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Emel Nami is the heir apparent to a coastal barony within the Kingdom of Volhur. A tidalion familiar with the royal family, Emel has a rivalry with Prince James as the two have conflicting views of their country.

Emel Nami

Biographical Information
Age 17
Relatives pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Tidalion
Gender Female
  • Fur: Blue-grey, with caramel-colored exposed skin
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Navy blue armored breastplate
  • Ocean blue dress, reinforced with silver armored plating
  • Sharkskin leather quiver attached to the back of her waist
  • Navy blue armored boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Kingdom of Volhur (nobility)
  • Knight's Bow
  • Capable of breathing underwater
  • High-grade low-light vision
  • Innate talent with hydrokinesis
  • Higher than average strength
  • Fairly skilled archer
  • Some relatively basic hand-to-hand combat training
  • Trained in diplomacy
  • Trained in battlefield command
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Flashfire212


Standing somewhat taller than the average Mobian, Emel Nami has blue-grey fur over the majority of her body, with her exposed skin a warm caramel in a contrast to the steely blue. While built with the standard feline svelte grace, she shows more musculature and strength in her arms and upper body, primarily from training with a bow.

As a tidalion, Emel possesses thin secondary translucent eyelids and subtly colored breathing patches on her neck for fully amphibious existence, even if she spends most of her time on land. Her yellow eyes have faintly slit pupils in a similarly feline way; these are faintly reflective in a manner to further amplify her low-light vision.


Typically expected to wear the regal ball gowns and formal dress of a young noblewoman, Emel has a preference instead for a somewhat more aggressive style of dress, though towing her father's wishes to dress in the expected way. While she does wear the expected ocean blue dress, the long skirt is reinforced with stainless steel armored slats that help to protect her legs in case of danger. Similarly, she tends to wear a navy blue breastplate and armored boots, with the crest of her family painted on the breastplate in dull purple while not displaying the royal crest at all, a fact that highly annoys some of the royal family.

Topping off this more warrior garb is the presence of a sharkskin leather belt around her waist that is normally attached to a quiver of the same material which sits fixed in the small of her back. While her father has quite vocally expressed disappointment in her, he also bears some pride in her developing skill as a warrior and heir.



As a tidalion; a Water-aligned subrace of lion, Emel is capable of living in a fully aquatic environment as well as the amphibious coastal one she dwells in as part of the Kingdom of Volhur. A large number of her biological adaptations, from the dual-coated eyelids to help protect her eyes while diving to the specialized gills that filter oxygen from both fresh and saline water, even a faint webbing to her hands and feet to help with underwater propulsion. This is also augmented by the supreme low-light vision possessed by the tidalions, helping in hunting both above and below the waves. Sweetening the deal is an innate control over her natural element, though one that has taken effort to foster that Emel has not put in. While theoretically effective in combat, she is primarily limited to small direct-fire bolts of water closer in effect to musket balls rather than bullets or stereotypical water jets.

While her father did his best to prevent Emel from learning to fight in close-quarters as a standard knight of the kingdom would, the young woman refused to let his low opinion of her chances get the better of her and took to archery to prove her point. While somewhat slow in moving thanks to her regal manner of dress and armor, Emel has proven herself to be effective and quite skilled in fact with her Knight's Bow. This weapon only furthers her effectiveness in battle thanks to the magical wards built into the weapon, allowing the magic stored within to bolster her allies physical resilience as she shoots. While she primarily fires regular arrows, Emel has also experimented with specialized smoke arrows to blind enemies and mark locations for allies.

To contrast her moderate skill with a bow after a couple of years of training, Emel lacks effective hand-to-hand defenses despite the natural strength of her tidalion physicality. Instead, she relies on basic headbutts, slaps and physical slams instead. This puts her at an extreme disadvantage in close quarters as her armor restricts a large portion of her movement, furthering her reliance on the family guards.