This is an article about Ember the Leopard, a character created by BlazingLeopard on 19/09/2013.
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Ember is a shy and happy young leopard with the amazing power to control fire in any way he pleases. He's also BlazingLeopard's fursona.


Michael Brannigan, or also colloquially known as Ember, was born on 11th September 1998 to what was at the time a somewhat poor family. As a child, Michael was almost always hyper. Running around, bouncing up and down and making rather loud strange noises were the most fun thing in the world for him. In his early years, his family was not one that had money to spend whenever they could. In fact, they were barely scraping up enough money to pay the rent for their flat each month. Despite this, Michael's mother and father always kept a happy attitude.

Eventually, due to his father getting a new job which paid more, the three of them had managed to move house just before the arrival of Michael's baby sister. He and his sister got on well when they were younger, always playing together and looking after each other, but as the years moved forward, they started to develop a sibling rivalry and would eventually come to dislike each other.

As he got older, Michael began to mature a lot more, becoming slightly more serious in a lot of situations. He also started to play video games a lot more. Despite this, he still retained his happy attitude and would still make strange noises, albeit a lot quieter. He also started to become a lot more shy as he got older and no one knew why, including the shy guy himself.

In his early teens, Michael learned that he has the ability to create, bend and destroy fire at will after an incident where his clothes caught fire. Whilst he was alight, he thought about not being on fire and soon enough, the fire was extinguished. After seeing a doctor about it, he was told that he has pyrokinesis and was advised to find someone that could train him to control it. Since then, he has received training three times a week and has learned a few tricks he can pull off.

Nowadays, Michael still lives his shy, yet happy life as a gamer, a student and a pyrokinetic.


Physical Appearance

For the most part, his body is covered in ginger fur. His muzzle is white along with his chest fur and the tip of his tail. His hair, not unlike the rest of his body, is also ginger, with a small cowlick on the front left side of his head. His eyes are blue, which is odd for most ginger furred creatures.


He usually tends to wear navy blue straight fit jeans, a short sleaved, dark grey sports shirt with two vertical silver stripes on the left and right side of the torso and two green stripes going down each sleeve, and a pair of blue-grey trainers with white soles and stripes on the side.

In the country that he lives in, Michael is required to wear school uniform. For school he wears a pair of dark grey trousers, a white buttoned shirt, a navy blue tie with red stripes on it, black leather school shoes and a navy blue blazer with the school's emblem sown onto the left side of it.


Ember is a jolly, yet serious person who tends to stay quiet when he isn't needed. He also likes to think things through, carefully choosing what action he wishes to take during a conversation or an encounter. He sometimes gets shy when talking to people who he doesn't know or who he feels has more authority over him. Since he was a child, Ember has always been polite when directly talking to someone and always treats people with the respect they deserve, be it with full respect or none at all. He can also easily tell if something is wrong. For example, if someone is acting differently to how they would usually are, he would know.



Ember has Pyrokinetic powers which allow him to create, destroy and bend fire at will. He still has a lot to learn about his pyrokinetics, but he does know a few techniques.

  • Fireball - Being Ember's most basic attack, Fireball does not inflict much damage to his opponents. Ember generates a somewhat small amount of fire in his hand, flinging it at his opponent soon after.
  • Pyro Whip - Pyro Whip is a short ranged attack which allows Ember to lash his opponent with a three foot strip of fire, doing medium damage.
  • Flame Shield - Ember's Flame Shield is a defensive technique that allows him to build a wall of fire directly in front of him. The shield burns up smaller projectiles, such as a bullet, on impact. Ember can also use any other ability in conjunction with this. However, the Flame Shield cannot be cast all around him and it does not protect him from explosions or any kinetic abilities that he is weak against, such as water.
  • Scatter Shot - His Scatter Shot attack allows him to create a few, slow moving fireballs (usually between four and six) in a curve, then violently fling them at the enemy. This attack has a shotgun-like affect. If Ember is further away from the target, then less fireballs will hit them.


Ember was not born with any abilities significant enough to help him much. However, due to his pyrokinetic abilities, Ember has the ability to resist heat to a certain extent. Other than this, he has no other special abilities to note.


As a result of countless hours of playing video games, Ember has become quite adept at it over the years. He is also somewhat good at playing the piano and keyboard. Whilst there is some pieces that are just too complicated for him to play, the ones that he can play, he is very good at. Ember also has a photographic memory and can describe scenes from even when he when he was just a toddler.


  • Smartphone - He doesn't use it much, but when he does, he's usually playing games on it or checking his social network feed.



  • Unnamed friend group - Michael has been a part of this friend group for quite some time and is great friends with almost all of them.


  • None


  • None



  • "GAD DAMMIT!" - When something annoying, yet funny happens.



  • None



  • Ember got his nickname from his creators user name. A blazing fire can create embers.
  • His forename is exactly the same as his creator's. His surname is his creator's mother's maiden name.
  • His birthday (funnily enough) is on the same day as his creator's, September 11th.
  • Ember gets his nerdy side from his father and his politeness from his mother. It still remains unknown why he is so timid towards strangers.
  • Ember has an odd taste in music compared to most modern teenagers. He usually likes instrumental music and sometimes rock. He despises dubstep and death metal.
  • Ember has been redone and changed around 5 times so far.
  • Ember's heavy interest in gaming originated from his father owning a game console.
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