Emblem Fusion is a technique where two beings who hold or have been connected to an Emblem are allowed to fuse. In some cases, this simply adds upgrades from the variable Emblem to the target Emblem, but times exist where they create a new form altogether. As basic as that may sound, it opens the door to a near infinite amount of mixtures and forms. Some variables that factor into this are emotions, status (such as sickness, injury, death, avalable weapons, etc.) After a successful fusion is formed, the genetic data for both partners are stored in the other's Emblem, allowing that person to attain a temporary version of that form if need be.


Jared Infiern

Willow Infiern

Bonesy Bomber

Frida Tsuntiago

Antonio Tsuntiago

Twitch the Cat

Gyro the Mechanical Ram

Pixel Ollydia

Tomoe Pintura

Gretchen Mako

Éloise Dalmung


Emblem Fusion was at some point in the past a powerful technique used by nearly anyone who had an Emblem, which were generally distributed to members of EQuartz Industries. As other companies and armies began to obtain information on this, the fused forms became much too powerful and would sometimes swallow those who fused into them to fully exist. As a result, the Emblems were prohibited and sealed away within EQuartz' Preservation Vaults, later to be discovered by Jared Infiern an unknown amount of years later. The technology was later improved and updated on, though this caused Emblem Fusion to no longer function like it was originally intended. It wasn't until the final confrontation between Willow Infiern and Bonesy Bomber against the demon of greed Hersephenes that this technique was revived once more, as the bond they shared between one another reached a point where it reactivated the Emblem's original purpose and function once more.


The only requirements to perform Emblem Fusion in it's basic form is to simply have two people with Emblems close to one another, and they both willingly fuse to upgrade the first member. However, the advanced form of Emblem Fusion requires a strong bond of any emotional kind, whether it be love, hatred, envy, etc. The strength of the users as well as the state of the Emblem should also be taken into account when performing Emblem Fusion, as many things could happen with a warped or damaged Emblem.


Many of the drawbacks to Emblem Fusion rely mostly on what form is taken. If it is simply an upgrade, then very little consequence is added, but if the second form of this is taken, effects can vary greatly. In some cases, people have either died or become permanently fused when performing this, and some lose control of their form and might perform actions they may not wish to, with absolutely nothing they can do about it. Luckily, newer models of Emblems have been able to lessen the chances of this ocurring

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