Emerald Chronicles episode 1: An Old Enemy, A New Friend


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

E-123 Omega

Shadow the Hedgehog

Tyro the Wolf

Rouge the Bat

Arorua the Wolf

Part 1: The Tragic Past

-In a hospital in Nitro City-

Arorua's Mom: Give it to me Doc. Is my baby gonna be alright?

Doctor: No. She has a rare sickness called Chaos Wither. It's poisoning her.

Arorua's Dad: Is she gonna live?

Doctor: Yes. But we need to make an operation for her.

Arorua's Dad: What kind of operation?

Doctor: Surgery.

Arorua's Dad: As in cutting her open?! No way!!! There's no way in Mobius you're ever doing that! Now save my daughter!!!

Doctor: Well she can still live. But the effects will change her life forever.

Arorua's Parents: We can live with that.

-Ten Years Later-

Arorua's Mom: Sweetie. We're leaving you in Emerald High. We need to stop Eggman. It's too dangerous for you here.

Arorua: I can take him! I can use my powers!

Arorua's Dad: Arorua! Listen to your mother!

Arorua: When am I gonna see you again?

Arorua's Mom: Don't worry. We'll be back.

-At Emerald High-

Kid 1: Hey look! It's the freak wolf!

Kid 2: Mutant loser!

Kid 3: Ms. Oh I Have Powers So I'm More Special!

-Everyone was laughing at Arorua-

Arorua: Leave... Me... ALONE!!!

-Arorua ran out crying-

Part 2: Enter Shadow

-In Mobius Forest-

Shadow: We're almost to Robotoplius.

Amy: Doyou think Eggman is getting smarter and smarter each day?

Tails: Yea! When he made a Metal Sonic that acted like the real Sonic!

- With Arorua-

Arorua: I'm finally alone.

-A light flashes on her-

Arorua: What the?

Eggman: You're Arorua the Wolf I presume?

Arorua: *Gasps* Eggman!

Eggman: Metal! Seize her!

-Metal Sonic grabbed Arorua-

Arorua: I can't use my powers! He's holding me too tight! Too much pain!

Eggman: Now you're coming with me!

-Eggman flies away-

Knuckles: Is that Metal Sonic?!

Shadow: I have recived a call from Sonic.

Sonic: Shadow! Me and Rouge are getting beaten by a swarm of S.W.A.T.B0ts!

Shadow: Don't worry. Help is on the way.

Sonic: Thanks bud!

Shadow: S.W.A.T.B0ts are attacking Sonic and Rouge! Knuckles and Amy go help them! Me and Tails will persue Eggman!

Amy: You got it!

-Amy and Knuckles left-

Tails: We have work to do!

-In Eggman's base-

Arorua: What do you want with me?

Eggman: Well I want your extrordinary power! With it I will take over the rest of Mobius!

Arorua: Why? You own half of Mobius right now!

Eggman: I don't want half! I want the whole planet! Mwhahahahaha!

???: You really out did yourself doctor. I'm impressed.

Eggman: And you should be Tyro!

Tyro: But I have to say this partnership is over.

-Shadow and Tails busts in-

Shadow: Eggman! Tyro!

Tails: What are you 2 up to?!

Shadow: And who is that?

Tyro: That's for me to know and you to cough up!

Shadow: Tails. Get her out of there. I'll deal with Tyro.

Tails: Alright.

Part 3: Shadow vs Tyro

Shadow: You shouldn't be here Tyro!

Tyro: I should be where my goals are Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow: Prepare to be defeated! I'm doing this for Maria!

-Shadow attempted to punch Tyro-

Tyro: Mmphf. Pathetic.

-Tyro kicks Shadow-

Shadow: Oww. He's tough!

Tyro: I have no time for games. We will meet again Black Wind.

-Tyro flies away-

Shadow: Wait! "Black Wind?"

-Shadow pulls out a Chaos Emerald-

Shadow: Chaos Control!

Part 4: Meet Arorua!

-With Sonic-

Amy: These S.W.A.T.B0ts keep coming!

Rouge: Are they ever gonna end?

Arorua: Maybe I can help!

-Arorua closes her eyes-

Arorua: Chaos Wind!

-The S.W.A.T.B0ts are blown away-

Sonic: Good job! But who exactly are you?

Arorua: I'm Arorua the Wolf.

Sonic: Nice to meet you. I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

Tails: I'm Tails.

Amy: I'm Amy Rose.

Knuckles: My name is Knuckles.

Rouge: You can call me Rouge.

-Shadow appears-

Shadow: And I'm Shadow.

Arorua: Wow Shadow. You're just so mysterious.

Shadow: Hmm. Arorua I need some ime alone.

Arorua: Oh. Ok.

-Shadow walks out-

Sonic: Guys. I hear thumping.

-Omega walks in-

Amy: It's Omega.

Arorua: Omega?


Knuckles: Who is it?


Sonic: Strange. Why would Tyro be after Arorua?

Rouge: Nothing good. He's bad news.

Tyro: Speaking of bad news.

-Tyro appears and everyone runs outside-

Sonic: Tyro! And he has the white Chaos Emerald!

Tyro: I stole it from Eggman. That fool didn:'t know what hit him.

-Shadow appears-

Shadow: Tyro!

Tyro: You're too late! When I absord this Emerald I'll become even more powerful!

-Tyro absorbs the Emerald-

Tyro: Mwhahahaah! This world is now mine!

Knuckles: We need to evacuate!

-Tyro grabs Arorua-

Tyro: Oh no you don't

Sonic: Arorua!

Tyro: She's mine!

Sonic: Oh yea?! Rouge, Amy, and Omega get going! Me, Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles will deal with Tyro.

-Amy, Omega, and Rouge run away-

Tyro: I have no interest in fighting. But I will leave you with a warning.

-Tyro uses Chaos Spear-

Knuckles: Owww. He's much more powerful than before.

Tyro: That was just a warning.

-Tyro flies away-

Sonic: Aroruaaaaaaa!


Things went wrong. We've been introduced to a new ally named Arorua. Then Tyro gets a Chaos Emerald and kidnapps Arorua. He wants to drain her power. Will Sonic be able to save Arorua? Find out on Emerald Chronicles S1 Ep 2!











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