotions based on political connections rather than actual merit. Another problem was that humans were still treated as second-class citizens. Such treatment eventually sparked the Overlander Riots.

The riots would be stopped by an unlikely force: a motley crew of prisoners, disgruntled ECPD officers and some constables from Amethyst Town, led by a militiaman named Edwin Enfield. After petitioning King Gerhard Acorn in regards to corruption, Enfield became the first leader of the Royal Mobian Constabulary, the first nationwide police force in Mobius. In spite of the new force being held in high regard by the citizens of Emerald City, it would clash with the ECPD until the War of the Three Spearheads against the Roseinian Empire. Though the war ended in failure for Mobius, the RMC gained such respect that when Gerry Limoges was appointed Chief of the ECPD, relations between the two agencies would be patched up.

Though Emerald City was entering a new era of peace and prosperity, Mobius had another problem on its hands: in the Roseinian Empire, a war was going on against countries believed to have socialist influences. Sympathizing with Tsar Andrey II, Mobius sent mercenary forces to assist the Roseinian Army, but ultimately, the Roseinian Army was forced to retreat, and the Tsarist government was overthrown in the Roseinian Revolution. Nevertheless, prosperity in Emerald City continued, and the rise of the automobile, train and airplane brought about a rapid expansion for the city, typically in the form of smaller suburbs on the outskirts of the city. A number of suburbs were home to Roseinian immigrants fleeing the Revolution.

However, dark clouds loomed ahead for Emerald City…

ASMW timeline

When Genrikh Bolshov became President of the Roseinian Empire, he pursued a plan of aggressive expansion, which led to the invasion of Mobius. During the Great War, Emerald City suffered numerous bombings at the hands of the Roseinians and occasionally the Chunanese. The Emerald City Fire Department – despite being short-staffed – worked day and night to put out the fires started by Roseinian bombs. Eventually, Bolshov died of a heart attack, and Valentin Fridberg was elected President. He brokered a peace treaty with Mobius that ended the war. Shortly thereafter, however, a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Ivo Robotnik enacted a coup, overthrowing the government, roboticizing most of the citizens and changing the city name into "Eggopolis". He even broke the peace treaty and went to war with the Roseinians again, but a certain blue hedgehog got in his way…

Sonic Journeys timeline

Unlike other timelines, Emerald City had been spared an invasion from the Roseinian Empire due to Bolshov's promise not to acquire any more territories after annexing Eastland, Selonia, Bakun and Yerastan. Nevertheless, it still suffered an invasion by the forces of Dr. Robotnik, who took the city swiftly and roboticized most of its residents. However, a brown hedgehog managed to escape his clutches, and unbeknownst to the Doctor, he is destined to become the world’s greatest hero…

Sonic War Zone timeline

Much like the ASMW timeline, Genrikh Bolshov elected to invade the Kingdom of Mobius, and Emerald City suffered numerous bombings as a result. At one point, it appeared that Emerald City would be completely taken over by the Roseinian Armed Forces. However, a blue hedgehog burst into the Royal Palace just before King Maximillian Acorn could sign the Eternal Peace Accord, which would've effectively surrendered control of Mobius to the Roseinian Empire. Though he missed his shot at Bolshov, this act of defiance was sufficient enough to save Emerald City from Roseinian control and thereby remoralize the Crown Armed Forces of Mobius.


Emerald City is generally classified as having an oceanic climate. Winters are cold and produce some snow, whereas summers are generally hot and humid. Blizzards have even been known to hit the city on occasion. Nevertheless, winter temperatures in excess of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) are not unknown. In spite of its proximity to the ocean, Emerald City is mostly immune to hurricanes, which generally weaken to a significant degree by the time they reach the city. Even so, the city has occasionally experienced flooding due to runoff from the Georges River.


Like much of the Kingdom of Mobius, Emerald City's population is mostly humanoid animals, 90.4%, to be precise. The other 9.6% are humans. Despite extensive population data, the exact racial distribution of the 90.4% animal majority shows a rather even dispersion with no clear majority.

Public services

Law enforcement in Emerald City is primarily the concern of the Emerald City Police Department, but the Royal Mobian Constabulary – the national military state police force of the Kingdom of Mobius – also has some stations here. The Emerald City Fire Department provides firefighting and ambulance services as well. Other major ambulance services in Emerald City come from the Mobius State Hospital System as well as a smattering of private ambulance services. Emerald City also has a massive mass transit system of buses, subway trains and share taxis – among other types – all under the purview of the Emerald City Transit Authority.


Like Hancock City, Emerald City calls its administrative divisions "boroughs", each with their own neighborhoods:

  • North Lake: The northernmost borough of the city, and probably the closest to nature. Some of its numerous trees can be seen in the Emerald City Nature Preserve. North Lake is considered one of the most desirable boroughs in the city due to its relative peace and quiet compared to other boroughs, not to mention it's generally not as crowded. Some of the oldest houses in the city can also be found here, including the Rotberg House, the house where Bartholomäus Rotberg was born.
  • East Beach: The easternmost borough of the city. East Beach is known for its high property values and contains the greatest concentration of the city's upper class. Some of the oldest mansions in the world are located here, including the Mayoral Manor. Numerous celebrities from around the world even have vacation homes in this part of the city, and it remains a popular tourist attraction not only in the Kingdom, but also worldwide.
  • South Terrace: The southernmost borough of the city, and its most populous. One of the more notable attractions in South Terrace is the Yellow Brick Road, which runs directly through the center of this borough straight to the Royal Palace in the City Center. Also in this borough are some of the city's best restaurants, including Joey's Pizza, which has been said by Sonic the Hedgehog to have the best chili dogs in the city.
  • West End: The westernmost borough of the city. Most of the city's industry is concentrated here. However, the West End – especially some of its housing projects – also has a reputation as having a high crime rate, which is still pretty low by worldwide standards. Nevertheless, this borough is economically important to the city.
  • City Center: As stated, it's in the very heart of Emerald City. Like many city centers, it is home to tall skyscrapers, in addition to various businesses big and small. As a matter of fact, Emerald City is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world: the 175 story, 2,934 feet (894.28 meter) tall Emerald Tower. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city, the Royal Palace is situated in a plaza of its own, not too far from the Parliamentary Hall.



In all of the ASMW stories, Emerald City is known under the name "Eggopolis" due to being under the control of Dr. Robotnik. Though the Roseinian Language has the equivalent translation "Эггополия" (transliterated as "Eggopoliya"), the Roseinian Government refuses to recognize Robotnik's claim to Mobius, preferring instead to use the translation of the original name: "Изумрагд город" (transliterated as "Izumragd Gorod"). Compared to its majestic past, Eggopolis is a filthy, oppressive city of ruin.

Sonic Journeys


Emerald City is a prosperous, thriving city until Robotnik's forces bomb it. A brown hedgehog named Sonny manages to escape from an abandoned factory in the Dorf Heights neighborhood of the West End borough. Later, Sonny – now known as "Sonic" – returns to Emerald City – called "Eggopolis" as in ASMW – and heads to the Royal Palace to have another showdown with Robotnik.

Other stories

A Blue Light For the Dark

Emerald City is also known as "Eggopolis" in this story, and shares the same form as the ASMW incarnation.

A Dark Birthday

Much of the action in this story takes place in Emerald City, with Sonic going to see his Uncle Chuck for the last time at Acorn Memorial Hospital in Downtown Emerald City. Later, Sonic attends the wake and the subsequent funeral at Uncle Chuck's house in the Mulberry neighborhood of North Lake, in addition to going to the Roger Gilmour Cemetery on the border of North Lake and West End and the Emerald City Ballroom in the Jewelry District. Later, the Blue Blur inherits the Hedgehog Heavy Equipment Repair Facility, located in the Kelly Heights neighborhood of West End.

During his hunt for Shadow and Rouge's gifts, he goes to a bunch of places: first, he gets a low-quality AK-47 clone and a stolen diamond in Downtown. Later, he meets Amy Downtown as well and meets Espio at the Emerald Place Mall in Emerald Point, also in the City Center. Espio then takes Sonic to Redford’s Auto Sales & Service in the East Side neighborhood of the City Center. Later, Sonic goes to random stores in the city and buys random gifts, none of which are successful. After a lowrider teleports him to the past, he gets an all-natural overhaul at Doctor Lloyd's Rejuvenation Clinic in the Glen Valley neighborhood of the City Center. Finally, Sonic and Tails drive down to a junkyard in the Trentino neighborhood of West End. After the party, Rouge attends the opening night party at the Glitter Palace, Emerald City's first major disco, located in the Greenville neighborhood of City Center.

Sonic, What Are You Doing?

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles attend Acorn High School in the Murray Village neighborhood of the City Center. Sonic and Tails share an apartment in the Lower East Side neighborhood. They also buy a Lada at Redford’s Auto Sales & Service before bouncing around the city - including a wrecking yard in the Bohbot neighborhood of the West End - for the time machine parts. They also head to Joey's Pizza in the Grable Park neighborhood of the South Terrace, and then drop the Lada and its components off at a storage unit in the Grafman neighborhood of the West End.

Later in the story, Sonic travels to Emerald City when Artemis Acorn was king. After encountering Fem!Silver, he travels to the city during the time of the Great War, where he visits his father Jules in the Nakamura Housing Project in the Liberty Heights neightborhood of the West End. Finally, after defeating Genrikh Bolshov/Richard Nixon, he heads home.

Wir sind Menschen

Much of the action in this story takes place in Emerald City, with Team Dark's first major stop being the Gemini Showcase movie theater in the Gordon Square neighborhood of the City Center. Along the way, they stop at the corner of Griffith Street and Delaney Avenue in the Jacksonwood neighborhood to watch Julius Ryan, the "Dancing Cop". In the next chapter, Rouge stops by Joey's Pizza for pizza and chili dogs for that day's supper, somehow managing to avoid most of the unrest caused by the shooting of Ferdinand Rozmiarek. The city spends much of the story in turmoil as various protestors cause mayhem over the incident.

After he snaps, Shadow travels to the Kensington Heights neighborhood in the South Terrace, where he kills Gilbert Krysztof Adenauer during a mugging attempt. The following night, he heads to Crown Park in the West End, where he saves Delia Belo from being mugged and raped by Richard Wilton, Beau Stroud and Leonard Petrowski. He then brings her back to her apartment in the Dalton Square neighborhood. The night after, Shadow returns to the West End, this time in the Joneswood neighborhood, where he boards the Emerald City Metro at the Thornton Street Station. After killing Melvin Van Pey and Robert McClellan on the train, he exits at the Charles Street Station in the Scarpetti Heights neighborhood of the City Center. He travels to the Poker Heights neighborhood in the North Lake for his next round of killing, machine-gunning a group of human protestors on June Avenue near a burning gas station.

For a time, Shadow avoids Emerald City due to guilt over the machine gun attack and his subsequent lack of interest in vigilantism. He does, however, drive his Trans Am to take Rouge and Hope to the International Festival of Community, which is being held at the Emerald City Palladium in Downtown Emerald City on Broadway. First, they stop for supper at a Five Guys a couple blocks west on the corner of Bromley Street and Lark Avenue. At the Palladium, Shadow saves many lives by placing his body over a bomb planted under the stage before it goes off. Two days later, Shadow has a therapist appointment at Brookwood Behavioral Health in the Brookwood neighborhood in the City Center. The day after that, Shadow and Hope have lunch at the Five Guys where they ate before the International Festival of Community, and they take a walk down Bromley Street, where the story climaxes with a confrontation between them, a human death squad and an animal death squad. Later that day, Shadow gives a stirring speech at the Royal Palace.

He Wanted to Thank Her

Shadow pays a visit to Amy's house, which is located in the Damian Park neighborhood of the South Terrace.

The Kindness of Strangers

Kicked out of Rouge's mansion for the time being, Shadow walks around Emerald City and crashes on a bus stop bench in Downtown, where he meets Hope. They go out to the Silver Bird Café in the Geraldson Heights neighborhood for drinks, and after that, they go to the Blitzkrieg Arcade in the Lower West Side neighborhood, both in the City Center. For supper, they go out to Johnny's Smokehouse, also in the City Center, albeit in the Kingsborough neighborhood. Next, they go ice skating at the North Lake Ice Skating Rink in the Bixby Park neighborhood, this one in the North Lake borough. Finally, they head for Hope's apartment in the Upper East Side neighborhood in the City Center.

Like a Mother to Him

For Mother's Day, Shadow and Rouge go to Johnny's Smokehouse. After that, they go to Emerald Tower to watch the sunset.

Saving Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Sonic and Rouge go to Joey's Pizza. Afterwards, they go to the Glitter Palace and dance the night away.

Terror At the Olympic Games

Emerald City serves as the main setting because the Summer Olympics are being hosted here. The opening ceremony is held at the Mobius Royal Coliseum, located in the Brighton Heights neighborhood in the City Center. The Olympic Village is fashioned from a disused apartment complex in the Morgan Park West neighborhood in the City Center.

As for venues, Bromley Stadium in Downtown is used for soccer, Zephyr Field in the Johnson's Corner neighborhood in the City Center is used for baseball and softball, Deville Park in the East Beach is used for archery, the Emerald City Forum in the Upper East Side is used for basketball, the University of Emerald City's Downtown Campus plays host to swimming, gymnastics and table tennis, Mobius Royal University's East Side Campus plays host to handball, martial arts and badminton, the North Lake Rod & Gun Club in the Garson Heights neighborhood plays host to target shooting, East Emerald City College in the Jackson Park neighborhood in the East Beach borough plays host to field hockey, the Emerald City Convention Center in the Greenville neighborhood plays host to fencing, the East Beach Community Marina in the Malcolm Point neighborhood plays host to sailing, Weir Beach in the Newfolk neighborhood of East Beach plays host to beach volleyball, the Emerald City Motordrome in the Upper West Side neighborhood in the City Center plays host to motorcycle grand prix, and the Emerald City Civic Center in the Gordon Square neighborhood plays host to auto polo and the rollover competition. The Coliseum even plays host to a few events, including athletics and motocross. Outside of Emerald City, Azure Lake also plays host to rowing.

As for other locations, the Olympic athletes often frequent Molly's Diner across from the Olympic Village for breakfast and Joey's Pizza for lunch and supper. They also dance the night away at the Glitter Palace. Sonic and Mario also play some games at the Blitzkrieg Arcade. After the Roseinian People's Direct Action Front kidnaps the members of the Mobian Olympic Team, three fireteams from the Royal Mobian Constabulary set up a forward command post at the Biltwell Hotel in Downtown Emerald City, and they enact the hostage rescue at Acorn International Airport in the Warwick Heights neighborhood. After the Games, Sonic and Shadow spend some time on top of Emerald Tower.


  • BearfootTruck had conceived of the name Emerald City while not thinking of the city from L. Frank Baum's Oz book series.
  • In the real world, the Greater Tokyo Area eclipses Emerald City's population by at least five million people, at about 38,000,000. However, Emerald City still beats Tokyo proper because its 32,741,337 people all live in Emerald City itself rather than outlying suburbs.
  • Emerald City is quite similar to – but not the same as – Mobotropolis from Sonic SatAM and the Archie Sonic comic series.