Biographical Information


  • Unknown younger sister.
  • N/A
Romantic Interests
  • N/A
Physical Description
Species Bakeneko


  • Light pink fur and hair.
  • Pale aqua-coloured eyes.
  • White coat.
  • Brown, sleeveless garment underneath.
  • Brown mini-skirt (with black shorts underneath)
  • Black and brown knee-high boots.
  • Red cape.
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Blaze Edge.
  • Monster summoning.
  • Elemental control.
  • Valkyrie Elysia
Other Information
V.A. (English) Ali Hillis
V.A. (Japanese) Maaya Sakamoto
Theme Song(s)
Final Fantasy XIII ~ Lightning's Theme (NEW)

Final Fantasy XIII ~ Lightning's Theme (NEW)

Elysia's Theme


Elysia is a young woman with long, light pink hair (and fur) and pale aqua-coloured eyes. She is known to have a very healthy body size and complexion. Her hair is styled to be wavy on the left side, yet a fringe on her right side which sometimes hides her right eye from view.

Elysia is known to wear a modified outfit of the army she used to serve: A waist-long white coat, a brown, sleeveless, zipped shirt and a brown mini-skirt - to which she has black shorts underneath - and knee-high boots. She is also known to wear a red cape.


Elysia can be first seen as cold, determined and independant. As an ex-sergeant, she is strict on disclipine and doesn't tolerate any form of tardiness. She is known to be a great leader for her confidence and the fact she is not afraid to speak her mind to someone who she believes has done her wrong.

However, she is known to show some compassion and trust in those who manage to get past this barrier. She cares deeply for those in her group and would willingly protect them, even at the cost of her own life.


  • Elemental Control - She can control the four basic elements to her will: Fire, Water, Ice and Wind, but can also control the element of lightning/electricity - which is known as her speciality, as she is more experted in controlling the lightning element than any other element.
  • Healing - Elysia can heal people to some extent, but can not fully help someone recover from a critical strike.
  • Summoning - Elysia can summon monsters to aid her in battle. The type of monster depends on the situation, and the strength is depending on how much energy Elysia puts into them.
  • Light of the Goddess: Odin - An ability she shares with her rival , Elsyia has the ability to summon the thunder knight Odin to her side. Whilst her rival summons the corrupted version of Odin, Elysia summons the white knight Odin to aid her in battle.

Super Forms

Valkyrie Elysia

"I call upon the power of my Goddess!"
—Elysia, before going into Valkyrie form.

Valkyrie Elysia is a form that awakened when she took a strike for her group that would have killed them. The Goddess saw this and felt sympathy for Elysia, so she granted her a new form that she could serve to protect her allies with. Elysia wears a silver and gold Valkyrie-like suit of armor with a shield on her left arm in this form, which symbolizes the shield she became for her friends, and the knight she became of her Goddess and the ones she cared for.

Elysia loses most of her elemental abilities except lightning and wind, however she is able to weaken her enemies and strengthen both her allies and herself in battle. What's more, is that her lightning, wind and healing powers are stronger than before.


  • Elysia is based off the character Lightning from the Final Fantasy XIII series.
    • The name Elysia is Greek, and it means lightning-struck, further inspired by Lightning.



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