Elly basking in a small portion of her treasure horde~

Total Wealth

Elly's total wealth, using rings as a currency, is currently 252,218,000 rings!

(Tentative exchange rate: 1 ring = 1 cent.)

List of Current Treasures and Troves



Elly's katana, Ryuseki. Art by ARealmReborn123

The treasure that she traded away the Lost Trove of Sakoku and Yama's Golden Beetle for. Forged by the smith who made the Soulfire and whose grandfather created the Gemblade, this treasured katana is made out of extremely valuable materials: the blade itself is fashioned out of lonsdaleite, or meteorite diamond, while the supporting material is sturdy yet precious palladium. As a weapon, it lacks in cutting power since the lonsdaleite isn't refined yet, but could it have some potential..? Elly made a great profit with the trade, as this masterpiece of a weapon is worth 251,080,000 rings.

Elly's work money

A paltry sum compared to the amount she has from treasure, Elly nonetheless makes a fair bit of money whenever she gets the chance to work. She currently has about 930,000 rings earned by doing jobs.

The Rock of Bo Ching

She doesn't seem to know what it's worth. Silly dragon.

List of Previously Owned Treasures and Troves

Yama's Golden Beetle

When Elly originally sought this treasure out, she was following a legend about a gold dipped beetle that a previous ruler of Sakoku owned. According to the legend, when that ruler died, the beetle was dipped into liquid gold and entombed along with its owner. It turned out that the treasure was actually a gold brushed painting of the ruler's beloved pet. It ended up being sold to Elly for 50,000 rings, much less than what its actual worth is, 63,000,000 rings.

Lost Trove of Sakoku

The people of Sakoku eventually made a myth about where all of the country's stolen money goes. What they don't know is the myth's truth: most of the things Mona the Mink pilfers and sells to Elly all go to a mass horde, making this "lost trove" a reality. The worth of all the assorted gold, jewelry, and money in this trove amounts to 22,110,000 rings.


Elly's Shinai


Elly's usual weapon of choice. This sturdy wooden Kendo accessory serves her well in most battles, being surprisingly resilient while packing a punch. It also has the ability to pack training weights in its base. The overall worth of the weapon, including its weights, is 8000 rings.

Elly's Clothing

Elly's clothes are made out of the finest silk, spun by Sakoku's master seamstress. She takes care not to overheat while flying with them on! Elly's clothes, which include her shirt, pants, pouch, and belt, are worth 200,000 rings.

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