Emerald Beach is the 14th level in the 2011 game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. it is a cliche beach themed level with a small harbor and a large exotic jungle with multiple beach resorts.

Dolphin Coastside

Dolphin Coastside is the first Act of Emerald Beach. It is a wide sandy beach with a placid blue sea and palm trees. The level also involves a small harbor with boats and yachts and several small isles. This Act is more of a village with exotic, luxurious hotels and resorts. Gravitus appear as common enemies in this level.
Beach by DieselChick

Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs is the second Act of Emerald Beach. This Act is also a wide sandy beach. Instead of a harbor, the player travels through an exotic jungle with many palm trees and through many islands and caves. He can also go underwater. Gravitus are also the common enemies in this level. This Act takes place during night time.

Boss: Captain Whisker

Captain Whisker is the Boss of Emerald Beach. He is fought inside a cavernous cave with a pile of treasure and corals. He is one of the easiest Bosses in the game. He uses his sword and pistol ans well as his physical strength for attacks. When his Life Gauge is decreased to half, he will become more powerful and summon some of his minions.

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