"Since when are you so cruel? You're becoming too influenced by me."- Ember to Sonic, Parallel Sonic 06

Ember Aithne (Emeberu Aiteni) is a fancharacter created by Phoenix_Saturn.

Parallel Sonic 06


In Parallel Sonic 06, she is Princess Elise's bodyguard and keeper of the Indigo Crystal, which, unknown to her, is the vessel sealing Iblis. She is injured by a monument during Doctor Eggman's missile attack, but quickly recovers and pursues Sonic and Tails to Dusty Desert. Wrongly believing that the two had kidnapped the Princess, she attacked them, but was defeated. Upon being told the truth, she drugs Elise and forcibly returns her to Soleanna, only to be given a message by Doctor Eggman, telling Sonic and Tails to go to White Acropolis in order to save the Princess, whom he had kidnapped again. Ember accompanies the two.

At Eggman's base, all three quickly fall into a trap. Elise again tells the three that she came with Eggman through her own free will before the trio are sent to the future by Eggman's machine. The three meet up with Shadow and Rouge, who have also been sent to the future, but by a different force. The group manages to find two Chaos Emeralds and preform Chaos Control to return to their own time.

Sonic, Tails, and Ember emerge in Soleanna, but Rouge and Shadow are nowhere to be found. Ember tells Sonic and Tails that she must return Elise to Soleanna, and if she fails to do so she might be sent to prison, as she had become Elise's bodyguard for a few years in exchange for a prison sentence. Sonic offers to come with Ember, while Tails goes off to fix the Tornado.

Sonic and Ember go off to Radical Train, where Eggman is rumoured to be, but Sonic is once again attacked by Silver, while Ember must fight his co-time traveller,Psyche. Ember defeats Psyche rather quickly, despite having to avoid Psyche's fatal attack, and returns to find Sonic with Elise in his arms, struggling. However, they are distracted by Eggman's newest creation, the Egg Genesis, and in the confusion Elise gets away.

Sonic and Ember then return to Soleanna, and while they return, Ember becomes frustrated at her inability to control Elise or stop Eggman from kidnapping her. Sonic takes a detour and shows Ember a lake surrounded by flowering trees. She is silent for a while, and thinks about why she did not simply escape the guards when she was arrested, then reveals to Sonic that she will no longer worry about Princess Elise, and then leaves.

A short while later, she is kidnapped by Eggman and is forced aboard his ship, where he demands to know the location of the Indigo Crystal. However, before he can interrogate her, Sonic appears on board the malfunctioning ship and removes Ember from her cell. The two defeat the Egg Wyvern and barely escape the ship on time before it blows up. Elise is killed in the explosion.


According to GUN's reconds, after Eggman's second kidnap of Elise, Ember went to Eggman's ship and killed Eggman. Elise, however, cried at this, releasing Iblis from the Indigo Crystal. In order to protect Elise, Ember tried to seal Iblis in herself, but failed, and became possessed by Iblis, destroying the world.

200 years later, Silver and Psyche find the true Iblis after travelling in the past to kill Sonic. They kill Iblis, and the future is saved. Before dying, Ember is shown opening her eyes, looking confused.


Ember and Sonic are shown in a field, laughing about how close they were to death, when Mephiles appears out of nowhere, mortally wounding Sonic and grabbing the Indigo Crystal, which was in Ember's pocket the whole time. He breaks the crystal, releasing Iblis, and merges with it, creating Solaris. Time begins to unravel.

Shadow, Silver, Psyche, Tails, Amy and Eggman all run up to Ember, seeing Sonic dying. Ember explains how Mephiles stabbed him when he was trying to protect her. All of them go off to get a Chaos Emerald, all which were scattered across the area, in order to save Sonic's life. They all wish on the Chaos Emeralds, and Sonic is restored to life in Super Form. Shadow and Silver also go Super, and the three hedgheogs defeat Solaris.

After this, Sonic and Ember both appear in the room where Solaris was first being created, at that point only a tiny white flame. Ember, unknowing of her possible future as Iblis' host, is tempted to absorb the flame, saying she already has "the power of one god." Sonic urges her to blow out the flame, and then kisses her. Ember looks shocked, then "accepts to lose everything", and blows out the flame.

Time is reset, and the Festival of the Sun is resumed. Sonic is at the Festival, and watches Ember sitting on a roof. She looks up, and sees him for a second before he runs away. Ember seems to know him, but cannot remember from where, only that he looks familiar.

The Return

This fanfic is a work in progress.


Name: Ember Aithne
Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Cat/Tiger hybrid

Powers and abilities: Ember is Pyrokinetic and can manipulate Dark Gaia energy. She can only use one of the two powers at a time. She has also perfected dagger fighting.

Weapons: A scimitar-like dagger is Ember's main weapon. She also has retractable hidden knives in her boots to give her kicks an extra bite if necessary. She has been trained in the usage of guns, but doesn't generally use them because she prefers using her powers.

Weaknesses: Ember has rather poor defense, and relies on evasion in order to not get hit in the first place, or simply overwhelms her opponents with attacks in battle. She can only use one variety of power at a time, fire or Gaia, and an Isolde aura can stop her from using her powers altogether. If she DID use her powers while an Isolde aura was placed on her enemy, Ember would quickly become dizzy and depending on how much power she was using would either faint soon after or stop breathing, leaving her helpless.

Personality: Ember is extremely sarcastic, morbid and fierce. She loves living on edge, constantly getting into dangerous situations just for the heck of it. Despite the claims of many, Ember does have her elegant moments as well though. Ember knows she is not invincible deep down, and in battle, she is quite cautious and calculating. Her sarcasm and morbidness tends to push people away, this often leads to Ember acting indifferent about not having very many true friends, but this has lead to many miserable days. Another problem with Ember is that she is a master manipulator (possibly courtesy of her Gaia powers), and usually has no trouble manipulating everyone and anyone into doing what she wants. The few friends she has she is extremely protective of and would immediately seek vengeance for.Ember is also extremely violent in an efficient way; in battle, her preferred methods of attack are quick and clean disembowelments, decapitation, or severing of limbs, though she will just as often simply burn her enemies.
She is generally patient, but has a very nasty temper when overly provoked.
Ember also tends to not take sides ever in arguments, quickly alienating people to the point where no one is on her side.

Alignment: Neutral

Likes: Ember loves extreme sports, but she is also into quieter activities such as photography and drawing. Ember likes water and swimming, even though her pyrokinetic abilities become impossible to use, except to boil water. She also likes parties and clubs, as long as dancing or drinking is involved. Oddly, she also quite enjoys shopping, or at least criticizing the latest fashions for their general lack of coverage.

Dislikes: Ember dislikes mystery meat, golfing, and any sport involving kicking a ball. She will always expose the least amount of skin possible in any situation, detesting showing skin for practical reasons, especially battles. Ember is also uncomfortable in large crowds and has a slight fear of open spaces. Pacifists tend to irritate her. Ember cannot tolerate delusional or plain stupid behaviour at all, and tends to get extremely violent, extremely fast when such people are around. Ember also doesn't like the cold at all, though she finds ice and snow pretty.

Favourite food: Filet mignon.

Favourite colour: Indigo.

Top Speed: 161 km/h (Only in extreme circumstances can Ember achieve this speed, her average is about 120.)

Vehicles: Ember likes motorbikes, and will drive one whenever she can.

IQ: 127
Hobbies: Singing, motocross, scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, fighting. Basically anything that will keep Ember on her toes.

Agility- 4
Speed- 6
Strength- 6
Defense- 2
Evasiveness- 5
Dexterity- 4
Intelligence- 6
Battle skill- 7

Shadow: Genesis

In Shadow: Genesis, Ember is a bounty hunter who joins Shadow, Dante, Black Fire, Eri, Tails and Knuckles after she finds Light Eri in a forest. She refuses to believe Sonic's death, because her Nightmare Stone had not shattered, and she had been secretly using it to transform Sonic into his Werehog form. She is later proven right when Sonic is revealed to have been sealed inside Shadow for most of the series. In this canon, she is Sonic's secret girlfriend. She attracts Dante's attention, but constantly ignores his attention, until he accidentally grabs her breasts, at which time Ember swears to kill him.

I Am The Queen

Ember is a bounty hunter for Queen Psyche and was forced to skin Sonic alive in order to spare his life. She does not assist Eri in defeating Queen Psyche, other than giving her food and not revealing their location. Ember hosts many parties in her lavish mansion when not hunting.

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